Throwback Friday, Cream and Honey, by Ivor Steven

One of my favourite ‘Love’ poems, is in “Tullawalla”, on page 151 …

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Readers who follow my blog/website, will know that recently I have been promoting my book “Tullawalla” … which I have self-published for this re-release, with the wonderfully professional assistance from “Jaymah Press”, a local enterprise who eagerly accepted my previous manuscript, and with some additions and substancial editing of the books presentation, I am ecstatic to announce the “Republished Tullawalla” (Which is bigger and better than before) will be available in September … Today I am posting “Cream and Honey” from page 151 in my book Tullawalla … which I originally wrote in October 2018
“Jaymah Press” >>

Cream and Honey

I dream of what might have been

Dream of what I have not seen

Snow on top of lover’s hill

Cream filling my empty till

I had forgotten what could have been

Forgotten what I had already seen

Flowers on top of her wooden bier

Honey kisses, and…

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A Crack in The Wall, Tullawalla, page 40

Jaymah Press


Tullawalla A Meeting Place Where My Empty Hands Are Full of Memories and Rhymes
Poetry by Ivor Steven. Artwork by Kerri Costello

A Crack in The Wall

Placing yesteryear’s photos

In that bygone album

Cutting window holes

In today’s front door

Pasting forgotten memories

In the Bible, so forlorn

Packing tomorrows cases

Full of dusty dreams

Clutching torn curtains

Darkened to the outside world

Passing a crumbling brick wall

Weakened by the original fall

Ivor Steven (c) August 2022

If Only Walls Could Talk, Tullawalla, page 65


Illustration by Kerri Costello

Chapter 4

Humour, Wit, Sarcasm, And Christmas Stories

If Only Walls Could Talk

It’s true you know

Walls can talk

So I’ve been told

By a beautiful Rose

You’ll have to listen

Listen very closely

Put your ear against the wall

Use a stethoscope if you must

Listen to the wooden heart

Standing proud and tall

A rough soul rendered smooth

Layers of paint, every hue

Covering up dusty memories

Of hearts lost through years of cavities

Like the old Wailing Wall

You’re walking along a history hall

Your secrets, one and all

They’ve heard every gasp

Your children’s moans

And your lover’s groans

Ivor Steven (c) August 2022



This book is dedicated to my late wife Carole


I look



on spiralling

warm air

a white petal


like a dove


here and there


on a cloud of love



from above

my angel



I wave

“oh, my love,

aren’t you tired yet?”

Ivor Steven (c) August 2022

Tullawalla, Republished by Jaymah Press

I am ecstatic to announce that the self-published version of my Book “Tullawalla” will be available on September 10th … thank you to my editor/publisher, Judy of Jaymah Press (a local establishment) for accepting to take on my project.

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Tullawalla A Meeting Place Where My Empty Hands Are Full of Memories and Rhymes
Poetry by Ivor Steven. Artwork by Kerri Costello

Dreams of The Heart

I cannot walk the continents
Like the intrepid Marco Polo
But my feet have felt the sands of time
Pass between my toes

I have not sailed the high seas
Like the courageous Christopher Columbus
But my body has bathed
In an ocean full of kind hearts

I’m yet to fly in space
Like the brave Neil Armstrong
But I have reached for the stars
And touched my soul’s dreams

Ivor Steven (c) August 15th 2022

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My Alien Eyes Have Seen Enough

This is one of my ranting/protesting poems, where the world’s weird ways and woes are vividly pictured in my dreams/nightmares … (June 2019) … Or maybe my ‘Alien Back Pain’ has me angry and grumpy, and I am just desperate for some interplanetary respite.

My Alien Eyes Have Seen Enough

I’m scattering stardust, upon sorrow and grace

Tip toeing through a desert of dying tulips

Before my species vacate this miserable place

Blasting away from here, in my Itmims* spaceship

Flying back into the depths of dark space

To regenerate and revive, from this trying trip

Sadly, we gathered nothing of any value

From this warring human race

Their radioactive sky, was once bright blue

Vast oceans are full of their own waste

They breathe thin air made of sticky glue

And the earth they walk on, is a garbage tip disgrace

Their concrete graveyards, are the warlords database

Women and children, dead, casualties of religious lunatics

My alien eyes have seen enough, I’m leaving without a trace

Political gamer’s never learn, they’re still reusing old septic ice-picks

  • *Ivor’s Time Machine In Micro Space

Ivor Steven (c)  June 2019

Throwback Friday, Beyond Pain, There is More, by Ivor Steven

My poem “Beyond Pain, There is More” is up at Throwback Friday on “Go Dog Go Cafe”

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Today’s poem was written in December 2018, I was in hospital at the time, and there seemed no end to my daily pain. Here I am presenting a revised version

Beyond Pain, There is More (a Revised Poem)

It’s eleven seventeen

I not not nineteen


Old warriors are bold

I will not be told


Today’s pain will heal

Life is not a race


Tired eyes are closing

I am not going fishing


Sands of time have been

I will not remain unseen


My feet are willing to travel

I am not covered in gravel

There is more

Ivor Steven (c) December 2018


G’day, and welcome to my blog site. My name is Ivor Steven, I live in Geelong, Australia. I’m an ex-industrial chemist, and a retired plumber, and a former Carer of my wife(Carole), for 30 years, who suffered from severe MS. I Write…

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Wall of Thorns

Another repost while I am laying down with my sore back … written when I had my third stroke, and I was laying in hospital 31st January 2019 …

Apologies to my readers and followers for not blogging and responding to your articles with my usual zest, my debilitating back pain doesn’t allow me to sit at my computer … hopefully the situation will improve soon.

Wall of Thorns (a Haiku)

My bed of roses

Is scaling a wall of thorns


Ivor Steven (c)  2019