Bohemian Lyrics – Ivor Steven

Thank you to “Free Verse Revolution” magazine, and the editor Kristiana for selecting my poem to be published in their fabulous magazine…


What we imagine

And what is real

Are not the same deal

Dust, life’s spicks and specks

Are blended, inside earth’s vortex

We’re only our solar system’s subjects

And beyond gathering grey clouds

There is, the stars sheltering shroud

Whatever the words, let them roll

Whatever the feelings, let them be our soul

Gaea’s translucent words, touches the air we breath

Captivating lyrics, within the whispering trees

Old lines drawn in the sand

May be erased by forgiving hands

Time deflects in the end

Time rewinds and amends

Love is the world’s mystical lotion

Love is an empty hearts’ bohemian

Ivor is a part-time plumber, former Industrial Chemist. He has had numerous poems published in on-line magazines. He is an active member of the Geelong Writers Inc., and recently Ivor was appointed to the ‘Go Dog Go Cafe’s’ writing team, as one their new Baristas.

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Beyond the Swallowing Quicksand

My body is beginning to tire

And I am in need of a new fire

Beyond the swallowing quicksand

Here now, I surely stand

Resurrected, upon solid ground

And what a maze destiny’s unwound

Inside my fading mind

Lays an old silver mine

Of tunnels yet to be found

Where unused treasures abound

Awaiting a silent command

From my lost soul’s dreamland

Ivor Steven (c) Sept 2020

Who’s Left to Row the Boat

G’day dear readers, today I’m celebrating !! It’s exactly “20” years since I suffered my first stroke…. And HERE I am, another “2” strokes later, still alive and kicking goals….. Below is my poem I wrote only a few years ago, to try and explain the pain and trauma I was feeling at the time of my first stroke…. Some of you have seen/read this piece before, but to celebrate my recovery, I’m presenting this poem again, and hopefully promote what I think is the essence of life – “How rare and beautiful it truly is that we exist”.

Who’s Left to Row the Boat

The storms are too many to count

Emotional lows had weathered me out

Her journey with MS was a struggle

How much lower could our lives sink

After fourteen years of our battles, I suffered a Stroke

An ambulance came, my brain was in a boat

Floating out to sea, overboard and panic-stricken

I wasn’t swimming, barely awake, and drifting

I had fallen, nothing was working, and not talking

She’s crying, I’m sobbing, my heart is dying

And who’s left to row the boat, I’m thinking

I was jabbed with a needle and silently sleeping

I awoke a day later, in hospital, feeling wasted

My face was limp, mouth parched, was that death I tasted

My mind was active, I thought, where is she

I knew I was bad; the room was all blurry to me

Strong anxieties had set in, I needed to know

Nurses came to me, I pleaded, I wanted to go

“Help me to see her, just give my bed a tow

Please let me go, before I’m covered in snow”

Ivor Steven (c) Sept 2020

Tree, a Haiku

‘Featured Image’ above: I’ve used this wonderful photo from Derrick Knight’s blog/website before, although here today, I’ve used a colour filter (Vanilla). Again thank you Derrick, for allowing me to use this beautiful and impressive photo, with my humble little Haiku.


“I stand in your shade

Your limbs shed leaves over me

I’m warm in your arms”

Ivor Steven (c) Sept 2020

Above The Surface

Inside my creative head

Blooms my minds flowerbed

Nurturing stories not to be misread

I see a pot of sapphire dust and water

The old wizard’s wondrous recipe

And drop by drop the magic potion

Rises beyond a soothing lotion

Above the cloudy clouds cotton wool

My empty sails are only half full

And my mystical galleon ship is drifting

Upon a pool of uncharted writings

Becalmed, I’m listening to a romantic viola

And waiting for a guiding tow from her golden gondola

Ivor Steven (c) Sept 2020.

Promote Yourself Monday, September 21, 2020

Dear readers and followers, here’s a great opportunity for your writings to be read by other writers, and also to find and meet other writers. You are very welcome to participate, come along and visit our writer friendly site at ‘Go Dog Go Cafe’…

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Promote yourself Mon

Welcome to Promote Yourself Monday.  All Go Dog Go Cafe community members are invited to post one link to one specific piece of their writing (600 words or less please!) they have published on their blog, Facebook page, or Instagram feed into the comments section below.

If you post a link, be sure to read some of the other great writing people have linked to.

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Below the Surface

This Saturday the Weekend Challenge from ‘Weekly Prompts’ is The Face. Please go and visit their fabulous site by clicking >> .. And the below is my response to this weeks prompt.

Below the Surface

I’ve had thorns under my feet

And a rose between my teeth

I’m on a voyage to somewhere, and beyond

And the false façade goes on and on

Left follows right, one of us cannot be wrong

The Small Faces are singing the same old song

And the winter snake-skins have all gone

Lets face it, will I ever truly belong?

The mysterious journey never ends

Until that inevitable finale bend

George said it’s “A long and winding road”

And I’ll face life’s hard curves, unbowed

Above Artwork:  By Kerri Costello, Graphic Design Artist, my beautiful niece/second cousin, who lives in Philadelphia, she’s so very talented, and a very special person in my life, thank you Kerri.

Ivor Steven (c) Sept 2020.

Half Normal and Half Crazy

Earlier today I was having an on-line video chat with my niece Kerri, in Philadelphia, and during our conversation, we often mentioned, how the world was going “crazy”. So here’s my “crazy” poem, inspired by my “crazy” Philadelphia relatives, Kerri, Joanne and Ken….

Half Normal and Half Crazy

The day’s cold and breezy

Phillip the penguin is going crazy

Excitedly clapping his wings

Waiting for our luncheon fling

He’s jumping and shouting

“We are going on an outing !!”

Despite our masks and the pouring rain

Time has come to leave our quarantine

And savour a fluffy carrot cake again

Drink hot coffee and fizzy champagne

Drown these hazy days of feeling lazy

And resurrect ourselves from going completely crazy

Ivor Steven (c) Sept 2020