This Fence

A poem I wrote over a decade ago. I’ve been inspired by fellow bloggers, “Imaginateweb” and “Chatter Master”, to dig it up out of my archives. It was written during a time of great personal hardship, my wife was wheelchair bound, suffering from severe MS, and I was recovering from a reasonably bad Stroke, and the hurdles of life seemed beyond my capabilities. Such is life, I survived, and my dear gracious and courageous lady has since passed. This is an emotional verse for me to present, so here goes, typing between the tears of life, but don’t worry I’m reasonably healed and enjoying myself, unabated. Also I’ve added another little poem below “This Fence”, called “Tears”, for you readers to soak up.

This Fence

I am quickly nearing this fence.

An obstacle of a lifetime I see.

And from my side of this fence,

The hurdle is too high for me.

And on the other side of this fence,

There seems nowhere to land or flee.


I have arrived at this fence,

Above the pickets, just grey sky.

And on my side of this fence,

The grass is brown and dry.

And on the other side of this fence,

The grass is green, but still I cry.

How am I to clear this fence,

There seems nowhere to go, or get by.


This fence, all built of stones,

Breaks my spirit, and all my bones.


Ivor Steven.

Sometime after the passing of my dear Lady, I wrote these two lines, I suppose now is an appropriate time to post them, and again don’t worry, I’m ok…..



How many rivers of tears must we cry,

Before all our deepest wells run dry.


Ivor Steven