Hide And Seek

You hid behind your veil

Your Athena’s shield

I sought a way in

The doorway was sealed

Your thighs were closed

Love was asleep

I left you my heart

It was yours to keep

You buried our past

That was a crying shame

I soothed with words

You weren’t to blame

Those secret wounds

So mysterious to view

You’d years of pain

So plain to see

I knew your regrets

You were as humble as could be

Clamping your thoughts

Ensuring you were secure

I levered the latches

So hidden and obscure

You’d closed every avenue


Now, you’re not so sure of this

As you return my glances

Silently wishing for a kiss


Burning The Fears

I’m frightened, and I’m too scared to wait. And knowingly, I’m arriving late. The ghouls are spying from the hill. And lower fools are poisoning her will. Underneath her, a wicker complete. Above, she’s suspended from a stake. The bonfire’s started, against the rules. And the crowd’s rejoicing, as the fire drools. […]

via SMM 2017 Halloween Writing Contest: Burning Fears — SlasherMonster

Here One Day, Gone The Next.

MY GIRL.                                                                                                                               Emotional news, our gorgeous little Lily has passed. She died peacefully in her favourite basket, in my bedroom, with me sitting on the the floor beside her, patting her ’til her last tiny breath… Lily’s gone to be in the arms of her Angel, Carole, in the universe of Celestial Stars, and dreams…………. One day.

Ivor Steven.

My Girl’s Haircut

Little Lily’s going to be 13 in November, so she had a birthday haircut today, ready for her big birthday bash, although Lily didn’t seem to be that happy with her new hair-style after I got her home for these photo takes .. And for those that haven’t seen or read my little poem about “My Girl”, here you are….

My Girl

She’s a constant joy.

Tiny like a toy.

She leaps and prances.

Does hind leg dances.

She slips and slides.

Does tummy glides.

She lays on all laps.

Loves all-day pats.

She’s a mirror of love.

Knowingly, from above.


Ivor Steven.