As Life Went By

You’re like an infant of mine, a distant cloud in the sky,

Always ever present, not able to cry.

You’re like a teen of mine, who somehow learnt to fly.

Always gliding high, and passing her by.


You’re like a child of mine, forever asking me why, why, why.

Always ever present, not able to cry.

You’re like an ex-girl of mine, her first words were a lie.

Always chasing the answer, by using her thighs.


You’re like a friend of mine, who left me high and dry.

Always ever present, not able to cry.

You’re like a Lady of mine, her only instinct was to try.

Always seeking final peace, as life went by.


Ivor Steven.

Artwork: Painted by self, using acrylics, 1967.


Loneliness, is watering your garden vegetables

And having no-one by your side to watch them grow

Loneliness, is playing your favourite sad song

And having no-one listening to you singing out of tune

Loneliness, is viewing your family photo album

And having no-one to share your private memories with

Loneliness, is being home sick, oh so very sick

And having no-one to tend to your aches and selfish moans

Loneliness, is awakening to the crisp morning dew

And having no-one to feel the warmth of your heart at sunrise

Loneliness, is walking a sandy beach until the tide comes in

And having no-one to hold when the ocean finally covers you

Loneliness, is lying upon your empty bed

And having no-one, having no-one here at all


Ivor Steven (c)  2017

Featured Photo: Courtesy of Neil Robinson, Geelong, 2017.