Harvey Dan

He was an old school man.

Strong and tough

Big and rough

Kind and gentle

He was as soft as Teddy Bear

Hard and loyal

Friendly and fair

Generous and loving

He was a working class man..

Carole’s Dad’s funeral today, and it was truly a fitting tribute to a community minded man



Follow By Two

One Day Follows

The abyss is bigger, not less.

On these days of darkness.

The owls are singing sad tunes.

On these days of bad moons.

The brain is harpooned again

On these days of constant pain.

The sunshine has gone, I confess.

On these days of over stress.

The mind has little attitude.

On these days of sleepy solitude.

An Answer Follows

You’ve all walked into my heart.

And you’ve ran into my past.

You’ve all flooded into my soul.

And you’ve soared into my dreams.

I crave for that….. one day soon.

Tomorrow, or another day too.

That all your hearts.

Will be bathing themselves,

In the soothing oils

Of your glorious souls.


I’d like to thank my dear friends Mel and Jane, for being the inspiration behind the words of  “An Answer Follows”.

Ivor Steven.

Sorry For You

Sorry, I wasn’t always there for you.

I’m sorry for your life of misery.

I’m so sorry, for writing this unhappy story.

And I couldn’t find your holy grail.

That sacred cup of water to cure the frail.

Sorry I couldn’t help or heal you.

I’m sorry for your life being wrong.

I’m so sorry, for playing this wordless song.

And I couldn’t find your holy grail.

That sacred cup of wine to cure the frail.


Sorry I didn’t travel every path for you.

I’m sorry for your life’s that’s lost.

I’m so sorry, for holding this worthless cross.

And I couldn’t find your golden grail.

That sacred cup of blood to cure the frail.

Sorry I couldn’t be stronger for you.

I’m sorry, for your lonely life with me.

I’m very sorry, for walking on an empty sea.

And I couldn’t find your silver grail.

The angel’s vessel of purity, to no avail.


An old poem I wrote, when I was feeling guilty about my capabilities as a carer. I’m posting here, and thinking someone in a similar situation may read these words. Please do not feel guilty or inadequate, you’re not failing, and there’s really only so much that is possible. You’re not alone in having these insecure feelings, and please understand, us carer’s all go through these self doubts and confusing thoughts.


Ivor Steven.

Hide And Seek


You hid behind your veil,

Your Athena’s shield.

I sought a way in,

The doorway was sealed.

Your thighs were closed,

Love was asleep.

I left you my heart,

It was yours to keep.

You buried our past,

That was a crying shame,

I soothed with words,

You weren’t to blame.

Those secret wounds,

So mysterious to view.

You’d years of pain,

So plain to see.

I knew your regrets,

You were as humble as could be.

Clamping your thoughts,

Ensuring you were secure.

I levered the latches,

So hidden and obscure.

You’d closed every avenue.

Now, you’re not so sure of this,

As you return my glances,

Silently wishing for a kiss.

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