A Christmas Diamond, A Sparkling Jewel

Dreamt of your radiant face last night.

So serene, a diamond, a dove, so pure white.

Not sad, just vivid memories, oh so bright.

And still plenty of tears, don’t worry, I’m alright.

Visions of your bravery, courage above and beyond.

So gracious, an everlasting smile for everyone.

Completely in awe, amazing, oh what an anthem.

And still crying out, you were natures stellar blossom.

Felt your pain, your sorrow, revealed to only a few.

So uncomplaining, never a burden, never a shrew.

Thinking the whole world should be like you.

Wishing this hungry planet could cheerful too.

Wondering is life, sometimes ordained cruel.

But I’ll continue on, for you, my sparkling Jewel.


Ivor Steven  (c)

Featured Image, DHGate.com  rinhoo jewelry.

Big Black Oil Cap

Not the Town’s greatest car lover.

An automobile, an object like any other.

Petrol guzzlers

Noisy muzzlers

Inanimate metal and plastic, costing plenty of dough.

Pity, they do need some care though.

Spoilt and fed like a hungry teenager

Cooling water in the radiator.

Screw the shiny brass cap back on.

Fresh-air in the tyres.

Screw the little rubber caps back on.

Dear-as-poison petrol in the tank.

Screw the safety fuel cap back on.

Lubricating oil in the engine-head.

This’s where absent-mindedness overtook instead.

Forgot to screw the Big Black Oil Cap back on.

Drove to the Big City next day.

Not realizing I’d gone badly awry.

Traveled home in a very steamy-hot car.

Back onto the driveway tar.

Oil dripping over the front bumper-bar.

Opened the bonnet, Aaaahhh !!

The engine’s like a whales spout.

Breathing boiling slimy oil all about.

And there’s that Big Black Oil Cap.

Alone on the garage bench.

Like a magicians gleaming black hat.



Ivor Steven.


“Where Have All The Good Times Gone”

A few days ago(29th Nov 2017), I had started writing a poem about Penny Farthing Bicycles, prompted by an article in the Geelong Advertiser newspaper, the arrival in Geelong of eight members of the Melbourne Bicycle Club in March 1880, as per featured picture above, courtesy of the Geelong Heritage Centre Collection. Then I was chatting with my friend Jane of Janebasilblog, she had just sent me the song and lyrics of the Mary Hopkin hit, “Those Were The Days”, from 1968, and I mentioned The Kinks were one of my fav’s from that era, and of course their song “Lola”. After our chat, I starting thinking [which is dangerous for me] about writing a crazy, combined, mixed up poem… The piece below is the result of those thoughts, and to my older readers, you’ll notice all the phrases written in Italic, are song titles taken from The Kinks album “The Kinks Collection”. So apologies to Ray Davies for using his song titles in such a manner. And thank you to Jane for providing me with the inspiration to actually write these jumbled up words. And now today(11th Nov 2018), this poem has been re-posted, a response to CalmKate’s Friday Foto Fun – Wheels Or Circles.

“Where Have All The Good Times Gone”


I remember the olden times

Of pennies and farthings

Pounds and pence

When money made no sense

Mary Hopkins sang

“Those Were The Days”

And the Kinks song “Lola”

Was the best number one ever

Many a lazy Sunny Afternoon

Spent down near Waterloo Sunset

Where we would all dance

All Of The Day And All Of The Night

My Friends would all dress-up

Like Dedicated Followers Of Fashion

Unlike that lonely Plastic Man

Who faked the Death Of A Clown

Way back then, You Really Got Me

You fired me up, here in Victoria

Thousands of Days forgotten in the burn-out

Charred in a cloud of Big Black Smoke

But now, I’m Tired Of Waiting For You

Wondering, Where Have All The Good Times Gone

Ivor Steven

29th November 2017.  4.00pm

Love is Eternity

Another absolutely beautiful poem by Frederic, of F.G.M, the gracefulness of his words are superb.


How long does a wing beat last?
How far away is the farthest Star?
We all are butterfly children.
We all fell from abyssal skies.

But the Sea remains aware.
We’re riding the crest of a dream,
and there is no reason to worry.
Waves of light will carry us home.

The Heart beats slow.
The Soul weighs nothing.
We already know

Love is Eternity.

© Frédéric Georges Martin

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