Broken Plates And Rabbit Stew

Have you every had that weird fantasia sort of dream.

Where you can’t see beyond the silver screen.

The infinite edges are no-where to be seen.

Greyness is black and red is green.

Straight lines are wavering slivery beams.

Stitched inside your brain’s sewn-up seams.

Bagged and tagged a pale corpse unseen.

Blueness in blood and plasma in streams.

Like chunky bittersweet rhubarb pie and cream.

Being injected directly into your open arteries.

Hallucinating a mad, mindless vortex of fun and games.

Spiralling outside in moonshine, as bleak bedroom coldness reigns.

Over mountains made of bland home-style rabbit stew.

Slowly eaten with a wooden teaspoon, hundreds of times.

Digested, your tummy gurgles and ejects buckets of spew.

While a hairless dog chases the postie’s bike, a whistle screams.

Dawn awakened to ice-covered broken plates and frozen lakes.

Shattered upon creek-bed rocks and your floor’s underlay.

This nightmare dream begun in April and ended dismayed.


Ivor StevenΒ  (c)


Published by


A retired, part-time plumber, former Carer of my wife, for 30 years, who suffered from severe MS. Writing poetry about those personal thoughts throughout and beyond the life as a Carer.

86 thoughts on “Broken Plates And Rabbit Stew”

      1. I hope you are ok. ?
        I love walking at night. So still, quiet, serene.
        Unusual dreams often teach us something about ourselves that we need to tap into, no? I wonder what you learnt? Or are still learning…
        A Great piece came out of it!

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      2. I learnt not to have too many chocolates before going to bed.!! When I look back through my poem/dream, it’s a mixture of lots of subconscious thoughts, like the slivery beams and stitched up brain is my constant occipital neuralgia, I had rhubarb and ice-cream for sweets last night, my bedroom coldness is me missing romance, haha, rabbit stew and we were talking about mum’s stew at Xmas dinner, hairless dog , i’m thinking of Lily, she had a haircut 2 days before she died, broken plates comes from so many years ago, and there’s a few stories there !! and I think our hike was in the moonshine and on creek-bed rocks. “It Waas Just A Little Dream”

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      3. I like the way your experiences and memories translated into the poetry.

        Hike underneath the moon sounds amazing. My favourite moon is the waxing or waning crescent. I imagine fruit bats flying overhead chattering away, crickets sounding a choir and the midnight bird calls covering the sky with subtle melody.

        😳😲 We will have to therapeutically discuss the broken plates via email me thinks! πŸ™Š πŸ˜† I can bulk bill you? 😜

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      4. Sounds good, I’m open to all suggestions…. Yes I think I’m lucky that I’m able to remember big pieces of my dreams, and translate them into words.


      5. It’s good to remember. I recall a dream briefly and then I naturally forget it. Happens quite quickly. I was never much one for holding onto dream memories. Fun whilst I am in the dream but when I wake I tend to just get on with life without much of a lingering effect. Like a spell that just stops working.

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      6. In my drowsiness during the middle of the night, I jot down the key images of the dream, and these seem to act as prompts to remember. haha doesn’t always work though….


      7. As in the scribble doesn’t make sense? Or the key words? You’re like what the hell does werewolf soldier mean?? πŸ˜‚

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      8. Yes they are. I guess they just respond to the strangeness all around! Sometimes they just keep going and going and going though, not knowing when to stop! Best not to write down those dreams πŸ™ƒ

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      9. Oh Jordy, you’ve made my day, that’s fabulous news, I’m feeling so happy for you… Oh a band for Ivor to follow !! Send me an autographed copy of your first CD xx


      10. Hah I’m a bit long in the tooth for an Amy Winehouse success…oh she died due to addiction. Forget that example!
        Thank you. It will be a fun side project. Hopefully it’ll get me more normal dates rather than the Poly chicks πŸ™„πŸ™ƒπŸ˜‚
        I prefer to sign knickers

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      1. It’s a gradual think but I feel the improvement. And gosh when the pain sets in, oh wow, ouchies and triple ouch with a touch of, please get me out of hear and give me a gun……


      2. 😲 no guns, no guns! The one good thing Howard did…
        Nerve pain sucks. It is nerve pain yeah? Sharp and debilitating. 😞 Try yoga!

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      1. I think this one was both. But like you said I was so happy with the wording, and the poem has a nice flow and even a clever ending, and I always struggle with my poems conclusions, hehe there’s never a proper ending in your dreams, you wake up before the finale !!

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  1. Wow Ivor! I love it! You manage to stir and evoke so many moments of your life in this piece. The resulting piece is just gorgeous! The words are falling perfectly into place. You transported me into your dream. I could feel the coldness and the warmth, the fondness and the unease of all of those glimpses of gathered moments. Beautiful!

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      1. You deserve every word of it! We doubt because we compare. What we have to do is embrace the fact that what we say no one else can say and that itself is priceless. When it comes to you though, you shouldn’t doubt for a second, your way with words is fascinating! Infused with the beautiful songs you have been listening to and your own incredible way to see and relate your world. I love it!

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      2. Haha, off to the pub soon, and usually show the lads my new poems, I’ll tell them this one is internationally acclaimed. Oh and I’ve made friends with Gina, of Singledust, she seems so very interesting.

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      1. I was just reading it πŸ˜‰. I know Jordan from some time ago but lost touch when I withdrew from blogging for awhile. the subconscious does consolidate a lot of our awake time fears and insecurities and then manifest in the most spectacular dreams. I dont dream, sadly, or rather very rarely. I have been told its because I dont sleep for long enough periods of time to get to that dream state. I admire how you are able to jot those thoughts down.

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      2. there must have been some really heavy burdens for you Ivor that even in your dreams you could not lessen their load. loss does weird things to our minds not just our hearts. but I believe this is also an outlet of pain and in some transcendental way a communication with those we love. thank you for sharing your heart.

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      3. Caring for Carole for 30 years was a burden of love. She taught me so much about myself and made me the person I am today, and I believe that it was my purpose in life to look after her. 😊 and I was spiritually chosen to do so πŸ˜‡πŸ™„

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      4. I am happy you both shared such good years together, and the ones who teach us about ourselves are the people we treasure most. they bring out the best and worse of us and love us all the same. I am very touched by the words spiritually chosen, just last night I wrote in my journal that God would show me the right person for me, I stopped being anxious and surrendered in faith. you are blessed beyond measure Ivor to have loved and been loved back. That’s a very precious gift.

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      5. Yes true love is a wondrous gift. I not religious, but I believe in the spirituality of our souls and the inner development of our being’s. πŸ˜Šβ€οΈπŸ’«

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