Downhill Run

A dreamy love poem I wrote in May 2018, which was published by Prolific Pulse Press, in their Anthology Heart Beats, edited by Lisa Tomey.

Downhill Run

I was dreaming

Plotting and scheming

Following you skiing

Running the slope, gliding

Twists and twirls

Loops and hoops

Our hearts were racing

Downhill and dancing

Spirals and swirls

Joyous smiles

Swishing faster and faster

Swooping last to first

Silver and gold

Winners and grinners

Your curls unfurl

Ruby hair unfolds

Beauty I behold

Frozen bliss

We kiss

Soul to soul

Ivor Steven (c) 2018

Tit Bits #9

I’ve a red-hot poker in my belly

I’m bleeding fiery ember ashes

Choking my blackened reality

Blinded by my burning eyelashes


Please don’t kick me

Pick me up, I’m free

Carry me one more mile

My stone-face will smile


Green blankets everything

Under our earth’s blue sky

From here to your side


May you balance like a petite ballerina

Toe-pointing your way through the tulips

May you taste fragrances of truth and pleasure

Tip-toeing gently upon your goddesses flower


Ivor Steven (c) 2018

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Behind Closed Doors, Poems That Mean Nothing To Me Anymore.

What door have you closed
in your life, and why?
Will you ever open it again?

Sandbox Writing Challenge 2018 — Exercise 20, Posted by calensariel in Blogging




Never again I say

Do I give my heart away

That’s the way my life may stay

Words will be left here today

Wasted in their disarray

Abandoned yesterday



Ivor Steven (c)  2018

Tit Bits #8

My morning shines golden sunrays

Your poem debuts my day

My lips do quietly say

Your silent words are here to stay


Words Of reality you rhymed

Recalling life’s ebbs and flows

Like the sands of time

Warm between your toes


Cruising on the winds of time

Messages of love and rhyme

Observing bodies entwined

Upon every moonlit line.


I’ve a terrible dilemma

My memory’s long and vivid

Wishing for many more to come

I suppose I’ll have to march on

Into the future and enjoy the show

Leave behind what’s buried in snow


Green covers everything

Green’s the colour of spring

Green makes my heart sing

Green’s the sparkle on my angels’ wings


Ivor Steven (c)  2018


Secrets Of Mine

Sandbox Writing Challenge 2018 — Exercise 19. Posted by in Blogging  

“What have you done 
that no one knows about?”

When I was ten and brave

I climbed our tree, a giant Peppercorn

Nearly midnight, and I clambered stark naked.

Maybe it was a full-moon


When I was fourteen and timid

I quickly kissed the girl next door

Under a midday sun, bashfully red-faced

Maybe it was spring-time


When I was seventeen, my voice had broken

I met a gorgeous school girl

I’d walk her home, hand in hand, and in love

I shyly asked her to marry me

She was wiser than me, and said no

I was young and naive


When I was twenty-six and carefree

I married the girl of my dreams

We needed shelter and a home

I went to the local bank for a loan

I lied to the manager and declared assets falsely

We moved into our house, and lived happily ever-after


Ivor Steven (c)  2018

In My Time

A sincere thank you to Colleen of Chatterblog, for inspiring me to write these few simple words about my childhood days, via a recent gorgeous post

In my time

trees I did climb

played hide and seek

always had a peak

went to the park

’til after dark

built my own fort

enjoyed my sport

day dreamed in class

smart enough to pass

nicked my brothers shoes

teased my sister too

In my time

I laughed with you

Ivor Steven (c)  2018



Under A Celestial Star


I didn’t have a dream 

My night-time was a void 

No crystal shallows or bubbling streams 

No deep blue ocean covered in white caps 

The tropical sunshine a distant past 

My courtyard flowers are coldly dormant 

Autumn leaves shrivel upon the damp 

The Sun’s not to be seen 

No shadows or garden beams 

My cloudiness a sombre screen 

The front door is slightly ajar 

All I see is a celestial star 


I didn’t live my dream 

All is not what it seems 

But I’m quietly satisfied with my stay 

Charting my days under a celestial star 


Ivor Steven (c)  2018

Tit Bits #7

Storms do come and go

high seas and undertow’s

my chaotic fears on show

awaiting the next big snow


let the pendulum swing

posterity’s blowing in the wind


I’m sitting here on the floor

It’ll be for a short time

’til I find a door


I’m slippery like an eel

I flow with the field

my mood changes with the breeze

I can be cold as ice in a freeze

or I can be warm as toast

sunbathing on a tropical coast

I can be a chameleon in the trees

not easy to see, but ready to please


My soul is open

your eyes look into my heart

your moon’s my Bowman

cupids arrows play Mozart


Ivor Steven (c)  2018