A Writers Aviary

A cold winters morn

Another new dawn

I’m refreshed, I’m alive

I roll myself over

Onto my tummy

Elbows on my pillow

The curtains are open

Gazing out the window

Through the leaves and red flowers

Of my Jazzi Bougainvillea

My courtyard’s looking homely

A havens scenery

My forest fernery

Full of natures greenery

I’m feeling cosy and dreamy

Comfy in my writers aviary


Ivor Steven (c)  2018


Weekly Prompts – Your second chance to be creative. A Photo Challenge, this weeks prompt is Random. RANDOM.

Image (25) 1

Their Plane’s bogged, in a paddock on the Indonesian island of Sumatra 1919

Image (26) 1

Keith Smith and Ross Smith, on their heroic flight from London to Darwin, in the Vickers Vimy aircraft. Winning the England to Australia air-race 1919, taking 28 days !!

The photos were taken by grandfather, Leopold Meyer.

Wondering And Wandering Again

Do you every have that vacant feeling

Silently in a void, wandering

Darkness has fallen

Clouds shroud the moon

Misty rain cools the night-air

Wondering what happened to your day-time

Hours of down-time

What have you done

Memories of your day have gone

Nothing in your hand

Blankness in your mind

Decoding untold stories

Writing on pure white pages

Words of invisible ink

Ink that runs away

Eloping with your pen

To find a better day

Leaving you empty again


Ivor Steven (c)  2018

Tit Bits #10

Nonsense and logic

What’s the difference in our world today


I love nonsense

It’s my best sense

My creative sense

It’s my good mood sense

Free of common sense


The ocean breeze caresses my senses

Like poetry pages fluttering across the seas


My time flies, past my eyes

It’s time, time stopped flying

At the speed of light

Out of my blurry sight


Oh, you do hide

Haunting, I’m scared

Like a pumpkin head

Under whispering sheets

Let me go to seed

Leave me be


Ivor Steven (c)  2018


What Can I Do

Procrastination is the root of all procrastination…

  for her support and encouragement to present this piece of mine, which I thought was just a poem of jumbled emotions. Oh, and the answer to all of my procrastinating way back then, I decided to keep her at home, and we lived happily ever after. I didn’t listen to the advice of others, and in the end it was the best decision of my life, for me and for her …xx There’s a song to go with it, which coincidently came out after I wrote my poem….. Attached below.  The above featured picture was taken years after I had happily decided to keep her at home for the rest of her life……(She passed 9 months after this beautiful picture was taken, with her glorious “everlasting smile”.           https://ivors20.wordpress.com/2017/07/27/everlasting-smile/

What Can I Do


What am I expected to do

When is so much, too much to do

Why am I so scared, what can I do

What is the future, for me and for you


How will I say, I’m too tired for you

When is the day, to tell you

Will I hurt too much, to be without you

How will I know, when the time’s due


Why is it so, what can I do

Where is the place, I’m putting you

Why am I frightened, no, no, not easy to do

When I finally have to, and don’t want to


Who am I, to have this over you

What is the answer, for me and for you

Now or never, could that be true

How by myself, I’ll never be able to


Ivor Steven (c)  2018

3.2.1. Quote Me! (Topic: Literature)

Thank you Laura Denise of ,  https://ardorsgarden.wordpress.com   for creating and selecting me to play in 3.2.1. Quote Me! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed our in-depth conversation about the changing attitudes toward poetry and literature.
Literature is now the topic for this fun extension! Grab a quote about literature off Google or share your own wisdom. Create your own post or comment and tag.
My two aphorisms I’m contributing to the theme are…

Not all literature is perfect, none of us are perfect – Ivor Steven

Stories emanate from the heart. Literature lives in every heartbeat – Ivor Steven

Here are the game guidelines:
1. Thank the Selector
2. Post 2 quotes for the dedicated Topic of the Day.
3. Select 3 bloggers to take part in ‘3.2.1 Quote Me!’
Play with us,

Claudia, at Humoring The Goddess

Marta, at Moments

Sara, at SarainLaLaLand

Other readers, feel free to play, too!

Cheers.  Ivor.

Sailing By

Gone, a day, weeks, years

Gone, sailing by, lonely nights

Gone, sailing by, the good times

Gone, the years of a life-time


What’s the difference between desire and passion

What’s the chance of finding one in billion

There’s millions in the oceans of the world

There’s thousands of beats to every new heart


What’s the difference between love and pain

What’s the chance of falling in love again

There’s millions of stars in the Milky-Way

There’s hundreds of dreams about love yesterday


What’s the difference between the sea and the sky

What’s the chance of sharing the horizon in July

There’s no answers to your questions

There’s months’ of wonders in the four seasons


Whats the difference the calm and the storm

What’s the chance of being forever warm

There’s dozens of lies before the truth

There were two lives’ under your roof


Gone, a day, weeks, years

Gone, sailing by, your soft nights

Gone, sailing by, the good times

Gone, the years of your lifetime


Ivor Steven (c)  2018