I’m Back

I have a computer, but mine is still being reconstructed by my younger brother(Lawrie) he’s a computer Engineer !! Apparently my Motherboard is stuffed. So whatever is still usable out of my old machine he’ll restructure into my reformatted computer, “Yep”, he’s clever. In the mean-time he’s set me up with this temporary computer, which uses a “Linux” system, quite different to my “Windows 10”, however it allows me to use WordPress. So here I am, “I’m Back”, and now some music from “Melanie”, 1970, Oh I had a crush on her way back then, I was a young naive lad of 19 !!. And after you play Melanie, there’s no Ivor post without some music from the impeccable Mr Leonard Cohen, and this is one of my fav’ pieces of his music/lyrics, “One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong” , enjoy my dear friends, and soak up his incredible words. Replay and replay, and then absorb his passion !!

Whispering Wind

I hear the wind whistling in the trees

Rustic sounds of rustling leaves

Swirling down through the branches

Prancing colourful dancers

Faery’s of the forest floor

Mother nature’s spiritual encores


I hear the wind applause for more

Seasonal breezes carrying pollen spores

Germinating ancient lands over the eons

Eden’s garden of blossom and vines

Serving our tables full of apples and wines

I hear the wind whispering memories and rhymes


Ivor Steven (c)  2018