A Traditional New Year, From Geelong

Traditionally every year here in Geelong, the City Council sends out to every house-hold, a Calendar and information booklet. The twelve pictures in the Calendar, are of the local area, taken by local photographers, and the music I’ve added below, is by local performer, Xavier Rudd. Thank you to Weekly Photo Prompts, for this opportunity to present these glorious photos of the Geelong area. Happy New Year to all my readers. And the Calendar itself is a great >> Tradition

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Ivor Steven (c)  2018


Crooked Ways

I’m not to be told, how to live my life

I’ve lived this life, having lost my wife

I’m not a great philosopher

Nor a fashion writer


I’m not a sprightly young traveler

I’ve no money to buy a new carrier

Too old for a toiling plumber

I actually like penning poetry


Some say your never too old

Whatever, I’ll continue to be sold

my plans to reach for the stars

Where I shall walk my own crooked ways


Ivor Steven (c)  2018

The Golden Beach

I’d like to thank Gina, of Singledust, and her glorious poem, ‘last pure light’, on “Go Dog Go Cafe”, for inspiring me to write my poem, ‘The Golden Beach’, please click >> Here, to read her wonderful words. Also referring to this weeks, Weekly Photo Prompt: Tradition, yes it’s an Australian tradition to spend Christmas at the beach


Staring over the ripples in my cuppa tea

Gazing at the future forecast by the tea leaf’s

I’m visualising waves upon the morning sea

And the sensation of the sand beneath my feet


Oh to walk on the golden beach again

Inhale the fragrance of the wind caressing my skin

And to swim in the rejuvenating ocean

Feel the surf’s spray on my body, like warm rain


The tentacles of fresh air draw you in securely

An aura of purity and peace abounds richly

There’s a crispness from the sun that warms your heart

And a cleansing depth within the surrounds that soothes your soul


Ivor Steven (c)  2018

Ballad Of The Absent Mare; By Leonard Cohen: My Typing Exercise

Hello dear readers, I’ve been having trouble comprehending and concentrating on reading your articles/posts, of more than two stanza’s or one short paragraph in length. So my physiotherapist has given me some tasks to help improve my situation. Today I’m typing up one of favourite longer poem’s, by Leonard Cohen, called the “Ballad Of The Absent Mare”. I hope you enjoy his brilliant writing here.

Ballad Of The Absent Mare: By Leonard Cohen

Say a prayer for the cowboy, his mare’s run away

and he’ll walk till he finds her, his darling, his stray

But the river’s in flood and the roads are awash

and the bridges break up in the panic of loss


And there’s nothing to follow, there’s nowhere to go

She’s gone like the summer, she’s gone like the snow

And the crickets are breaking his heart with their song

as the day caves in and the night is all wrong


Did he dream, was it she who went galloping past

and bent down the fern and broke open the grass

and printed the mud with the iron and the gold

that he nailed to her feet when he was the lord


And though she goes grazing a minute away

he tracks her all night and he tracks her all day;

blind to her presence except to compare

his injury here with her punishment there


Then at home on his branch in the highest tree

a songbird sings out so suddenly

Oh the sun is warm and the soft winds ride

on the willow trees by the riverside


And the world is sweet and the world is wide

and she’s there where the light and the darkness divide

and steam’s coming off her, she’s huge and she’s shy

and she steps on the moon when she paws at the sky


And she comes to his hand but she’s not really tame

She longs to be lost and he longs for the same

And she’ll bolt and she’ll plunge through the first open pass

to roll and to feed in the sweet mountain grass


Or she’ll make a break for the high plateau

where there’s nothing above and there’s nothing below

And it’s time for their burden, it’s time for the whip

Will she walk through the flame, can he shoot from the hip


So he binds himself to the galloping mare

and she binds herself to the rider there

and there is no space but there’s left and right

and there is no time but there’s day and night


And he leans on her neck and he whispers low

Whither thou goest I will go

And they turn as one and they head for the plain

no need for the whip, no need for the rein


Now the clasp of this union, who fastens it tight

who snaps it asunder the very next night ?

Some say the rider, some say the mare

some say love’s like the smoke, beyond all repair


But my darling says, Leonard, just let it go by,

that old silhouette on the great Western sky

So I pick out a tune and they move right along

and they’re gone like the smoke, they’re gone like this song


Extracted from the book: Leonard Cohen, Poems And Songs, Everyman’s Library Pocket Poets


Ivor Steven (c)  2018

Sleepless Thoughts

My sleepless thoughts are being unkind

I’ve repetitive words on my mind

My memories of the past

Are becoming faded

My empty hands were once full

Of memories and rhymes


My imagination for the future

Is becoming jaded

My fixated hands are now full

Of old expectations and unused time

Maybe these words will clear my mind

Help me think about what I may find



Ivor Steven (c)  2018

A Silent Visitor

You’re a friend, you don’t have to phone me

You’re a friend, you don’t have to visit me

You’re a friend, no need to enlist me

You’re a friend, you’ll be the last one I’ll see

Your honesty is an eternal friend to me

Your finality will be a truthful friend to me

No need for your secret messages

No need for your silent thoughts

All I need, is to share the sun

All I need, is to share the rain

Share the moon, and the universe’s pond

Share the spoon that feeds my star beyond

Ivor Steven (c) 2018

How To Climb

This morn, I broke my favourite bowl

We can buy another one

You say lightheartedly

But can we buy another me

I was as clumsy as can be

Awkward to the ninth degree

Oh, to sit down with a cuppa’ tea

Then I stumbling, spilt the milk

All across the kitchen bench

We can easily clean the stench

You say lightheartedly

But can we get another me

Will I continue to fall out of every tree

Will I always miss where I pee

How am I to swim the pacific sea

How am I to climb the stars with thee



Ivor Steven (c)  2018

Tullawalla: Published Poems

Hello dear readers, Happy Christmas and Merry New Year. I’ve just finished typing up a collection of my published poems, which I’ve done for Christmas gifts for my family and friends, there seems to have been 23 of them. It was a lot of poems to present here in one folder, but really not a great amount to have published, probably represents my laziness and aversion to print up my poems for submissions. Maybe after I recover from my illness and stroke, I will make more of an effort this new year, to submit poems for publication. Have a glorious festive season everyone, and please enjoy the music.

Ivor Steven (c)  2018

Surviving On Love

There’s a word called surviving

I know that is me

You cannot survive without help

I know that is me

Support from family and friends

I know that is me


There’s a word called love

I know it seeps out of me

You cannot survive without love

I know it seeps out of me

Love comes from everyone I know

I know it seeps out of me



Ivor Steven (c)  2018

Just Around The Corner

Thank you to Sue W of Nan’s Farm, << click here, she supplied the title and gave me the inspiration, to write this introverted poem of mine

I’m sorry for smouldering

Smouldering my ashes on your blue sky

I’m on a different kind of angle

Slightly leaning to the right

I used to always turn to the left

That’s when I knew the difference

Between right and wrong

Now, I’m just around the corner

Living on broken cobblestones

And old torn bed-sheets

I’m feeling incompetent in my sleep

Life-long dreams are incomplete

My time here is unwell and unfinished

Unfinished are my words for the future

They’re unwritten from far and near

And this ancient boat needs a good rudder

To steer me through these rough seas


Ivor Steven (c)  2018