The Edge

Today I’ve written a quote, and then at the same time, I’ve converted the quote, into a Haiku. I’ll give you the quote first, then the Haiku

Quote: The Edge


“Life, is living on the edge

There’s no bottom nor top

Moving sideways is enough”   – Ivor Steven


Haiku: The Edge


Living on the edge

Moving sideways is enough

No bottom nor top



Ivor Steven (c)  2018




Time Travelers

It’s that time of the year, a Christmas message from Ivor. And above a picture of my family’s get together, for Danny’s 70th birthday. Only us siblings these days, from the left, Tum(Lawrie’s wife), Ivor, Danny, Lawrie(Standing), Miffy, and Miffy’s John took the picture.


Time Travelers 


Zap, a gigantic lightening bolt precedes a mystical power surge

Traversing the cobalt skies, like horizontally sleek outriggers

Vividly scoring chords, to hang our every word on

Like musical lines, writing out, our lost dreams and regrets


Sound-waves echoing, poles apart, going north, south, east and west

Conducting iridescent lights over our purple and orange sunset

Vibrating quasars, pulsating from deeply inside, outer-space

Focusing towards the huge magnetic Receiving Dish, signalling “An Arrival”



Recording a celestial traveler, singing with an angel’s voice

Resonating sweetly, like Handel’s, Messiah Hallelujah Chorus

Translated into our universal language of symphonic sound

Digitally televised for the world’s population to simultaneously view


The Super-Sonic Cosmic message to be heard loud and clear

“We’ve returned to your degraded planet earth”

“To again, bestow upon you, Peace And Goodwill”

“Like we’ve done before, Eons of Millenniums ago”


Ivor Steven  (c)

For All Of You

Finally, I’m going home late this afternoon. They seem to think my aorta might be the source of my problem, I’ve a bit of thickening there and a couple of small ulcers there. Treatment is more blood thinners at the moment, and I’ve another MRI next Thursday 27th December, and follow up appointments here on the Neuroscience department. Yeah !!

For All Of You

For her, for all of you

Take this heart of mine

This is all I have to give

Take my love

That’s all there is !!

Love for her, and all of you

Ivor Steven (c)

A Flowering Gum Tree

The day is rainy this morning

Christmas week, Geelong, Australia

Is usually dry and hot

But this year it’s not

Greg’s birthday today

I wonder what happened to yesterday

I’m sitting here at my hospital window

Overlooking old Ryrie Street

And the ancient flowering gum-tree

I’m watching the world travel bye

Or is the world watching me

And saying goodbye

Ivor Steven (c) 2018

The Spirit Is Quiet Tonight

The tree outside is silently waving

In the land of endless wind

I’m feeling this dry endless wind

And all the endless possibilities

Waving over this endless land

A land where my lost spirit bird

Gently waves to me

Waves with a broken wing

My lonely spirit bird

Quietly waves my land goodbye

It makes me wonder

Where do I go to now

My head is humming

The world is full of

I don’t know’s

Home is beyond the boundary

The boundary of tomorrow

Ivor Steven (c) 2018

My Collection

I’m laying here in my hospital bed, waiting for my next scan/test, I’ve been fasting for a while now. So I’m playing a YouTube collection here on my phone, through my headphones, and I thought I might as well share these personal selections with you, I hope you enjoy “My Collection” this morning, or whatever time it maybe wherever you are ❤️😆

Ivor Steven (c) 2018

Roasted Dry

In between meals

I’m nibbling on my nuts

They’re handy

And easy to find

But I’ve nearly eaten

All my unsalted nuts

Shaved, skinned and plain

Roasted dry

Warm and crunchy

They’ll fill that empty hole

A stomach, now full of my nuts

I’m sure my nuts are good for me

Good for my innards

Good to take-up my time

Ivor Steven (c) 2018

Thank You, From Tullawalla

Hello dear readers and followers, as part of my Eighteenth Month, blogging celebrations, I’d like to sincerely thank you all who participated in my Tullawalla program to raise money for MS Society of Geelong, all donations have been gratifully received, and of course I’m open for more donations anytime. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Sorry I’ve not been around to all my fellow bloggers on WP, with my usual diligence and zest. As most of you might know, I’ve had a 6 week stay in hospital, resting and recovering. However I’ve been keeping myself busy, in between nanna-naps, preparing my new booklet of poems. I’ve just finished the manuscript (Phew and yeah !!), and this one is called, “Tullawalla: “Waiting Time”, and of course along with the other 5 booklets, all money’s that I collect from the sale of these booklets goes to the Geelong MS Charity Shop. The list of my 6 booklets is below. These booklets are all printed here in my little writing studio/haven, put together by hand, and they’re a foolscap size folder of 21 pages and 40 poems in each booklet

Tullawalla, Poems, By Ivor Steven Tullawalla, A Sign Of The Times Tullawalla, The Waves Say Goodbye Tullawalla, Who’s Left To Row The Boat Tullawalla, Home Is The Air I Breathe

And, Tullawalla, Waiting Time

And I’m happy to say that I’ve now learnt how to print on both sides of the pages, thus halving my mailing costs for anyone interested in purchasing, for the price of postage and plus a donation for the MS shop. I have a PayPal account, to make payments easier.

Liquid Joy

Hello dear readers, well I’m celebrating my eighteen month anniversary of blogging, with another post originally from June 7th 2017, and I’ve rehashed the poem slightly.

Tears of liquid joy
Like rivers of fear
The memories so clear
And a toast to cheer
Tears of liquid joy
Like waves from the heart
Two great oceans apart
And wishing for another restart
Tears of liquid joy
Like dredged canals of the soul
Leaking from the broken porthole
And needing a free parole
Tears of liquid joy
Like a flowing molten lava
Passing a secret convoy
And singing like the last choirboy
Crying liquid joy

Ivor Steven (c) 2018