Finding Today

Hello dear readers, the poem below was originally hand written 2 weeks ago, during my stay in Isolation, and It was up on my Isolation Room’s Whiteboard, so I’ve decided to type up the poem, with a few minor changes and present the words again here today.

Your sky above

My sea below, our air in between

A cloudless dream

Floating on a gentle stream

Drifting across flat shiny pebbles

Emitting flat parallel beams

Carrying visions of hope

Hope for future scope

Time, to be wiped clean

Cleansed by soothing rain

Revealing warm sunshine again

Warm sun-rays, instead of dead X-rays

Removing yesterday’s old creams

Finding today’s new dreams

Ivor Steven (c)  2018

A Friend

Hello dear readers, today’s poem is the 3rd one to be published in the Geelong Writers Poetry Anthology 2018, the poem is called “A Friend” , and I think it’s a powerful piece, that we all can probably associate with. Again I’m very pleased that this poem has finally been published.

A Friend


do you have a friend

that’s bound in a cocoon

living on egg-shells

broken by sickly X-ray beams

their life’s virtual hell

and for whom you want to scream

unconditionally you’ve given your love

now they’re tired


for help

from above



“Colour Me In”

I tried to repress it
Then I carried its crown
I reached out to undress it
And love let me down
Love let me down…

So I tried to erase it
But the ink bled right through
Almost drove myself crazy
When these words led to you

And all these useless dreams of living alone
Like a dogless bone…

So come let me love you
Come let me love you
And then… colour me in

Well I tried to control it
And cover it up
I reached out to console it
It was never enough
Never enough…

So I tried to forget it
That was all part of the show
Told myself I’d regret it
But what do I know

About all these useless dreams of living alone
Like a dogless bone…

So come let me love you
Come let me love you
And then… colour me in

Come let me love you
Come let me take this through the end
Of all these useless dreams of living
In all these useless dreams
All these useless dreams of living
In all these old noes

Come let me love you
Come let me love you
Come let me love you
Come let me…
Ivor Steven (c)  2018

Singing A Song For You

Hi dear readers, this poem is the 2nd poem of mine to be published in the Geelong Writers Poetry Anthology 2018. Another of my favourites that hasn’t managed to be published until now, please enjoy my song of love.

img078 (2)

Singing A Song For You


The Banjo’s playing our song

Old Buskers are singing along

Music’s quietly echoing our beat

Ballads of love humming so sweet

Cannot remember the last time I sang for you

Sat down together and talked life through

Soft and sad words, like hymns in tune

Strumming on an angels harp at high noon

Singing our lyrics of eternal love so true

It’s so long since celestial sounds covered you

Years ago when our love was new

Laying upon fresh grass and morning dew

img083 (2)


Ivor Steven (c)  2018

An Epic Love – A Poem by Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

I’m honoured and humbled, by this glorious poem written by my dear friend Walt, The Tennessee Poet, please have a look at some of his down to earth poems.

Walt's Writings

This is dedicated to my dear friend and brother in poetry,
Ivor.Plumber/Poet. Ivor lost the love of his life Carole a few
years ago after she lost her battle with severe MS for
over 30 years. Ivor was Carole’s primary caregiver during
her illness and most of his poetry has been about her.
Please visit Ivor’s blog at

He misses her so much
His heart feels like it’s breaking
Everything he does
Everywhere he goes
Reminds him of her
He lives in a house of memories
And wonders when his pain will end
So many years together
Caring for each other
Caring for her as her illness worsened
As he sits alone now with his memories
Everything he does
Reminds him of her
So he turns to his writing
And picks up his pen
He knows she is watching
From Heaven above
And the words flow like love notes

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The poem I’m presenting today is the first of three that were published in Geelong Writers Poetry Anthology 2018, and I’ve submitted this poem to various magazines, over the last few years, and to have “Waterways” finally published, especially in my home town’s prestigious Poetry Anthology, pleases me greatly.

img078 (2)



Thinking about jumping into the waterfall from above

Diving into her churning pool of heartache, called love

Surging through the cascading rapids, of loves ups and downs

Settling upon her icy lake, where lovers often drown

Flowing down the valley river, to where all waterways meet

Trickling across her dry creek-bed, under the dampened sheet

Spreading amongst the delta swamp, both bitter and sweet

Flooding onto her warm salt flats, discovering the open heat

Spilling the water-lilies of love, over seas blue and deep

Joining her ocean of lost love, caressing her to sleep


Ivor Steven (c)  2018