Tell Humpty Dumpty

I’m feelin’ groovy


Without reeling

Like a soft shoe shuffle

Floating on air

Without a stumble

No crumbling or tumbling

Tell Humpty Dumpty

To hold the horses

And the walking soldiers

I’ve found my extra pieces

On the other side of the fence

I’ve fallen on my feet

Like a cat with nine lives

Lucky as a four leaf clover

Like a minstrel boy and his violin lover

Ivor Steven (c) 2019

I Am Waiting To See

I cry at what I cannot see

But don’t worry too much

That’s just me

I am soft of heart

I am tender of soul

I smile while I cry

The world’s reflection, crying within me

That’s just me, asking why

There’s the earth beneath my feet

There’s the sky above my eyes

Eyes that see rain fall on the trees

Creating life, like my backyard bees

Feet that feel, sand between my toes

Travelling to where my life must go


Ivor Steven (c)  2019

I’m Home

I’m not quite on song
Home’s where I belong
Humming ballad songs
I’m going out, right or wrong

I’ve made up my mind
Even though life’s unkind
We only live once
And this is my dance

Dreams are living on
Life shouldn’t be postponed
Realities push and thrive
My future is still alive

She’ll gently take my hand
And show me the distant lands


Ivor Steven (c)  2019

Rocking Shoes

I’m not using grand-dad’s rocking chair yet

I’ve a pair of rocking shoes instead

Walk the streets of New York in soft treads

No matter, I’ll always have this pain in my head


As long as I don’t fall in the gutter

And left there, to crawl and stutter

I’ve sites to view through my shutter

Cafe’s to visit, eating cakes, jam and butter


I’ll click my new shoe’s heels

Stroll around, play beside the local seals

Go to Central Park, soar with the eagles

And savour the famous restaurant meals

Ivor Steven (c) 2019

Heavy And Hollow, The Whitehouse Door

I’m too tired to continue

Carrying this Olympus torch

The flame is not staying alight

Under my sheltering porch

All I want to do

Is watch the birds

And selfishly forget

The hungry and dying herds

My bell has become too hollow

To ring against the war

Too heavy to lift

High above the floor

Too wide to pass

Through the Whitehouse door

Too noisy to tell

Humanity the real score

Soon we’ll all board the Ark

Row away from our shores

Fly our rescue flag aft

Explore the sky with Thor

Listen to the heavens

Hear the peace-bells last encore

Proudly ring the bells that still can ring

Chiming so loud, no-one can ignore

Ivor Steven (c) 2019

Silent Sky

I am also posting this poem “Silent Sky,” on “Go Dog Go Café” via the fantastic idea of “Promote Yourself Monday”.. << Click here

My morning sky is silent

An empty clear blue vent

A vast quietness

Cloudless and soundless

The world has turned mute

We cannot hear

The whales crying

We no longer see

The birds flying

We now refuse to speak

Words of peace, they’re slowly dying

My morning sky has no sun

Spent gold, overused, and undone

A grey dullness

Viewless, a hollow darkness

The world has lost sight

We no longer see

Industrious bees

We cannot hear

The animals fear

We now deny the people’s voice

Words of peace, our children’s choice

Ivor Steven (c) 2019