Itmims .. (Ivor’s Time-machine Inside Micro Space)

Hello dear reader’s, it’s 3.00 am, here on my space-ship above Geelong, and a dream has woken me up, and I’m now typing away…. I was thinking about my many times in hospital during the last 5 months, and especially of those twelve days I spent in Isolation. My poem “Itmims” is a favourite poem of mine that I wrote on the “Isolation White Board” , about that strange time of being shut off from the world. I hope you enjoy my re-posting of this interesting poem, from over 4 months ago, at the beginning of my rough journey through micro space.

Itmims  ( Ivor’s Time-machine Inside Micro Space)   


Welcome aboard my bubble ship, Itmims

Come fly with me into the unknown

We shall traverse time and space

Across the borders of level seven

Beyond the boundaries of intelligence

We’ll discover the story of Tullawalla

Capture the heart of a beautiful red-head

Learn about her journey of grace and bravery

Understand the depth of your soul

Show others what happens to the heart

Find your star, your colour, your lost art

Walk deserts in space, swim the Milky-way

Breathe the air I breathe, see what I see

Feel her soft red hair, on your cheek

Step inside my Itmims, sharing love on the high seas

Ivor Steven (c) 2018

Tullawalla: Booklet #9


Hello dear readers, friends, and followers. I’ve got 24 days to go before I fly to New York, and my progress is improving everyday. I’m keeping myself busy, bike pedalling (On Yorkie) exercise sessions and walking 8000 steps a day, In between, I’ve been preparing my new booklet of poems. I’ve just finished the manuscript (Phew and yeah !!), and this one is called, “Tullawalla: “Leafless Branches”, No more hospital appointments, and I’ve been given the all-clear to fly away.  Like my other 8 Booklets, all money’s that I collect from the sale of these booklets goes to the Geelong MS Charity Shop. The list of my 9 booklets is below. These booklets are all printed here in my little writing studio/haven, put together by hand, and they’re a foolscap size folder of 21 pages and 40 poems in each booklet

Tullawalla, Poems, By Ivor Steven                                                                                   Tullawalla, A Sign Of The Times                                                                                               Tullawalla, The Waves Say Goodbye                                                                                     Tullawalla, Who’s Left To Row The Boat                                                                        Tullawalla, Home Is The Air I Breathe                                                                            Tullawalla, Waiting Time                                                                                                  Tullawalla, The Healing House                                                                                                            Tullawalla, Beyond The Brick Wall

And, Tullawalla, Leafless Branches





Booklet #5: Home Is The Air I Breathe                      Booklet #6: Waiting Time



Booklet #7: Tullawalla, The Healing House          My “Isolation Time”


Booklet#8: Tullawalla, Beyond The Brick Wall               My front door.


And, Booklet #9, Tullawalla, Leafless Branches



From Ivor xx




We will all travel, life’s journey

There’s  reality in the end, a concluding count down

Finality occurs, not a shadow of doubt

Sooner or later, we have to retire, and work no more

Old tools are laid to rest, gathering dust

There’s a time, when we have to say goodbye

To that special one’s,  sad crying eyes

Suddenly life propels us, to pass our friends lives

The people we knew, dwindle to a few

And beyond the lies, earth slowly dies

We the custodians, failed to see overcast skies

Our belief’s shriveled, inside religious sleeves

The jealous and greedy, are yet to eat their last supper

I hope tomorrow’s future, is better than today’s veiled ways

And yesterday’s trials, become the healing castle’s final say




Ivor Steven (c)  2019


T’is An Unseasonal Heart That Never Thaws

Hello dear readers, my poem here is a collection of odds and ends, of mine, that I’ve jotted down and stored in my note-book. I’ve placed them together in some sort of order. I think the resultant poem has achieved an overall view of my thoughts for the month…..

Oh, how we dream

Ponder, our lost promises

Wait, one more time

Closed, shut are our eyes

What you see and feel

Are not always the true deal

I habitually step behind my veil

To see if I’m real

The powers behind me, turned on my light

There’s no need to return back to black

We don’t want too much by intention

We need what we haven’t got

Love, warmth and protection

That’s our missing lot

I’m not loaded with success

But from being down and out

I’m taking bigger steps now

Climbing every hillock

Then I’ll see the light

On top of my mountain

I’m not sure whether my palpitations

Are anxieties of recovery high’s

Pedalling across sea and sky

Or, sheer excitement of anticipation

Oh Leonard, your words are playing sweetly

I’m hearing the melodies of your songs


Ivor Steven (c)  2019

Leafless Branches

I’m also posting this poem of mine on, “Go Dog Go Cafe” Promote Yourself Mondays, and I’d like to thank “Midwest Fantasy” for inviting me along


Leafless Branches


There’s a warning sign swirling in my yard

Words are being splattered on my fence

Blown in by today’s gale

Leafless branches are flying around

Nature’s own, final count down

Suddenly, on the horizon, there’s a red-brown cloud

Rolling in, over the barren hills

And a dust-storm quickly engulfs the air


Racing silver clouds and blue sky

Invisible through the thick red haze

Dry topsoil from the western plains

Aerially transported by the wind’s angry throat

And there’s no calming the dusty tempest

Until mother nature has had her way

I stand here, leaning against her force

Feeling her violence, pitch dirt in my face


Ivor Steven (c)  2019

Lamenting Joy – A Poem

I’ve read this compassionate poem several times already, “I Do Run’s” words have touched me deeply. Please read, if you are so inclined,….. There is no instant solution, but together with trillions of humane hearts there shall always be hope……..

I Do Run

Don’t you dare turn those unicorn eyes toward me
And keep your sparkly sparkles to yourself
That field was truly not meant for running or singing or dancing or jumping for joy.

Just stop with the rainbows and the technicolor sunsets
No need for close ups of baby chubby thighs
Or even your thighs sunning on white sand beaches.

Enough of the Sunday mornings watching your lover breathe
And definitely no more spontaneous water fights with the kids
Even those first moments that bring tears of joy are not the moments for me

No, not for me, wondering, how you can enjoy when
…..Children are kept in cages, sold to the highest bidder
…..Women are forced into dangerous back alleys, not owning their bodies
…..Veterans sleep on cardboard boxes, crazy instead of courageous
…..People still being judged by the back of their hand or the hand they’re holding

Unicorns and…

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I Climb


I Climb


Step by step I climb

Steadily walking my path

Time is flying fast



“If You Wait”

To treasure gold is fun
Brother, drop your bag at once
From the air to the people
A mass to take you on
From the clock to the past
A future that I own
And to find just one other
Seems to be the goal of everyone
From the search to the hurt
I believed I could take you on
We would drink, we would dance
And you would watch me whenever you wantAnd can you give me, everything
Everything, everything
Cos I can’t give you anything
And if you wait, if you wait
I will trust in time that we will meet again
If you wait

If letters spell out words, son
You chose to put them in order, didn’t you
From the meaning, the moment you tried to take me on
From the air to the room A bed that I own

And can you give me everything,
Everything, everything
Cos I can’t give you anything
And if you wait, if you wait I will trust in time that we will meet again
If you wait
I will trust in time that we will meet again


Ivor Steven (c)  2019