My Good Friday

This lazy day was good to me

After earlier, I wondered

If I’m physically unwinding

Or am I mentally gearing up

I thought, all in good time

My body and mind

Would find their, common landing ground

My morning walk, along the Ted Wilson Trail, felt good

Not too far, but long enough

To know I’d achieved a good number of steps

Then I gave Yorkie two good pedals

Along with two good sessions of balance exercises

Late afternoon, and my travel case’s in good order

Nearly packed, clothes neat and looking good

Not too many sets, but just enough

To feel warm and cool, attired in style

The relaxing day was good for me

And even good, for a piece of poetry

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Ivor Steven (c)  2019

My Star In The Purple Sky

Another birthday for my gracious lady, I’ve written a new birthday poem for her this year, I’m beginning a new dawn, somehow, my body has been renewed, I’m wearing new shoes, and I’m flying across those new purple skies, going to New York and Philadelphia. I’ll go gather up new blossoms, and glittering American violet blue stardust, I’ll bring them back for you, and sprinkled the petals of family love, covering you, with a new colourful mauve blanket of love, ….. Oh, I can see your gorgeous everlasting smile,…… there in front of me…….


My Star In The Purple Sky


My morning flowers

Blossomed, a violet blue

For her and me

The sun filtered through


Casting a purple shadow

Over you and I

Delivering our mauve star

Into the distant sky

Where she shines nightly

Looking over you and I





“Distant Sky”

[Nick Cave:]
Let us go now, my one true love
Call the gasman, cut the power out
We can set out, we can set out for the distant skies
Watch the sun, watch it rising in your eyes[Else Torp:]
Let us go now, my darling companion
Set out for the distant skies
See the sun, see it rising
See it rising, rising in your eyes[Nick Cave:]
They told us our gods would outlive us
They told us our dreams would outlive us
They told us our gods would outlive us
But they lied

[Else Torp:]
Let us go now, my only companion
Set out for the distant skies
Soon the children will be rising, will be rising
This is not for our eyes


Ivor Steven (c)  2019

Under The Snow

A special poem I wrote, after I’d taken my Lady to hospital for the last time, on the day of her last birthday. seven years ago. Happy Birthday Carole, and I wonder if you still wonder that I wonder, wishing upon your wondrous mauve star…….

Under The Snow.


We emanate to a birthday.

We deflate to a final day.

Birthdays, they all come, they all go.

Birthdays, in the sunshine, under the snow.

Birthdays, slow to mature, quickly an aeon.

Birthdays, before we are born, after we are gone.

Birthdays, hanging on by a breath.

Birthdays, nailed to a cross ’til death.

What’s it all mean to be alive and cry.

What’s it all mean to live and to die.


Ivor Steven. (c)  2018

Haiku: Our River

Dedicated to my dear wife, to celebrate her birthday on Wednesday the 17th April. I think my words say enough……    I’m  proud and honoured to present this Haiku on, “Go Dog Go Cafe” Promote Yourself Monday’s, and a sincere thank you to, ‘Midwest Fantasy’, for the invitation. I’m quite emotional this week, and I’ll apologise to fellow writers, and their articles, if I’m not reading and commenting, with my usual zest……


Our River


A true love runs deep

Our river flowed over rocks

Stones soften to sand


Ivor Steven (c)  2019

Sky Blue: My Haiku Collection

I’m not a prolific writer of Haiku’s. Actually flicking through my poem file’s, I could count them on my fingers and toes !! Yes, out of the hundreds upon hundreds of poems, I have only written “21” Haiku’s. There is no reason as to why so few, because I do enjoy the concise format of the Haiku, they flow well for me, and I think most of them come out ok….. Well here I go, Ivor’s complete collection of  Haiku’s… Oh and I only started writing them, about 6 months ago, with “Sky Blue”  …….

Sky Blue

I’m covered in blue

The morning sky clears my eyes

Sea-air fills my lungs



Today’s deep sky blue
Warming my chest and soul too
Curing cough and flu


True, it’s a dog’s life
Who would kill a lonely cat
Peace to you and you



Spring’s about to start

Your winter withered my heart

Birds sing until dark



Chinese courtyard sounds

Guzheng music gently strums

Beijing alley hums



I walk past today

Remembering yesterday

Gone is tomorrow


Today my earth blooms

Yesterday is forgotten

Tomorrow I weep



A strong coastal wind

Blowing sand across bare dunes

Vegetation going


Red Crown: 

 Red the morning sky

Day lily my courtyard Queen

Garden summer crown


The Sun

The fiery sun burns

Bitumen melts underfoot

Tomatoes glow red


The Forest

Tunnel grows wider

Walking out of the forest

The light glows brighter



A hive awaits me

My Philadelphian tree

Branches will rejoice


I Climb

Step by step I climb

Steadily walking my path

Time is flying fast


A Window Voice

I cannot hear the bird

Singing in the window tree

Birds are the free voice


A Flower Gone

In a sea of lights

She, an unpicked bloom, wilted

Young and fresh, now gone


Dual Haiku


Cloud level seven

A step closer to heaven

My time to reflect


Green’s my spring colour

Sparkle on my angel’s wings

Green makes my heart sing



I’m a proud member

A player in the world team

Now I’ve left the tribe



Cloudless happy days

Sunlight kisses everything

Feeling warm within


Wall of Thorns

My bed of roses

Is scaling a wall of thorns



After The Wine

Beyond the wine bar

Radiant sunset begins

Tired eyes failed to see


My Cafe

A coffee and cake

Moorarbool Valley Cafe

Rustic country scene


Dead and Alive


Old cypress tree dies

Driest Autumn recorded

A sign of the times


My green fernery

Watered garden signature

She lovingly thrives



The voiceless man spoke

An old poet recited

His words clear and strong


Ivor Steven (c)  2019





Hi Kiddo’s, I hope you will read this

I’m home now, feeling out of control

Happy, and half intoxicated

I think, I  fell over on the dance floor

That’s Ok, you helped me, and picked me up

You young girls didn’t know where I’d been

The kid’s didn’t understand

They were dancing

With a resurrected, ancient man

Who had walked on water

They couldn’t comprehend

An old man’s joy

O being alive, and travelling

Nor read my mind beyond

Fifth Avenue

Too young to see,

Life, is a whirlpool

Of floods and droughts

Empty deserts and doubts


I Love this video and song by Jake Bugg .. ..enjoy ……



Ivor Steven (c)  2019



Last evening I attended a poetry open mic’ event, held by ‘lowercase poetry’. The word theme for night was “A Shadow Of Doubt”. I was invited on stage to read my poem called ‘Finality”, a copy of which I’ve attached here below my Haiku, ‘Recital




The voiceless man spoke

An old poet recited

His words clear and strong



Finality (Revised)

 We will all travel, life’s journey

There’s  reality in the end, a concluding count down

Finality occurs, not a shadow of doubt

Sooner or later, we have to retire, and work no more

Old tools are laid to rest, gathering dust

There’s a time, when we have to say goodbye

To that special one’s, sad crying eyes

Suddenly life propels us, to pass our friends lives

The people we knew, dwindle to a few

And beyond the lies, earth slowly dies

We the custodians, failed to see overcast skies

Our belief’s shriveled, inside religious sleeves

The jealous and greedy, are yet to eat their last supper

I hope tomorrow’s future, is better than today’s veiled ways

And yesterday’s trials, become the healing castle’s final say


Ivor Steven (c)  2019

My Music, This Morning

To my  fabulous cousins in Philadelphia (and young Kerri)…. three songs of the ages, by the fantastic Tom Waits, and I think ” Waltzing Matilda” was one of Aunty Madge’s fav’s ….



I hope you all enjoy my song choices this morning, with a tear or two (I am too) see you ‘mob’ soon, April 29th !!! ((Hugs and Kisses, coming your way))    ……..



Ivor Steven (c)  2019