A Lame Horse With No Name


He has no shame 

He has no name 

Life for him is a game 

Life for him is someone else’s blame 

He will not be remembered 

He will not be a heavenly member 

He’s full of money and greed 

He’s full of himself, that’s the arrogance of his breed

His narcissistic attitude is growing worse

His growing pool of lies , will eventually stagnate and burst  


Ivor Steven (c)  June 2019

The Rear Of Night

The Weekend Photo Challenge, on Weekly Prompts is, Rear  << Click …. Above is my photo of the rear of my unit, in this morning’s fog. And below today’s poem, “The Rear Of Night”


My foggy morning, an inky dye

The heavy mist, has kidnapped my sky

Sabotaging my light, the sun disappeared in front of my eyes

The rear of night, has been left with no flight

There’s no start, nor end to my blurred sight

Breathing in moist air, I gasp, were’s the moon ?

Has my gloomy forecast, unravelled too soon

Is this sunless day, the beginning of doom ?



Ivor Steven (c)  June 2019


Brave Heart

I always remember

The last time I saw the sun

I always remember

The last time I saw you


Yesterday I remembered

The colours of your sky

Yesterday I remembered

The colour of your eyes


Today I remembered

The happiness in your smile

Today I remembered

The happiness of our every mile


Tomorrow I’ll remember

The final beat of your brave heart

Tomorrow I’ll remember

The unread pages of our lost charts


Ivor Steven (c)  June 2019

Where’s That Dream

Hello dear readers, I suppose it wouldn’t be a two year WP celebration for Ivor !! without a re-post of my old classic poem, “Where’s That Dream”. I wrote this poem seven years ago, and I’ll try a new song, a different picture …… and a new dream…….

Where’s That Dream


I’ve seen the universe, through to the stars beyond.

There’s a deep darkness, she’s gone, she’s gone.

I saw her smile, crack from the pain.

There was a sorrow, she caught it tomorrow.


I’ve seen the moon, through the burning sun.

Where’s that planet, she’s walking on.

I saw her eyes, crying tears of sand.

Where’s that beach, she’s lying on.


I’ve seen the ocean, through the broken coral.

Where’s that ship, she’s sailing on

I saw her body, serene and frail.

Where the ashes, she’s covered in.


I’ve seen the earth open up, swallowing the multitude whole.

Where’s that chasm, she’s falling through.

I saw her gentle soul, disappear out of sight.

Where’s that secret heaven, she’s flying to.


I’ve seen the land, go through violent storms.

Where’s the winds of time, she’s spread upon.

I saw her heart, her love, for all of you, and I.

Where’s that dream, she’s left us to find.


Ivor Steven (c)  June 2019

The Harmony Of This Man

Here is the music I was playing/listening to, while writing the poem this morning. The poem was written from a collection of notes scribbled down, depicting my dream during the night. Also, there’s another video attached below my poem


The Harmony Of This Man


I’ve spent the last two days

Printing and sorting photos from my trip

A journey, to the edge of faraway dreams

Placing today’s images, from my heart

Into this collectors photo album

I experienced tremors of joy

And I cried rivers of happy emotions

My hands will never be empty again

They shall forever carry these memories

From the enchanting land of distant families

I’ll now hold their trust in my palms

Knowing the true values of their clan


Early morning, I’m already playing my music

Listening to rhythmical sounds, herald the dawn

In time with the beat of my pulsating adrenaline

My erratic pencil scribbles notes

I have to write hurriedly

To capture this moments magical tone

That euphoria of my mind’s ecstasy

Moving feelings, of this life’s eventual peace

My visions achieved, now living within me

I’ve taken years to learn the harmony of this man



Ivor Steven (c)  June 2019



Time To Give A Hand

Again, thank you to “Go Dog Go Cafe” for the opportunity to post my poem, on their fabulous initiative, Promote Yourself Mondays, and especially to Gina, of ‘Singledust’, for her ongoing support of my writings…. click >> Here

Time To Give A Hand


Do you know this man

Small in stature, with a wavering hand

It takes a lot to know this man

In the cold, I’ve been running on wet sand

Rushing to forward money to the local charity stand

Coin I’d gathered from distant poetry lands

And the booklets that flew, over oceans and Central Park bands

Collected from generous readers, who donated to our M.S. brand


Heavy rain’s soaking me, and it’s bleak

I’m feeling unsteady on my freezing feet

There’s a nearby cafe to shelter out of the sleet

A warm and cosy eatery on Pakington street

Rewarding myself to a lunchtime treat

In the Red Radish Cafe, I have soup, Celery and silver-beet

Tiffany greets me, takes my coat, offers me a seat

Then I recite to her, ‘Dreams Of The Heart’, my day is replete



Ivor Steven (c)  June 2019