My Alien Eyes Have Seen Enough

This is one of my ranting/protesting poems, where the world’s weird ways and woes are vividly pictured in the dreams/nightmares of mine…. And I’m presenting this on “Go Dog Go Cafe’s”, Promote Yourself Monday’s. Please go over and visit their wonderful site, Click >> Here

My Alien Eyes Have Seen Enough


I’m scattering stardust, upon sorrow and grace

Tip toeing through a desert of dying tulips

Before my species vacate this miserable place

Blasting away from here, in my Itmims* spaceship

Flying back into the depths of dark space

To regenerate and revive, from this trying trip


Finally, we gathered nothing of any value

From this warring human race

Their radioactive sky, was once bright blue

Vast oceans are full of their own waste

They breathe thin air made of sticky glue

And the earth they walk on, is a garbage tip disgrace


Their concrete graveyards, are the warlords database

Women and children, dead, casualties of religious lunatics

My alien eyes have seen enough, I’m leaving without a trace

Political gamer’s never learn, they’re still reusing old septic ice-picks


  • *Ivor’s Time Machine In Micro Space



Ivor Steven (c)  2019

This Is What Matters

My Thursday evenings, are a boys night out

As usual, we drank and chattered

Opinions on every general topic

No politics nor religion

We talk about important issues

Mainly, travel, music and sports

Lively banter, of who’s who

Any, this and thats

We know what matters

And how to save a world in tatters


Then I was asked about my trip

My adventures in New York

And the meeting of my cousins and their families

In the warmth of Philadelphia

Fondly, I mentioned my time there

With cousins Ken, Maureen and Terry

And of course, my special niece, Kerri

I explained how they thoroughly spoilt me

I said “Truly the best time of my life”

Slowly tears welled in my eyes

And my friends, saw the liquid joy in my heart




Ivor Steven (c)  2019


Tullawalla # 10, Dreams Of The Heart

Hello dear friends, readers and followers, again thank you all for being so supportive of my writings. Today, I’m Proud to say I’ve finished compiling my tenth Tullawalla Booklet of my Poems. I’m extremely happy with the standard of my poems in the booklet. I suppose my healthy recovery from my two Strokes, in December and January, and my subsequent glorious visit to see my loving cousins in Philadelphia,  led to the overall joyful tone in my poems…. Again if you would like to purchase my booklet “Tullawalla, Dreams Of The Heart” please contact me through my site here, and we’ll arrange payment and delivery after making contact, and all donations I receive, go to the MS Charity shop, here in Geelong. You could search for me in Facebook/Messenger, via, Ivor Steven, Rollins Rd, Bell Post Hill, Victoria, Australia. …

Below, a few photos of some pages in the Booklet

And also, what I consider my best piece of writing I’ve done for a long time

Haiku: We Lost The Sea 

Bridges of dreams crossed

The ocean and river spanned

Waters of love found




“Change Of Heart” Neil Young .. Lyrics

Talk to the people
They know the truth
Time don’t mean nothing
It’s the ways that you choose
To go on living inside your house
Or move a mountain, an elephant or a mouse
Instead of stayin and dying inside
Sometimes you move
Sometimes you ride awayDon’t tell no stories
Don’t tell no lies
Not even the ones you already tried
Not proud of lies
Nothing is saved
Just a road to nowhere, your name engraved
They pick up on you
As you pick up on them
Just cause they’re birds don’t mean you can’t fly
So don’t be sorry
The pastor touched my hand
Hear on the church steps
I was 9 or 10I had a change of heart
Was a change of heart
A change of heart

Life is confusing
Love is time bent
Hate is not worth using
Even as cement
To build your walls
That you hide behind
And not see over and it blows your mind
There’s hate there now
That never was
Love is waiting just because of you cause

There’s nothing sacred
A blind man said
I see your feelings inside my head
I can’t predict it, what happens next
I love a future I don’t expect
You fortune tellers
You take my hand
See what’s there, it shifts in sands

I had a change of heart
It was a change of heart
Just a change of heart

I was the ocean
Washed up here
I’m you’re emotions
I’m your fresh beard
So drink me up and laugh away
And let’s all continue another day
Maybe tomorrow our ship will come int
And we’ll set the sails for oblivion
Not so fast
Let’s not give up
Let’s not be angry
And spill the cup
Well I’m still drinking
And I’m feeling so high
My eyes are water now, let’s give it a try
Come on baby, I’m ready to rock
Give me all you’ve got
And then let’s talk

It’s a change of heart
I had a change of heart
Just a change of heart


Ivor Steven (c)  2019

Warm Champagne And Icy Ponds

I stand here, in a rain filled pond

Leaning against the icy wind

Glazed eyes and I shiver

My boots are stuck in the muddy river

Ankle deep, in a chilly slush

Sheet ice numbing my toes

When will they finish my lane

Tired of walking through cold drains

The tadpoles are thriving again

Multiplying with the continual rain

My clothes are wet and stained

Walking beyond the puddles is a strain

These house-bound reins feel like chains

It’s time to defrost my frozen brain

Allow my pen to write within this frigid membrane

And tell the world, about life’s warm champagne

Ivor Steven (c) 2019



The name Dallas

Hangs proudly under my verandah

The name of our old family house

There’s only us cousins, who are left

We’re unsure as to where Dallas first came from

We do know that Dallas

Was uncle John’s middle name

But where did the name originate

It’s a family mystery to us now

There’s no other mention, anywhere in our family history

And the name has not been used again

The name Dallas, shall now remain

Hanging under my verandah

As a silent memorial to uncle John


Ivor Steven (c)  2019