Life’s Blooms

I’m doing this Haiku in response to the Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge, “Bloom”, Please click >> Here  .. and go visit their fabulous site………….  and if you happen to enjoy Xavier Rudd’s music, then I’m sure you’ll enjoy his 10 minute piece below/attached…..


Haiku: Life’s Blooms


Summer in full bloom

Beds of petals for our hearts

Life’s fragrant adieu



Ivor Steven (c)  July 2019

Midnight Creek

Midnight Creek


The old plumber is back on the street

My bodies aching and I’m beat

Bloodied fingers and sore feet

Thoughts are drifting up midnight’s creek


I’ve crudely been reminded, how hard this job is to do

Cracked hands were turning black and blue

Bending and twisting, I willed myself through

Working the dusty tools, I was thinking of you


Pondering, I know I’ve given it my best

Here on my quiet riverbed, I rest

My joints will recover, in time for my next test

Tentatively, I’m flying out of this restoration nest


Ivor Steven (c)  July 2019

The Perfect Gift

Liquid joy is glazing my eyes

I’m reading newly received, birthday cards

They arrived today, from America

Messages of love, from distant families

Hand written words, etching visions into my soul

A envelope full of really real, colourful stars

And children’s love letters

For the kindhearted dragon and his faeries

Including my cousins, touching heartfelt poem

Followed by my gift, a writers notebook, for those special dreams


Ivor Steven (c)  July 2019

There Is Something In Air

The music of Abbey Road is playing

Here I sit in Union Street listening

And there is something in the air

Sounds of words with honest flare

The Open Mic, poetry night

Again, at the Valhalla Bar site

The attendance, was a small downer

A cold winter storm, dampened evening goers

But the enthusiastic gathering

Enjoyed the writers readings

A mixture of poems and vocal songs

The entertainment flowed along

And I had time to read four poems

A range of my many emotions


Ivor Steven (c)  July 2019


Above, the Featured Image, is a photo of our impressive Geelong Library, I was there this morning receiving my monthly nourishment of shared poetry readings, a gathering of fellow Geelong Writers poet members, and a meeting that truly enhances my love of poetry….


I’ve been slowly recovering

And calmly re-discovering

Joyful nourishment for my soul

And now, I do care about myself

Enough, that I’ll have to build more room

To accommodate my regenerating life

The actual skill

Is having the will

From a little seed sown

Big things are grown

All creations are a masterpiece

Rejuvenating our ancient existence

Ivor Steven (c) July 2019

A Walk, A Coffee, And Alone

Above: Moorabool Valley Cafe, homestead out front of the cafe, the shed that can be seen from the cafe verandah (main featured image), horse agistment paddocks surrounding the cafe.

A Walk, A Coffee, And Alone

Little Cyndi has gone home

Here I am, again alone

The house is strangely quiet

I feel coffee and cake is on the diet

Late afternoon, and I’ll go for a walk

To my favourite cafe, where the magpies squawk

A stroll in the winter sun

And remember, I am not the only one

Reflect on life’s good times

And rekindle, my memories and rhymes

Above: The walking path close to my house, and the sunset as I was approaching home.

Above: Cyndi, yes it’s going home time……

Ivor Steven (c) July 2019


I’m filling out a questionnaire

And I’m at my desk pondering

At one of the of the questions

Marital status ?

Single, married, or widowed

I had to stop and think

Before, I could tick the box

Widowed !!

The fact, hit me between the eyes

Am I a weirdo

Do I look like a creep

Now, that I’m widowed


I do not feel different, nor special

Her clock stopped, she ran out of time

And I still do not comprehend

Why ?

I am alright now

Yeah, but why ?

I remember her smile

When she whispered to me

” Life will eventually be easier for you:”

Most of the time

Now, I’ll tick that box

Widowed ………..



Ivor Steven (c)  July 2019



Lisa Hannigan

Here I present the music I’m listening to this morning, from an Irish singer/songwriter Lisa Hannigan.  I hope enjoy her singing, and you might like to see more of her on YouTube….

Lisa Hannigan: Lyrics.

“We, The Drowned”

We, the drowned
Hold our hollow hearted ground
Til we swallow ourselves down
AgainWe, the ashes,
We spend our days like matches
And burned ourselves as black as
The end.

We know not the fire in which we burn
But we sing and we sing
And the flames grow higher.
We read not the pages which we turn
But we sing, and we sing, and we sing, and we sing

We, the wrong,
We the sewn up and long gone,
Were before and all along
Like this

We, the drowned
The lost and found out,
We are all finished again.

Ivor Steven (c)  July 2019

Frosted Glass

Frosted Glass  (Revised)


My courtyard window is frosted

From this morning’s piercing coldness

It’s a freezing winter’s day

The wind feels like razor blades

Even the venetian blinds, are shaking

With-holding none of the external arctic blast


A frozen sparrow lays on the sill

Ready to fall, on dirt, so icy

A meagre frigid offering

To the polar Snowlord

And I’m a blizzard’s open door

A captured statue, shivering to the core

Riveted, by my eternal music score

Leonard Cohen’s, Avalanche and more


Ivor Steven (c)  July 2019


The Song Plays Through the Night

I twist and roll over

A musical world spins inside my head


My somersault of dreams

Rotates under my bed-spread


Upside down

Rhythmical tiredness falls out of my seams


Words tumble around

Nameless titles and endless tunes abound


The bad moon’s turning

Singing the blues, over my empty town


I twist and roll over, again

I’m back where I started, I hear my angel humming, Hallelujah


Ivor Steven (c)  July 2019