Sleeping Beauty

I’ve a lady visiting, on my bed

Relaxed and snoring, all spread

Friendly, and in her own way beautiful

Cuddly and always an armful

I’m grateful to have her here

Beside me, I adore her soft ears

Lovingly listening to my heartbeat

As she lays there on my feet

Undemanding, a gracious sleeping beauty

Attending to her daily needs, is my happy duty


Ivor Steven (c)  July 2019

By The Waters Edge, (Tullawalla)

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By The Waters Edge, (Tullawalla)


Above: The home I lived in, growing up.  Above Right: My bachelor’s pad, a first floor apartment


Above: Our home, Carole & I, shared for the next 37 years of togetherness. until her passing


Above: Were I rented for 3 years, with a lady called Sue.  Above Right: The next year I boarded here.


Above:  The old Tullawalla & the new Tullawalla, Mum & Dad’s, holiday house, and then their retirement home. Me and my brother (Danny) lived there for 6 months, at the end of 2016. And then at start of 2017, I moved my present home.


Above: My home today, the front view, and the back courtyard and verandah

By The Waters Edge, (Tullawalla)


I’m in an isolation cabin

Like a waiting mosquito larva

Ready to burst

Surrounded by sand and sea

And a river mouth

Tidal and free

And I share my daily bread

A piece for you, for her, for them

Thoughts of you

I dream of now, and then

I see your flowered coffin


I’m tangled in a cocoon

Like an angry dragon-fly

Begging to break free

Surrounded by water-grass and weed

Tea-tree and Dunes, far as the eye can see

And a garden bed

Grown from seed

And I share my weekly menu

A piece for you, for her, for them

Thoughts of you

I stare down upon a fallen brave

I see your flowered cave



Ivor Steven (c) 2018

The Sun Never Sets

Imagining distant horizons and red sunsets

Visualising vast oceans and blue skies

Dreaming words of hello’s and goodbye’s

Writing down emotions, that I see beyond these scenes


Why do I write ?

Could it be an ego thing

Who do I write for ?

Anyone that is listening

Does she hear me too ?

I’d like to speculate so

What do I write ?

Ideas that seep from my heart

But, what do I write about ?

The subjects that matter


What matters to me ?

To love the living soul of our planet

Honour the love we give

Adore the love we receive


Ivor Steven (c)  July 2019



My Universe

Inside the clouds

Comes the secret of the rain

Outside, the sky

Reflects the ocean’s colouring veins

Within the sun

Burst, undying corona rays

Overhead, the moon

Casts shadows night and day

Underneath, there’s the earth

Orbiting, in charge of seasonal change

Nearby, there’s Venus and Mars

Planets without smog and cars

Above, there’s the stars

The universe’s infinite mountain range


Featured Image: Pinterest.


Ivor Steven (c)  June 2019

Wherever You Are

Strange…..  this morning, I woke up with tears in my eyes……. funny how these moments, occasionally, happen…… I’m fine, I cope well these days, but I had an urge to pen some words, and I wrote these these few short lines……  Also today I’m posting this short poem on “Go Dog Go Cafe’s”, Promote Yourself Monday’s site, please visit them, by clicking >>> Here.

Wherever You Are


You are the pillow

In my pillowcase

You are the morning

In my sky

The cloud in my eyes

The water in my heart

You are the soul

In my every word


Ivor Steven (c)  June 2019