Hope After Babylon

Hello dear readers and followers, maybe some of you may recall/recognise a few of the lines in my poem “Hope After Babylon”… yes, they are all lines I’ve written in comments/responses to your glorious poems/articles, that I’ve read of yours over the last month. I hope you all enjoy the way, my final compilation/poem has turned out… Thank you to all, who follow my writings….. Lots of love from Ivor… xx

Hope After Babylon


Distant love is a hidden pain

Caught in the shadows of moonlit rain

I walked away yesterday

And I sing in harmony today


Beyond the blue horizon line

Loyally, in due time

I shall touch the unreachable

And find my star’s cable


We the desolate, keep hanging on

There has always been hope after Babylon

Then we have to let go, to stop the bleed

Allow a next dancer, to take the lead


The honesty in true love is hard to find

The  truth of love, is like a gold-mine

I’ve stayed in silence for many years

Eventually my silence grew wings, made of tears

And soared above my fears


True love under the stars

Remains in my memoirs



Ivor Steven (c)  August 2019

Clowns And Geeks On The Exit Bus

The car is garaged, left without a driver

I’m pedalling Yorkie, like a morning biker

Then catching the exit bus, and going down-town

Limping around, like an old clown

Lugging my back-pack, from bus to shops

And plumbing jobs are stuck on stop


My purse strings, hold only tattered seams

Dreams of travel, have run out of steam

Just a writer geek, at his computer desk

Unshaven, winter hibernating, feeling grotesque

Here waiting for spring, to thaw my paws

And to keep warming up the exit doors



Ivor Steven (c) August 2019

Knots On Blue Paper Lines

Eyelids are heavy and tired

Overcome by the dazzle of razzle

My heart lays here empty

Softly yearning inside my chest


This mind of mine, feels worn and torn

Time is tick-tocking, constantly chiming

Ringing, between today and tomorrow

While the poets pen is scrawling

Knots on blue paper lines

Hanging them out, to dry and die


My arms are slowly fluttering

Searching for yesterday’s wings

As I continue to walk my journey

With this rusty and ageing limp


The lyrics of the ‘Airbourne Toxic Event’s’, song below, I think are profoundly outstanding, and well worth reading as you listening to the tune..




Ivor Steven (c)  August 2019

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This weekend on photo challenge the Weekly Prompts is. Size Matters.

Hello my dear readers, sorry  that I’m a bit silent this weekend, and maybe for the next few days as well, I’m not feeling the best, hopefully I’ll be back to my happy self soon… xx

Haiku:  Timeless

The size of our soul
Inside the beat of our heart
That is what matters


Ivor Steven (c)  August 2019

My Sunrise

I’ve walked a thousand lonely miles

Looking for her everlasting smile

Gradually scaling Ararat’s steepest cliff

There, sipping from the grail’s cup of youth


I’ve travelled to the edge of time

To find the final word of rhyme

Where my sunrise soared into the sky

To recapture her last goodbye

Then I crawled on my hands

Searching for that broken line in the sand


I’ve dug myself a hole, deep into space

To join her spirit and grace

Releasing my star into the universe

And I awoke, to write more of this verse

Ivor Steven (c) August 2019