Morning Illumination

The morning sky caresses my eyes

Shades of daylight colours, amplified

My open curtains welcome, sapphire’s radiance

Shimmering beams, royal and turquoise, advance


I’m illuminated, is this my day, to actually try

Gather up all my blues, yet to die

Pack them in first, don’t waste a chance

There is time left, to travel this vast expanse


My Itmims,* craft is waiting, and ready to fly

And traverse through space’s indigo sky

These alien eyes, sense my universe wants to have a dance

Beyond my star’s, everlasting existence


  • Itmims – Ivor’s Time Machine In Micro Space……


Ivor Steven (c)  September 2019

Icons And Idols


My post, Icons And Idols, is in response to Calmkate’s, photo prompt: Statues.  .. Please Click >> Here… to visit her fabulous article….

The Feature Photo Above, is of my, money box Teddy Bear, that Carole crafted for me thirty years ago…..

Above Left: William Penn         Above Right: The Thinker by Rodin

Above Left: Edgar Allan Poe’s, Raven                     Above Right: My money box

Above Left: The Kiss, by Rodin       Above Right: Buddist Temple in Shanghai

Above Left: A Chinese Dragon, in Jade             Above Right: My Jade rabbit, my birth year

Above Left: Chairman Mao    Centre: David in a front-yard next door    Right: No Bull

While I’m away on these trips, I have my garden gnome at the front door, and my courtyard goddess, protecting my house for me….


Ivor Steven (c)  September 2019

Plugged In, I See Only Red

Here I am, again on the waiting shelf

And strangely, smiling to myself

Laying back, in this comfortable chair

Reminiscing. My nurse, has curly red hair

She attaches the electrodes to my head

And tells me, “Ivor, do not fret”

“Relax and close your eyes”

For the next thirty minutes, I’m mesmerised

I’m in the theatre’s semi-dark

There’s occasional flashing lights and sparks

In the blink of an eye, I feel polarised

And then I waken from my lullaby

The scan time did surprisingly fly

There is no need for me to cry

I’m unplugged, the red haired nurse, asks me why

Reminiscing. I blush, and say goodbye

Ivor Steven (c) September 2019

Promote Yourself Monday, September 16, 2019

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My Feelings, You Are All, More Than Nine

Hello dear readers, I suppose nobody will ever understand me, or know where I’ve come from, nor comprehend, the difficult journey that I’ve travelled, to be here with you now.  Below is my humble poem of thanks, for your encouragement and support…..

My Feelings, You Are All, More Than Nine


The palms of my hands are wet

From wiping the tears off my cheeks

The soles of my feet are cold

But my soul is feeling like sunlit gold


With your shared warmth, caressing my open arms

My heart is now covered, in the ink of your kind words

And my gracious self, cannot speak

The praise I’ve received, has stolen my voice


So here I write, honestly, to you, my dear readers

I’m overwhelmed, humbled, and also honoured

Sincerely, I thank you

And here, I play this love song, for all of you


A poem I wrote for Michele, who inspired me to think of these words of praise and thanks, to all of those readers who enjoy my writings…….. ‘Always my pleasure’……..   



Ivor Steven (c)  September 2019

Black Sheep

Life is starkly unusual

When darkness is having a duel

Inside our over tired heads

As we toss and turn in bed


The unconscious psyche, cannot help but peep

At the mind’s, old fighting black sheep

Locking horns over their lost flock

Rattling the bones of our over-anxious body clock

Then twisting thoughts against the boxing ropes

Finally, bells ring, and our punch-drunk soul wants to elope


Ivor Steven (c)  September 2019

A Night Full Of Gold

The House is full

A friendly gathering of friends, and us poet fools

At this open mic evening for muses

An audience, a sea of smiling faces


Twenty poet’s, recitals unfold

Talented pieces, from young, and old

Appropriately, the topic was gold

The colour of my beer I hold

My turn and I read ‘A Golden Love Story’

Words from my heart’s own territory


After the show, I venture to Pistol Pete’s

Listening to live Blues music, and people to meet

A chat and a beer, with a guy from Hertfordshire

Then we have to vacate, more music and drinks we desire


There’s Beav’s Bar and music down the road

Dancing feet, off I go, talking in Morse code

During his break, I talk with the singer, Andy Forster

I give him a Tullawala booklet, and now departure time is here

Above: A Pom from Hertfordshire      Pistol Pete’s              The full moon last night

Here I’ve attached a video/music of Andy Forster’s song  ‘Weary Eyes’, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy his excellent voice and song…… and yes, I have weary eyes today…. 


Ivor Steven (c)  September 2019

Evaluating Her Moon

This week’s Word Prompt is: EVALUATE. Please click >>HERE, to visit the Weekly Prompt’s fabulous site…

Evaluating Her Moon

I’m evaluating her moon, that flooded my heart, when I tried to find her heaven

Calmly relaxing here now, below a morning moon, in my verandah writing haven

Finally feeling warm and comfortable, and spring is in the air

My outdoor speakers are resonating my musical flair

Listening to Norwegian singer, Sivert Hoyem

His voice, delivers a deep melodic rhythm

The former lead man of Madrugada

And I’m writing a Haiku, to ease my hysteria

Spring In Australia

Chilly morning moon

Wakening to clear blue sky

A warm day beckons