A Midday Moon

Surprise, surprise, up there in the sky

Hidden by the glare, of noon’s golden eye

I saw the moon, being cradled by the midday sun

There, glowing like a silver button

As hundreds of human’s passed me unawares

I was staring in wonderment, at our worlds brightest stars

The sun’s white ray’s, wore soft gloves of silk

And the moon was like a baby, enjoying mother’s milk

A chance of a lifetime I captured

Our sun and moon’s moment of embracing rapture


I found this interesting video clip,  by the Japanese group, ‘Noisycell’,  singing their tune ‘Midday Moon’, with English subtitles, .. I hope you enjoy my music selection here….

Ivor Steven (c) September 2019

My Word Vault

I was at my local library yesterday, and it occurred to me, that I’ve been visiting the same quaint little library for over fifty five years…. !! And from those thoughts and many memories, I wrote this Haiku.

Haiku:  My Word Vault 


All my soulful words

Lay within your open vaults

Where my dreams began


Above Photos: My little Geelong West Library          The spectacular Geelong City Library


Ivor Steven (c)  September 2019