A Different Beat

Hello dear readers, again I’ve been browsing through some of my older poems, that have stashed away, and not been published by me/nor posted here on WordPress. And here’s another one of these personal love poems, from a time, when I had new lady in my life. I thought maybe it’s about time I presented these pieces from my archives. The relationship finished four years ago, so I thought that enough time has lapsed, for me to now show you, another side/story of my life……

A Different Beat


They say, “love makes the world go around”

I think my, “loving world” has just been re-found

My life is madly spinning like a colourful top

Whirling at a humming speed, unable to stop


My once lonely heart, is pounding a different beat

Throbbing from inside my chest, to the soles of my feet

This surprising emotion of sharing all my deepest love

Could have been ordained by my angel, there high above


Ivor Steven (c)  October 2019

Published by


G'day, and welcome to my blog site. My name is Ivor Steven, I live in Geelong, Australia. I'm an ex-industrial chemist, and a retired plumber, and a former Carer of my wife(Carole), for 30 years, who suffered from severe MS. I Write poetry about those personal thoughts, throughout and beyond my life as a Carer. I've been blogging for over 2 years, and writing poems for 19 years. Of course a lot of my poems are about my favourite subject Carole, but since I've been blogging my writings have become quite varied, humourous, mystical, observational, and even a few monster/horror poems.

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