The Gift

Greed is a hearts bad seed

Encouraging an unnatural need

‘Twas my psyches, unrequited branch

That I left at the devils ranch


Now, there’s no more regrets for me

I’m almost home, I’m almost free

Tomorrow I’ll climb, another tree


With the gift of nature, we flew, we dared

And life’s promises and dreams, went undeclared

Upon her final Autumn, a tapestry of golden threads



Ivor Steven (c)  Nov 2019


Promote Yourself Monday, November 18, 2019

Hello dear readers, here’s a wonderful opportunity for you to post a piece of your own work, here on Go Dog Go Cafe’s fabulous initiative, of Promote Yourself Monday’s, come and join us today, and have happy Monday….. If you post a link, be sure to read some of the other great writing people have linked to.

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If you post a link, be sure to read some of the other great writing people have linked to.

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Above the Flames

Mother nature has decided


You’ve been given eons of time


You’ve had the torch, but failed to see the light


Our Mother

Is rekindling her furnace

She’s back-burning her own forests

Projecting black smoke signals

Obvious messages, to feel, hear and see


Yes Father

Where there is smoke, there is fire

She’s furious, and our planet’s ablaze


Sisters And Brothers

Feel her scorching heat

Blistering your waltzing feet

Hear her cracking explosions

Bursting your deafened eardrums

See her soaring flames

Blinding your greedy eyes



There’s no point, looking up to the sky

Seeking your saviour in heaven

You’re not in charge

Abandon your selfish barge


Our Mother

Controls your clouds and rain

It’s time to show her Kindness, and end your pain




Ivor Steven (c)  Nov 2019

Glass Slippers and a Yellow Taxi

Last night, I misplaced my glass slippers

When the golden chariot, turned into a yellow taxi

And I had no faerie godmother to guide me

She was riding her whale, and had drifted out to sea


My recital evening, wandered through crystal glee

Recalling live music, and chalices of cheer

The singer Tennyson, finished and noticed me

After a warm handshake, we talked about being free

And discovered, we mutually liked the band ‘Dirty Three’

Then I exchanged, a Tullawalla poetry booklet, for his CD


Thank you to Tennyson King and his bass guitarist James, for giving of their time, and being genuinely friendly. During our conversation, I found out he’s a Canadian, from Toronto, on a 3 month tour of Australia.


And below a song from ‘Dirty Three’, that maybe I’ve not posted here before…

Ivor Steven (c)  Nov 2019

Wind and Fire

Surrounded by glowing lioness eyes, our planet spins

An orb of soil, oceans and wild winds

We breathe, the air from her magical trees

Consume food, pollinated by her busy bees

Then the ground is watered by our sky’s spasmodic rains

Requiring the hot sun to grow our grains


However earth’s perennial droughts, advance beyond our care

Leaving trees and pastures, vulnerably dry and threadbare

Thor’s furious thunder clouds, swiftly flash and glare

Forest fires explode, abruptly becoming our worst nightmares

Fiercely eyeing, fauna and farms, not to be spared

There’s no mercy, from mother-nature’s open warfare








Ivor Steven (c)  Nov 2019

Between The Lines

Hello dear readers, I’m not sure what I was trying to say in my poem here, “Between The Lines”. The words were a quick response to a Prompt, from Pattimouse >> ‘Erase the lines’    and I’ve basically left the words the same. I suppose they are questions and thoughts that were tumbling around in my mind at that time, and here they are !!

Between The Lines


Do you see, a man walking on water?

Did you see, the refugees bleeding?

Do you read, the missing scriptures?

Did you read, your own family tree?

Do you hear, old angels singing?

Did you hear, the songbirds crying?

Do you feel, hard rain falling?

Did you feel, the erased lines calling?

Do you know, who is doing the lying?

Did you Know, the earth is dying?


Ivor Steven (c)  Nov 2019


Odd Photos

This weekend’s Photo Challenge on Weekly Prompts is, Not The Norm! And over the last few weeks, I’ve taken some rather odd photos, that are “Not The Norm” , of every day life here in Geelong…. Click >>Here, to visit ‘The Weekly Prompts’ fabulous site

A hail-storm at the Box Office Cafe yesterday, and Chris and his dog Lily, looking worried

At the Box Office Cafe again, the two photos are of the framed pictures hanging up in the toilets. The next photo is of some wall art, in the back patio area….All unusual, to say the least

Geelong’s CBD, has numerous works of street art, down the back lane-ways

Another piece of street. And then I was visiting the Valhalla Bar (Yes the same place I go to for one my poetry recital nights) for refreshments, and I took this photo…. apparently his name is Westie, and he has a hole in the front of the bucket to have a drink… very odd….

On the way home I needed a bite to eat, and wow ! a Philadelphia Cheesesteak in the main street of Geelong…. Now I’m home, trying on my new shirt from Kuala Lumpur, a gift handed to me Thursday, by my dear pen-friend from Malaysia, a beautiful shirt, certainly “Not The Norm”, to be chatting to her, cheek to cheek, and truly a lovely day, we spent together ………..

Oddly, I’ve not yet posted this Leonard Cohen, song and video clip…. enjoy……


Ivor Steven (c)  Nov 2019