My trusty guardian


I’ve taken him for granted

That happy old chap

Who faithfully

Protects me


A loyal family friend

He’s always been around

Like an inherited heirloom

His age remains a mystery

He’s stoic and quietly stern

And I dare not ask him


The eternal keeper

Of our ancestral tree

Holder of heavens keys

Guarding life’s comings a goings

Waiting there, under shady leaves

Forever our courtyard centurion



Ivor Steven (c)  Jan 2020


What Is Your Name

The midweek Word/Photo Challenge is on the concept of HOME CRAFTS. Please go over and visit their fabulous site, “Weekly Prompts”, by clicking >> HERE

Today I have chosen my recent home hobby, of growing succulents in pots, and below is my interesting abstract poem, “What Is Your Name”…. Here-in lies my problem, I do not know any of their names… So below, I have number the plants 1. to 10.  , and if there is any keen gardeners out there, that know their succulents, I would really appreciate your feedback…..starting with the plant in the featured image above….

Plant 1.                                               Plant 2.

Plant 3.                                                Plant 4.

Plant 5.                                             Plant 6.


Plant 7.                                              Plant 8.

Plant 9.                                                                          Plant 10.



What Is Your Name 


Oh, my darling young one

Your skin, so silky smooth

Oh, what is your name

Your pastel tones, so divine

Oh, will you stand here beside me

Your internal beauty captures my heart

Oh, my house is your home

Your eternal life, would grow and blossom

Oh, will my nurturing expose your soft soul

Your exquisite flower, a lovers reward



Ivor Steven (c)  Jan 2020

Something Beautiful

This weekend’s Word/Photo Challenge from ‘Weekly Prompts’ is: ‘The Bridge’ …. My bridge is the picturesque Cunningham Pier, on the harbour, in Geelong. Please go and visit the ‘Weekly Prompts’ site by clicking >> HERE

At ‘The Pier Geelong’, homegrown singing sensation Taylor Henderson, headlined Sunday’s concert “GEELONG FIRES-UP”. The event’s a local collaborative initiative aiming to raise a $1 for every Geelong citizen, i.e. $260,000 in total, for the “Fire Fund Relief”, here in Australia.

Something Beautiful


On a balmy Sunday

I’m here at the function room

In the the grandiose, ‘The Pier Geelong’

Overlooking a calm Corio Bay


It’s only mid-afternoon

And already, there’s a wave of sound

Cascading upon the gathering crowd

Rhythmical music, pleasing this deck of hearts


The show rolls happily into the evening

Firing-up the charity event’s audience

Cheering, they all sing and dance

And the fund raiser’s been a burning success


Below: The afternoon view from inside ‘The Pier’s’, function room

Below Left: Taylor Henderson and his dad Cam… Right: The Piano Bar duet

Below Left: Me with Taylor after his gig ….. Right: ‘The Pier at night

And after the show, on my way to the Moorabool St Taxi rank, I happily took a couple more photos….. luckily they worked…. !!

Below Left: Cameron the Didgeredoo busker…. Right: Street art, ‘something beautiful’

Below: Here’s a music/video by Geelong singer/songwriter, Taylor Henderson.


Ivor Steven (c)  Jan 2020

Promote Yourself Monday, January 27, 2020

Dear readers and followers, here’s a great opportunity for your writings to be read by other writers, and also to find and meet other writers. You are very welcome to participate, come along and visit our writer friendly site…..

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I handed Her My Card

I Handed Her My Card


I had lunch at the office

That is, the Box Office Cafe

My favourite local eatery

I enjoyed a tasty Vietnamese salad

Then I took some photos on my camera-phone

Trying to capture the venues’ rustic atmosphere

Leafy plants in pots and hanging baskets

And there’s abstract paintings on display

Along side artworks painted directly onto the walls

All enhancing the Cafe’s peaceful aura


In front of the wine collection’s shelves

There’s a large table of magazines

Where my ‘Tullawalla Booklets’ lay for patrons to read

And as is my way, I started up a conversation

And there was a young lady at the adjacent table

Her name was Katie, and coincidently

She knew about the ‘Lowercase’ poetry group

I told her when and where, they were to next meet

Then she intimated she might attend the recital night

With a friendly smile, I handed her my poetry card


PS: Surprise, surprise, here I am back a the Box Office Cafe for breakfast, on Saturday morning, of the Australia Day, long weekend. I don’t often go out for breakfast, but the weather is perfect, and I’ve earned myself a treat this week. Below a couple of pic’s of my fabulous breakfast.


Ivor Steven (c) Jan 2020

Here Comes The Rain



Here Comes The Rain


The dawn’s dark rain-clouds

Of hovering graceful greys

Are cascading their silver linings

And the falling rain sparkles

Lighting up the morning sky

Resonating nature’s sounds

Heaven’s musical crescendo

The sweetest of all musical notes

A drumming of heavy raindrops

Dancing on the ground

And as the awakening rains

Come tumbling down

The torrents of regenerating waters

Are now crying rivers through burning trees



Ivor Steven (c)  Jan 2020

Worms, Ants and Zombies

This midweek’s word/photo challenge from the Weekly Prompts site is: ZOMBIE REALITY. Please go over and visit their fabulous site by clicking >>Here

Worms, Ants and Zombies


I’m under a dome, inside a barn

A giant steel worm farm

Crawling with thousands of ants

Wearing drab skirts and pants

Some are dazed, dumbfounded like me

Others stride out bold and carefree

Seeking their worm’s tunnel

Walking down an endless funnel

Where the guzzling worms stop and go

Slurping ants up, riding to and fro

Oh no, which steel worm to catch

Before the grinding worm halts, to hatch

Unfazed, into a mysterious iron-belly I jump

The giant worm rattles at every bump

Rolling through underground passages

And all the ants are reading messages

Heads down, looking at antenna screens

With their vacant Zombie eyes of red beams

I quietly ask one, “where do I get off this worm”

It snapped, “You’re asked the wrong germ! “

Suddenly I’ve a gurgling feeling of fear

And I must escape, before It bites off my ears



Ivor Steven (c)  Jan 2020