Jigsaw, A Thousand Pieces


Jigsaw, A Thousand Pieces


Life can be a giant jigsaw turntable

The jumbled picture of a unique fable

Connected by shared oblique faces

Made up of a thousand little pieces

That have run a thousand different races

Curving around thousands of warm embraces


Thousands of handshakes and well wishes

Thousands of hello and goodbye kisses

Thousands of friendly smiles

Thousands of ups and downs along bumpy miles

Thousands of grieving fears

Thousands of emotional tears


Thousands of tears we do weep

Thousands of kisses go deep

Accepting patience and persistence

Gradually pieces start falling into place

Time heals those missing ones in grace

And finally the jigsaw falls into place



Ivor Steven (c)  Feb 2020




Brave and Reckless ‘Moon Ate The Dark’ Creativity Prompt Challenge

For those writers who ate a “piece of the moon” last night…. here’s a challenge for you

Go Dog Go Café


One of my favorite writing challenges I hosted on Brave and Reckless since I launched the blog was the Moon Ate the Dark Challenge back in 2017.  I still love the prompt and would love to see what new pieces of writing or art it might inspire.

The Rules

  1. Write or create an original piece that embraces the phrase “Moon Ate the Dark”.  The prompt can be used as the piece title, you can use the phrase intact or break it up however you like within the written piece
  2. I will accept poetry, prose, flash fiction, essay, creative nonfiction or art
  3. Pieces of writing should be 1,500 words or less
  4. Your submission must be sent to me by email by midnight EST on Tuesday, March 31, 2020 at her.red.pen.wordsmithing@gmail.com.  It should include:
    1. your prompt response
    2. a suggested image (if submitting writing)
    3. a brief biography
    4. a link where readers can…

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Promote Yourself Monday, February 24, 2020

Dear readers and followers, here’s a great opportunity for your writings to be read by other writers, and also to find and meet other writers. You are very welcome to participate, come along and visit our writer friendly site…..

Go Dog Go Café

Promote yourself Mon

Welcome to Promote Yourself Monday.  All Go Dog Go Cafe community members are invited to post one link to one specific piece of their writing (600 words or less please!) they have published on their blog, Facebook page, or Instagram feed into the comments section below.

If you post a link, be sure to read some of the other great writing people have linked to.

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Stephen’s Sunday Chat 2/23/20: Evolution of a Cafe, Promoting Podcasts, Writing Workshops, and Veterans.

HERE >> Exlpained, the inner essence of what “Go Dog Go Cafe” is about, and what is happening here on a weekly basis

Go Dog Go Café

After Michelangelo died, someone found in his studio a piece of paper on which he had written a note to his apprentice, in the handwriting of his old age: ‘Draw, Antonio, draw, Antonio, draw and do not waste time.’

Annie Dillard from The Writing Life page 79.

Write, friends, write, friends, write and do not waste time. As simple as that the wisdom of the great artist and genius, Michelangelo, has been coopted for us here at the Go Dog Go Café this week. And written we have… and posted and visited and commented and liked. This has been one of the most exciting weeks yet at the Café as the original vision of the café being a friendly place filled with warm, talented and inspiring people has come to fruition. We are building a healthy and supportive writing community that has attracted many like-minded souls who journey together writing…

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Strings, by Ivor Steven

My poem ‘Strings’, has been accepted and published by ‘Red Wolf Editions’, thank to the editors, Irene and Tawnya for their kind consideration of my poem…..

Red Wolf Editions

by Ivor Steven

I’m singing a song, about you
Singing words, both wistful and true
From my heart to my soul, the veins
They’re as tight as violin strings
I needed you, to take my hand
Take my hand and show me the way
Show me the way, to a formal debut
Show me the way, into your dancing shoes

I needed you, to take my dreams
Take my dreams and show me how to behave
Show me the way, to your family home
Show me how to drink, from your holy grail
I needed you, to take my open heart
Take my heart and show me how to pray
Show me the way, into your world
Show me how to fly, in your milky way

I needed you, to write some heavenly notes
Take my violin and show me how to play
Show me the way, to your…

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A Book Fair

This weekend over on Weekly Prompts, the weekend challenge is; Surface. Please go and visit the Weekly Prompts fabulous site by clicking >> HERE     Below is my take on the prompt, Surface, with photos and my poem ‘A Book Fair’….


A Book Fair


trestle table after table

there’s rows and rows

of second-hand books

on the surface

the books appear worn

but inside their dusty covers

that untold story awaits

a magical gem for eager eyes

youngsters hungry for a fantasy tale

adults search for a mystery unseen

and hidden underneath their old surfaces

the printed word still astounds

there on display in the town’s historical hall

treasures yet to be discovered still abound



Ivor Steven (c)  Feb 2020

How Many Grails In the Sky’s Sails

I’m on my plumber’s ladder

scaling rung after rung

climbing higher and higher

upwards, to the sun

seeking a holy grail

(is there more than one?)

hovering in a sky full of sails

waiting, to revive our resurrection

hold on to your heart now

hold on to your soul

don’t let the world bring you down

and leave you cold      …

Ivor Steven (c) Feb 2020