A Card For the Plumber/Poet


This afternoon I had the glorious pleasure of being presented with gorgeous gift from a lovely client. In these tough times of turmoil and tragedy, today was an uplifting moment for me, when I was given a framed card of appreciation, that truly warmed my heart and deeply touched my soul.


A Card For the Plumber/Poet:  A Senyru*


Gifts from my client

Thoughtfully sincere and kind

Treasured by my heart


*A Senryu, the same format as a Haiku, and it portrays the characteristics of human beings and psychology of the human mind.



Ivor Steven (c)  March 2020

A Purple Rock

I found a purple rock

Under the big purple clock

The purple rock was quietly listening

To the purple sounds of whispering

Hordes of purple voices reverberating

Within the purple shadows of distancing


Unexpectedly the purple rock began crumbling

Into a dusty purple mist, now malingering

And quickly the purple cloud started raining

Spreading purple over those outsiders witnessing

Eventually after years of purple transitioning

The purple bad-seeds flowered after reconditioning




Ivor Steven (c)  March 2020

Her Kindness

A poem for Gina, a hard working angel at the hospital. Last night my dreams echoed her kindness….And a big thank you to everyone working in the health care system.


Her Kindness


I can hear storm clouds rumbling

But I cannot hear the darkness

I can see a tired sun fading

But I cannot see the gloominess

I can say help those who are crying

But I cannot say I am fearless

But I will not sit and be silent

My hands ring the bells of kindness



Ivor Steven (c)  March 2020

Throwback Friday. Tall Ships, An Encore, by Ivor Steven

My poem that I wrote 2 years ago “Tall Ship, An Encore” is up on ‘Go Dog Go Cafe’,… ironically my words seem very poignant, during our current circumstances

Go Dog Go Café

img448 (4)

My poem “Tall Ships, An Encore” appears in the published book, Geelong Writers Anthology, Writeabout-Two,  2019 edition

Tall Ships, An Encore


Fellow passengers, stay calm, we’re still afloat

I must moor this old sinking boat

We’ll then all alight

Walk the plank tonight

Venture ashore

Continue to explore

Search the empty stores

Behind every closed door

Under creaky floors

Inside living pores

I’m ready for the chore

I need to know more

Discover the final score

Before I’m too old and poor

Let me go, let me soar

Fly me to my encore

Ivor Steven (c)  May 2018


G’day, and welcome to my blog site. My name is Ivor Steven, I live in Geelong, Australia. I’m an ex-industrial chemist, and a retired plumber, and a former Carer of my wife(Carole), for 30 years, who suffered from severe MS. I Write poetry about those personal thoughts, throughout and beyond…

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Tullawalla #16

Tullawalla, Decades of Storms

Hello dear readers and followers, Over the last few days, I’ve been arduously preparing and typing madly, to produce my Sixteenth Tullawalla Poetry Booklet….. and this time, because of the “virus” lock-down situation, I’ve had been able to compile the booklet at my leisure…. For new readers that don’t know about these booklets, they are basically the reason why I write poetry. I produce the booklets for the sole purpose of raising funds for my favourite charity organisation, the MS Society, in Australia via the MS Charity Shop here in Geelong. And actually all money’s I receive for any of my poetry submissions, I also donate to the MS Society. Fantastic news this week, with a few more donations coming in lately, I’m proud to announce, that the sale of my “Tullawalla Booklets”, has now gone pass $1200.00, …  to all the lovely readers, who have donated, to help achieve such a wonderful amount,  a big heartfelt thank you, from “us” and the MS Society … …..Amazingly, there is now a total of  “653 poems”, in my collection of 16 Tullawalla Booklets. Anyhow the booklet this finally completed, and ready for sale now !! As always, they are available for purchase, either as a hard copy or a PDF format….. All proceeds go to the MS Charity Shop, here in Geelong West….. Please contact me here through my web site page and I can chat about arrangements from there…. Oh, the booklet is called “Tullawalla:  “Decades of Storms”,              …. And here is the link to my website >> ivors20.wordpress.com

img635 (2)

Below, is the Preface, and the poem ‘Decades of Storms’

Below, two more of my favourite poems from the booklet, and I’m very excited about the harmony of this soulful collection.





Ivor Steven (c)  March 2020

Time to Read

The challenge for the “Weekly Prompts” is DAILY DIARY. Please go over and visit their fabulous by clicking >> HERE. On my post here today I’m presenting a journal/collection of a few interesting photos I’ve taken over the previous weeks before the “virus” lock-down started last weekend…

Above in feature image, is the poetry book I’m rereading, written a fellow Worldpress friend, Colleen Brown, and on the right in image, is one my favourite poems from her book.

Outside my local bookshop “The Book Bird”, they have a display board with a different “Birdie” quote each week as depicted in the 5 photos below …..




Whoops: A foreign one….




Ivor Steven (c)  March 2020

Hold Your Horses

This afternoon I went for a walk to the Moorabool Valley Cafe, however the cafe was operating under strict lock-down conditions. At the cafe door, I could order a take-away coffee, where I also ordered a delicious slice of cheesecake. Luckily I had my backpack on, and the package sat easily in my backpack, and I carried the coffee, I was not allowed to stay at the cafe, nor even in outdoor patio area. Anyhow off I trek on way back to home. On the way home I knew of a park bench where I could have a rest and eat my cake, and I also took the above photos on the way back….. and everything combined to inspire me to think of a poem, while sitting at the park bench, “eating my cheesecake, and writing these words”……. .

Hold Your Horses

I’m riding my white pony from the air-force

She’s a Pegasus, and the perfect horse for this course

But are we on the right track?

Am I actually heading back?

Winging our way across the continent

My loyal stead is divinely competent

And I trust her heavenly sense of direction

Flying us towards my celestial connection

Ivor Steven (c) March 2020

The Universe and My Backyard


The Universe and My Backyard


Outside alone, stoically I stand

Old toes gripping into cold sand

Here my lawn cover is sparse

But I see the universe in a blade of grass


Under my feet I feel our planet’s ground

Above I see a grey sky swirling around

As the sun hides behind trees and clouds

And my backyard garden grows lush and proud


Inside, I’m surrounded by a world of sound

Old fingers typing a rhyme of words yet to be found

As the studio rhythm inspires my pen to speak

And my writers haven is where dreams flow vivid and sweet



Ivor Steven (c)  March 2020