Hills and Valleys

“There’s sweetness in the winter sunlight”  … Ivor Steven

This weekend the challenge on Weekly Prompts is; Dessert. …..Please go over and visit their fabulous site, by clicking >>Here.  My poem below is about the sweetness of waking up, after a moment of darkness, and the sudden realisation, that I’m still alive.. !!


Hills and Valleys


Far beyond the maddening crowds

Falling through the darkening clouds

My sacred message did arrive

And the neon sign said, “You’re safe and alive”


Again, I managed to survive

As my celestial angel glided by

Glowing upon the gilded wings of her dove

And loudly singing, she cried, “Don’t give up, my love”


Soaring above, she left me a feather

A quill to use, during my valley of rough weather

Her gentle persuasive reminder

To keep on writing, my own agenda


Life does matter, despite the hill’s jumbled mess

And there will be a deliverance from this jungle of stress



Ivor Steven (c)  June 2020

Waiting Time

A poem for my Dad today..

G’day dear readers, well this is my 6th poem that has been published in Geelong Writers publications during the last week. My poem appears in the Chapbook “Sailing In The Wind”. The book is the result of an Ekphrastic Writing Workshop at Boom Gallery here in Geelong.

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Waiting Time


I’m a time-traveler on a mission

Waiting for a personal vision

An image of my father’s ghost

To appear above the white-water coast


Millenniums ago, I delivered him to the ocean

Threw his ashes across the horizon

Away from faceless time-clocks

Away from hidden jagged rocks


Now I see him proudly standing afloat

Wondering who’s left to row the boat

Waiting for the breeze, without a sail

Seeking his passage through soundless hail

Beyond tumbling waves, a prism of light

Waiting stops, his alien spirit soars  tonight



Ivor Steven (c)  2018


The Sun Arose Again, by Ivor Steven

A wonderful surprise for me this morning and a lovely pick-me-up, to find that my poem “The Sun Arose Again”, had been published at ‘Red Wolf Journal’, and thank you to the editor, Irene, for her kind consideration of my submission…

Red Wolf Journal

The Sun Arose Again
by Ivor Steven

There must be a number of silent masks around
Yesterday an old mask flew away at the speed of sound
From behind, the real pieces of what we perceive
Are leftover bones, bleached by sky and sea
Where the worn pebbles lingering in the hand
Fall gently upon lines drawn in the sand
And these new beginnings could be a heavenly gift
As white doves soar above the mourning cliffs

Perhaps the next awakening will be a peaceful one
Full of friendly compassion and wisdom
I’m lucky today, the sun arose again
To light up the hallway, despite the rain
I’ll be the first one to walk out the door
And the only one left here, to see her valour

Ivor Steven was formerly an Industrial Chemist, then a Plumber, and has been writing poetry for 19 years. He has had numerous poems…

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A Crooked Lightning Bolt

Walking this burning deck

Life’s becoming a pain in the neck

Where’s that healing pill

A wellness, instead of this daily swill

Dribbling out of the great white one

Carrying on like a piece of dung

Crazy statements like, “Drink Dettol”

Spewing from his cake-hole

And stupidly, “You loot, we’ll shoot”

Sickly crap off his swanky boots

With a raised Bible in hand

A crooked lightning bolt struck our land



Ivor Steven (c)  June 2020


Tell Humpty Dumpty

Here’s a poem I wrote 14 months ago, and strangely enough, the words are again very appropriate today…..

And today the warm midday winter sunshine, is a caressing light above my “Shangri La”.


Tell Humpty Dumpty


I’m feelin’ groovy


Without reeling

Like a soft shoe shuffle

Floating on air

Without a stumble

No crumbling or tumbling

Tell Humpty Dumpty

To hold the horses

And the kings soldiers

I’ve found my extra pieces

On the other side of the fence

I’ve fallen on my feet

Like a cat with nine lives

Lucky as a four leaf clover

Like a minstrel boy and his violin lover




Ivor Steven (c)  June 2020

Saved By the Bell


Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Today’s prompt: Write a piece of prose around the word: “sirens”, and I’m afraid that this poem I wrote 4 hours ago, actually turned into reality for me me at noon today… Luckily I’m now back home from hospital and I’m ok…


Saved By The Bell


Within my dark maze

I could hear a loud siren

In my rigid daze

I am a rock, I am an island


Laying length-ways

Prone on the floor

A bang rang in my subconscious haze

And smashing through the door


They came to rescue me

Greeted by my teary gaze

I was vaguely all at sea

And unable to cry g’day


I had fallen off my cloud

Into a vacant water-well

Covered by a warm grey shroud

Oblivious to those sirens and bells




Ivor Steven (c)  June 2020

Promote Yourself Monday, June 15, 2020

Everyone please take care, although restrictions are gradually being lifted, our world is far from being cured or safe…….
……Dear readers and followers in these tough transitional times , here’s a great opportunity for your writings to be read by other writers, and also to find and meet other writers. You are very welcome to participate, come along and visit our writer friendly site…..

Go Dog Go Café

Promote yourself Mon

Welcome to Promote Yourself Monday.  All Go Dog Go Cafe community members are invited to post one link to one specific piece of their writing (600 words or less please!) they have published on their blog, Facebook page, or Instagram feed into the comments section below.

If you post a link, be sure to read some of the other great writing people have linked to.

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