We All Have a Tambourine

locked down and locked up

shut in and shut up


In this garbage virus bin

what is my holy sin

has Judas already been?


where am I going

with my green tambourine

and this broken violin

anyhow, who’s listening?


am I still dreaming

about being a human being?


about falling backwards

where the stars are flying outwards

with thoughts looking upwards


questions I bring

songs I sing

answers live within


every day there’s a new sunrise

every day there’s a new surprise

as I look at every day through fresh eyes

I don’t always see blue skies

I don’t always feel happy and wise

Today I’m a bronze statue in Levis’

And I’ll be satisfied with third prize





Ivor Steven (c) August 2020

A Blackbird Sings

My dream was falling backwards

The stars were flying outwards

My thoughts are looking upwards


As I hear the mourning blackbird

He’s singing about a deadly virus attack

And how we’re to overcome this unearthly hazard

“You’re to seek guidance from our masters

The solar rulers have witnessed your disasters”


The sun frowns, and sighs to the moon

We must save the earth from gloom

There’s no need for us to whisper

It’s time to dissolve the covid’s dirty blister


Ivor Steven (c) August 2020.

Standing Upright

Hello dear readers, I’ve been writing this poem over the last three days, and I was struggling to obtained any rhythm between thoughts and words, and then I saw a wondrous photo on Derrick Knight’s blog/website this morning, (which is my ‘Featured Image’ above), and his photo of the glorious old oak tree, immediately channelled my thoughts, into that of strength and resilience, and from there, my Title was formed, and my words started to become a more cohesive piece of poetry…. Thank you Derrick, for allowing me to use this beautiful and impressive photo, with my humble little poem.

Standing Upright

My heart’s bruised from bygone blood-stones

Threaded together by the spirits of old bones

And they’re resting within my ageing body’s soft clay

But I’m leaking, soulful droplets on sunny days

The world’s foul winds are blowing me off my feet

When I’m wobbling down cold and dusty streets

Then a modern medicine-man came with his young tribe

Re-tuning my rusty pieces, with rhythmical vibes

And they declared my cello strings, to be plucky enough

To handle tomorrow’s mystery masks and travellers handcuffs

Ivor Steven (c) August 2020

Yellow Light

“How wonderful the colour yellow is. It stands for the sun!” – Vincent Van Gogh.

This weekend is the Monthly Colour Challenge for August, and the ‘Weekly Prompt’ team have chosen;  Sunshine Yellow.  Please go and visit their fabulous site by clicking > Here Below; is my response to the prompt, with attached photos and a Haiku


Yellow Light,  a Haiku


Today the sky smiled

Above golden setting sun

And the moon did shine



Ivor Steven (c)  August 2020