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“Her” Stairs

When I was a toddler, I remember asking my mum, “Why is God a man” … and now 65 years later, I am left with the same question !! …
Today’s poem is a mixture of 4 different stanzas, that somehow they seemed to flow together, and I would like to thank, V.J Knutson, Colleen, and Susi, for inspiring these snippets that I wrote on their posts. (3 women blogger friends !!) … and please readers do not try to read too much into my poem, the piece is a mixture of different thoughts, on different days … but maybe my thoughts were all leading to the same stairway !!

“Her” Stairs

Push forward across the sand

Towards that promised land

Be guided by Her red right hand … V.J.

Some sad moments, you will delve deep

Other times you will feel the breeze’s cool sweep

Of mother nature sending you her heart beat … Colleen

Then indeed you are there

Between somewhere

And Her eternal stairs … Colleen

Where baby eyes open and cry

Life’s eyes cry and say goodbye

And old eyes run dry and die … Susi

Ivor Steven (c) May 2021

“Tullawalla”, Amazon eBook Update

I happy to report that “Tullawalla” on Amazon eBook sales, still seems to be doing well on the Australian & Oceania ratings today … at #6 on ‘Hot New Release’ … and at #31 on the ‘Best Sellers in Australian & Oceania Poetry’ …
Still waiting patiently (or impatiently) for Tullawalla to get back into print at Barnes & Noble …

I know our time will come soon

I know Tullawalla is ready to play her tune

Ready to fly back from her orbiting moon

Ivor Steven (c) May 2021

Tullawalla Reviews, on Amazon eBook.

A big thank you from Ivor, and Kerri, to Colleen, Eugenia, and Heather for their fabulous reviews of ‘our’ book “Tullawalla” … our hearts are overwhelmed with joy …

Top reviews from the United States

C F Brown 5.0 out of 5 stars  Beautiful Emotion. Reviewed in the United States on April 22nd, 2021

Mr. Steven fills these pages with his passions and his love. Travel with him through his dream inspired and love inspired poetry and prose.

amanda1 (Eugenia) 5.0 out of 5 stars Lovely and Heartfelt. Reviewed in the United States on May 20, 2021

A beautifully illustrated book of poetry and prose. Heartfelt words of love, inspiration, and melancholia reflected in each and every poem by the author, Ivor Steven.

Top reviews from other countries

Heather Hancock 4.0 out of 5 stars  A Mosaic of Poetry. Reviewed in Canada on May 20, 2021

This collection brings the reader into Australia and a life lived fully. This is a mosaic collection of a lifetime of experiences and emotions.

Ivor Steven (c) May 2021

Throwback Friday, Return the Bullets, by Ivor Steven

Whoops .. the ‘Go Dog Go Cafe’ reblog action didn’t work again, so here is a copy & paste version of my article on GDGC ...

During the last 2 weeks I have posted a few poems about the futility of war … I’m not very accomplished at writing about the wars of the world, I get far too angry and confused to write something sensible, but this is a poem I wrote about my recollections of the “Gulf War” in 1990.

Return the Bullets

The mind awakens to secret cannons shattering my bed

All the violence of the worlds pounding inside my head

The killing and the maiming of all the innocents who fled

What happens when all the little lambs are slaughtered?

When the peoples of all religions and creed are dead

And we cannot return the murdering bullets back into the barrel

I am afraid

The backyard stairway is far too steep to climb

The handrails are way out of reach to find

And the public change-room windows are covered with bars

Now encircling the city hall, the security backdoor is ajar

Entering the marble aisle, the White room appears vacant

And guileful leaders have run, leaving a chasm of gloomy dark

I am wandering

Where to go, the healing house is full of ugly holes

The citizens cowering in shadows behind splintered lighting poles

And the crumbling streets are awash with rivers of leftover blood

Now the warring bosses have to fight amongst themselves

Throwing poison pens and paper darts at each other

Niether bruised nor battered, using ivory towers as cover

I am terrified

The dusty mushroom cloud slowly settles on the barren ground

With sands of distant lands, shifting into every nook and cranny

We need the good Doctor, to help us cure these alien scourges

And foreigners arriving upon waves of our neighbouring seas

The deathly TV images, wrongly implanted for all to see

As the press only gossip and drivel with selfish glee

I am stupefied

The guns of freedom lands haven’t even stopped the cull

Death to friends or foe, no matter, to the rulers from above

Their only rules, the poor and weak to be kept totally downtrodden

One day the surviving meek shall inherit their radioactive dirt

The rich will feast upon their own contaminated bread

But we will never return the murdering bullets back into the barrel 

Ivor Steven (c) May 2021

Horses for Courses

The world is a pool of people, some are sick, some are poor, some want more, and some are at war … The Featured Image Above: by Derrick Knight, and thank you to Derrick for letting me use his photo here …

Horses for Courses

there is something about the freedom of horses

beyond green pastures and steeple courses

there is something about the purity of life’s sources

from the snowy mountains down the river courses

there is something about the madness of wartime choices

beyond bloodstained lands of the killing forces

there is something about death’s silent voices

riding in wooden coffins down the hearse’s brief courses

Ivor Steven (c) May 2021

Tullawalla #23, Tomorrow’s Song

Hello dear readers and followers. It’s now 50 days since the launch of my new ‘Book’ “Tullawalla”, and despite my promotional commitments, and the problems Barnes & Nobles are having rolling my ‘book’ off the press. … amazingly, I’ve still managed to produce my “Twenty Third Tullawalla” Poetry Booklet….. For new readers that don’t know about these booklets, they are basically the reason why I write poetry. I produce these ‘home-printed’ booklets for the sole purpose of raising funds for my favourite charity organisation, the MS Society, in Australia via the MS Charity Shop here in Geelong. And actually all money’s I receive for any of my poetry .via, submissions, I donate to the MS Society…. I’m proud to announce, that the sale of my “Tullawalla Booklets”, have now gone pass $1400.00, … to all the lovely readers, who have donated, to help achieve such a wonderful amount, a big heartfelt thank you, from “us” and the MS Society … …..Amazingly, there is now a total of “957 poems”, in my collection/series of 23 Tullawalla Booklets. After 3 months, this booklet is finally completed, and ready for sale now !! As always, they are available for purchase, either as a hard copy or a PDF format….. All proceeds go to the MS Charity Shop, here in Geelong West….. Please contact me here through my website page and I can chat about arrangements from there…. Oh, the booklet is called “Tullawalla”: “Tomorrow’s Song”… …. And here is the link to my website >>

And you can purchase my Book “Tullawalla” via these attached links
>> Tullawalla by Ivor Steven, Kerri Costello, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (
>> Tullawalla eBook: Steven, Ivor, Costello, Kerri, Harris, patricia: Books

ivor Steven (c) May 18th 2021