Cyberspace, And Melted Digital’s (Revised)

I’ve been having Internet and computer problems for 3 days and have dug up this old poem and revised its

Cyberspace and Melted Digitals

This crazy, distorted cyberspace

Can be a dishonest place

Like talking to aliens from outer-space

False profiles and no trace

I dislike hackers with no face

And avoid their shameful attacks, what a disgrace

As if they’re hiding from the human race

Or thieves of other writers database

I’d like to knot together their shoelaces

See them fall from grace

Straight down their slippery staircase

And melt their digital’s in the fireplace

Ivor Steven (c)  September 2019

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G'day, and welcome to my blog site. My name is Ivor Steven, I live in Geelong, Australia. I'm an ex-industrial chemist, and a retired plumber, and a former Carer of my wife(Carole), for 30 years, who suffered from severe MS. I Write poetry about those personal thoughts, throughout and beyond my life as a Carer. I've been blogging for over 2 years, and writing poems for 19 years. Of course a lot of my poems are about my favourite subject Carole, but since I've been blogging my writings have become quite varied, humourous, mystical, observational, and even a few monster/horror poems.

42 thoughts on “Cyberspace, And Melted Digital’s (Revised)”

  1. GC and I opened a can of worms with this one didn’t we? πŸ˜‚ Your response to the prompt made me smile, Brilliant poem. πŸ™‚

    Though that said, I do believe that some people have good reasons to stay anonymous, an abused spouse for instance , or a victim of previous scams. Others simply enjoy the thrill of writing, and want nothing more, they feel no need to tell others their personal stories.
    I probably tell too much about myself.

    I can understand blogging simply for the pleasure of writing, I don’t even check my stats, I just enjoy tapping my fingers and offloading whatever is in my head.

    When writing my Nan’s Farm response I tried to deal with the prompt objectively and point out that someone with a profile and a picture is not necessarily who they say they are. The person can just as easily be a deceitful cyber scoundrel as an anonymous blogger.
    Thank you for joining us with this one Ivor. πŸ™‚

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    1. I agree with you Susan 100 per cent. Not all bloggers are scoundrels but many are wolves in sheep clothing. I too enjoyed the poem…succinct…brilliant and to the point . Bravo Ivor.

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    1. Yes Colleen, we enter this cyberspace world with our inner beliefs of kindness and trust, and it’s disappointing to be taken advantage of. But luckily most people people here on WP have been genuinely good hearted and honest. πŸ€—πŸ˜ŠπŸ’›πŸ’›

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      1. I have had the most pleasant and uplifting experience here. Fortunately I’ve never suffered cruelty here. But I was naive and thought all follows needed to be followed back, and I’ve had quite a few comments saying they followed me and then demanded I follow them back. I just ignore that.

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  2. You make a worthy point with your poem, Ivor! I find most people on WP and a couple of other sites I belong to are honest and sincere but we have to remain vigilant! Sharing with my followers. 😊

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  3. Sorry to hear about the internet problems. 😦 I wondered and hoped you were just busy.
    HA! Ooh! Revenge! πŸ˜‰ This is a great poem…fun, but filled with truth! πŸ˜€
    I’m so thankful for all of the good peoples who use the internet wisely and kindly and for sharing wisdom, good and fun. πŸ™‚ Of those, Ivor, you would be one! πŸ™‚ ❀
    (((HUGS))) πŸ™‚
    PS…what a great photo! I'm always fascinated by people's desks and workspaces! πŸ™‚


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