Pure White Gold

On Weekly Prompts, the monthly Colour Challenge is; The Golden Hour. Please go over and visit their fabulous site by clicking >> HERE. and my poem “Pure White Gold” is my response to today’s prompt ..

Pure White Gold

we all have our worth

here on mother earth

the apple I ate today was pure white

did I do wrong, or was I right?

to have that unadulterated bite

knowing all eyes do not share my golden insight

it is a crying shame

that our dreams are not all the same

who is to blame

for this loveless game

please give us some hope

so we may live to cope

Ivor Steven (c) February 2022

Throwback Friday, Below An Alien Sky, by Ivor Steven

Over at Go Dog Go Cafe’s, Throwback Friday segment, I posted my revised poem, “Below An Alien Sky”

Go Dog Go Café

Originally this poem was called “Below A Loyal Sky”, but today I have slightly revised, the July 2018 piece, for today’s article.

Below An Alien Sky (Revised)

I hide behind a mask

You’ll hear me ask

At the veil sales

Lurking in the back pews

Sneaking a view

Through a curtain of bamboo

Below the indigo-blue sky

I am just a loyal alien spy

Protecting my Prussian blue eyes

Ivor Steven (c) May 2018

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Until Eyes Hear Sound

Featured Image Above: By Derrick Knight, and I am sincerely grateful to Derrick for allowing me to use his wonderful photos here in collaboration with my poems.

Until Eyes Hear Sound

The air I breathe

Purifying within

free to leave

free as the wind

I wonder at nature’s freshness

early in the morning

we take her for granted

our perennial mother earth

nurturing a new start to every day

I wish mankind could

begin afresh like her

Searches are many

answers unwound

mirrors our insanity

until eyes hear sound

Ivor Steven (c) February 2022

Waiting For The Revolving Door

This week the Wednesday Challenge from Weekly Prompts is; OVERTHINK. Please go over and visit their fabulous site by clicking >> Here . And today I have been “Overthinking” to make any sense out of my thoughts during the writing of my poem tonight …

Waiting at the Door

I was waiting last year

waiting last month

waiting last week

waiting yesterday

I am waiting again tonight

do I wait for tomorrow?

I might as well keep waiting

wait for what I have been waiting for

wait for that revolving door

Ivor Steven (c) February 2022

Count To Three

me and my shadow

are searching for tomorrow

despite decades of sorrow

there is no time left to borrow

I hope there is someone to take care of me

set my spirit free

among nature’s ancient trustees

maybe they will let my soul flow into the sea

but please stop, and count to three

before all your axes fell all our trees

Ivor Steven (c) January 2022