Tullawalla, Republished by Jaymah Press

I am ecstatic to announce that the self-published version of my Book “Tullawalla” will be available on September 10th … thank you to my editor/publisher, Judy of Jaymah Press (a local establishment) for accepting to take on my project.
>> https://www.jaymahpress.com.au/

Jaymah Press


Tullawalla A Meeting Place Where My Empty Hands Are Full of Memories and Rhymes
Poetry by Ivor Steven. Artwork by Kerri Costello

Dreams of The Heart

I cannot walk the continents
Like the intrepid Marco Polo
But my feet have felt the sands of time
Pass between my toes

I have not sailed the high seas
Like the courageous Christopher Columbus
But my body has bathed
In an ocean full of kind hearts

I’m yet to fly in space
Like the brave Neil Armstrong
But I have reached for the stars
And touched my soul’s dreams

Ivor Steven (c) August 15th 2022

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G'day, and welcome to my blog site. My name is Ivor Steven, I live in Geelong, Australia. I'm an ex-industrial chemist, and a retired plumber, and a former Carer of my wife(Carole), for 30 years, who suffered from severe MS. I Write poetry about those personal thoughts, throughout and beyond my life as a Carer. I've been blogging for over 2 years, and writing poems for 19 years. Of course a lot of my poems are about my favourite subject Carole, but since I've been blogging my writings have become quite varied, humourous, mystical, observational, and even a few monster/horror poems.

59 thoughts on “Tullawalla, Republished by Jaymah Press”

    1. Yes indeed Colleen .. I was going to give up hope, but fortune favours the brave .. and here in Geelong, through our Writers group I met Judy from Jaymah Press, also a local enterprise, and with their fabulous assistance, I have been able to self publish “Tullawalla”

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    1. Thank you Dwight … one of my all time favourite poems, and I am over the moon to have “Tullawalla” published again … I have gracefully landed on feet again, by fortunately coming across a local editor/publisher in Jaymah Press and their wonderful organiser Judy… and we have already another book under way, which maybe published by Christmas

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      1. I’m slowly improving Dwight .. I have to be careful and gentle with myself… I definitely don’t want to do anything to jeopardise my recovery .. my blogging and writing is not my priority at the moment 🤗😉

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    1. Thank you dear Carolyn… my association with Jaymah Press and Judy has been one of those twists of Karma that have gone my way … I’m absolutely thrilled to have “Tullawalla” published again .😃🌏💕😉
      It’s 6.45am here, and I’m in bed on my phone… my back feels slightly betterer… but still very sore.. I can now walk out to letterbox and back … haha.. next week the moon like Neil Armstrong

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    1. Oh. I’ve just been chatting to Kerri.. we are both crying tears of joy.. and I am smiling from ear to ear at seeing her so happy 😀 my emotions are overflowing .. send the tissues 🤗😃😍🌏💕📖

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    1. Thank you Ryan .. I am absolutely thrilled to have Tullawalla published again .. my association with Jaymah Press has been a wonderful for me … and we have another book on the way , hopefully published before Christmas 🤗🌏

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    1. Thank you Derrick .. my time at the computer is still very restricted.. a few 15 minute sittings and that’s it … my back becomes painful quickly .. but there is improvement … each day …

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    1. Thank you guys for supporting my book 📖 I really appreciate the reblog … sorry I may have missed a few posts, I’m afraid I have been laid up with bad back pain 🤗🌏


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