Promote Yourself Monday: October 31, 2022

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All Images: were from my visit to the ‘Writers Retreat Workshop’, held at Drydale’s Old Courthouse & Museum on Friday
The Weekend Challenge from Weekly Prompts is the word; RANDOM. Please go over and visit their fabulous site by clicking on >> HERE . The poem ‘Drumsticks’ is my response to the prompt Random


Thump, thump, thump 

The muffled beat of drums 

Hollow depressing throbs 

Hauntingly echo 

From behind the heavy door 

Of the jurors’ chambers 

What will their verdict be? 

The courthouse gallery is full 

Humming in anticipation 

Has the Drummer Boy’s case 

Been handled fairly? 

The alleged fatal weapons 

The Boy’s drumsticks 

Are yet to be found! 

Ivor Steven (c) October 2022

Perceptions, Book Cover Revealed

My new book “Perceptions” will be out in late November. “This colourful and fascinating book is a collection of collaborative articles. The photographs were taken by Derrick Knight from the  New Forest area of southern England, and associated ekphrastic poems were written by Ivor Steven from Geelong, the other side of the world, the southern end of Australia.”  

Ivor Steven (c) October 2022

Sleepy Hollow, a Halloween poem, is in Spillwords Magazine.

My Halloween poem ‘Sleepy Hollow’ is at Spillwords Magazine, and thank you to Dagmara and her team for selecting my piece. Please go and visit my poem in Spillwords Magazine and give “Sleepy Hollow” a 💗, by clinking on this link

Ivor Steven (c) October 2022

The Sun Never Sets

My poem today is a repost from July 2019.

The Sun Never Sets

Dreaming of distant horizons and red sunsets

Visualising vast oceans and blue skies

Writing emotional hello’s and goodbye’s

Why do I write ?

Could it be an ego thing

Who do I write for ?

Anyone that is listening

Does she hear me too ?

I’d like to speculate so

What do I write ?

Ideas that seep from my heart

But, what do I write about ?

The subjects that matter

To love the soul of our planet

Honour the love we give

Adore the love we receive

Ivor Steven (c)  July 2019

Tit Bits #15 (a Repost from October 2018)

I’ve not written one these for a while, and I’ve enough of my comments stored in my NoteBook file to fill War And Peace !! Thank you to all of my dear readers who comment on my writings, I am forever grateful, and you all continue to inspire me to write these short poetry pieces about your marvelous posts.

Tit Bit #15 (a Repost from October 2018)

I used to say, mum was the one
Dad was always there, daddy number one
Carole came along, she was my only one
They’re gone, I was left with no-one
Myself has become an intimate one
To you all, I cannot do without everyone

I love sharing my life
I love talking about my wife
Even though I’ve seen so much strife
She wouldn’t have it any other way
She graciously fought on, every day
My story will never explain her everlasting smile
My future is about trying, for her every mile

I know those old photo album feelings
Old memories and dusty dreams
Your heart does miss a beat
They’ll be tears at your feet
You’ll need a comfy seat
Bathe in the images, so sweet

Life’s rotation process is endless
Watermill wheels keep on turning
I’m writing on recycled paper
Word’s of purpose are not useless

Morning birds sing, but do not see
By day, I’ll look like a tree
Like a lonely Tawny Frog-mouth Owl
By night, hear my wisdom howl

Beware, there’s more
You’ll be shown the door
By the bolt of Thor

I’ve been inspired by my tour of yesterdays street art in Geelong, and the magnificent mural of Chrissy Amphlett, so here she is, singing with the Divinyls

Ivor Steven (c) October 2018

A Crescendo For Peace

The weather is wet and windy here in Ballarat, but that does’t matter. I’m resting, relaxing, and enjoying the break. Today’s poem is from June 2019.
Featured Image above; Street art on a building next door to the ‘Analogue Academy’, where my book launch was held on Saturday.

A Crescendo For Peace

Sounds of music, ring in my mind

Our hearts beat, to a slow drum

My soul hears the rhythm of life

I see angels playing a harp’s serenade

In harmony with the royal string quartet

Grand orchestra’s loudly join in

And choirs of the world are singing our song

Together, chiming the peace-bells of our time

Creating a crescendo of music, ringing in my mind

Ivor Steven (c) October 2022

Courtyard Full of Dreams (Tullawalla, page 112)

G’day dear readers and followers. After the hetic situation of my book launch yesterday, I am taking a well earned break and holiday at my brother’s place in Ballarat … I’ll just be posting older poems, or poems from Tullawalla for a little while. The Featured Image above; is from my brothers balcony looking across to Mt Warrenheip …

Here I have photograph the poem from my copy of Tullawalla.

Ivor Steven (c) October 2022