They Were Singing My Song

Weekly Prompt: This weeks Word Prompt; Germs   There’s festering germs in my brain The hallucination seems real Last night I went to a funeral The funeral was mine   Attending the wake In the forest beside the lake I was a mental mess Walking around, dressed in my finest A plastic name-tag tied to my … Continue reading They Were Singing My Song

I Am Not A Child, I Am An Adult, I Can Help

As a poet I’ve been on a writing campaign for the suffering children throughout the world, and I’ve developed a special interest in the awful situation of the misplaced, separated and lost refugee children in Texas, and with the help of Niki Flow, I’m a supporter and contributor of the “Texas Civil Rights Project”, and … Continue reading I Am Not A Child, I Am An Adult, I Can Help

A Choir of Cicadas

My featured image above is my response to the second drawing of “The Colouring With B Challenge”, ( ) and as always for me, whenever I’m doing a project, my music’s playing loudly in the background, and together with my colourful drawing, I was inspired to write this poem. Again, a special thank you to … Continue reading A Choir of Cicadas

I handed Her My Card

I Handed Her My Card   I had lunch at the office That is, the Box Office Cafe My favourite local eatery I enjoyed a tasty Vietnamese salad Then I took some photos on my camera-phone Trying to capture the venues’ rustic atmosphere Leafy plants in pots and hanging baskets And there’s abstract paintings on … Continue reading I handed Her My Card

Smoke, And Happy Tears Today

Below, as per usual with my posts, I have an attached video/music for your enjoyment, however today this video is very special , and I would sincerely like to thank, Stephanie Stickel, for allowing me use this wonderful video, of her drawing, with the music of  Thomas Peter-Horas(Sarah), and played by Chen on piano . … Continue reading Smoke, And Happy Tears Today

Torn Dust In My Lungs

Last night I attended the lowercase’s monthly poetry recital  event. The theme was “On The Bus”, and here’s a link to the poem I read out >>    . After the show, as is usual for me, I ventured across the road, to Pistol Pete’s Blues bar, for my dose of live music. And wow, … Continue reading Torn Dust In My Lungs

The Sky Is Blue: Haiku Collection

I’m not a prolific writer of Haiku’s. Actually flicking through my poem file’s, out of the hundreds upon hundreds of poems, I have only written “50” Haiku’s. There is no reason as to why so few, because I do enjoy the concise format of the Haiku, they flow well for me, and I think most … Continue reading The Sky Is Blue: Haiku Collection