Hi, I’m Ivor, formerly an Industrial Chemist, then a plumber, and now I write poetry. I’ve had many poems published, and recently I had my book “Tullawalla” published. I started writing about 20 years ago. Then, most of my works were kept private in my desk draws. My wife suffered from severe MS and I was her primary carer. Basically my writings were about her, and our trials and tribulations over the 30 years of her illness. Sadly Carole passed 9 years ago and I’ve gradually become more public with my poems and in June 2017 I decided to start a blog site, and I think 🤔 I’m finally getting the hang of it. I hope you enjoy my humble writings, and I live in Geelong, Australia.

Author’s Statement And Bio

During my younger years I was not a literary person, and I only started writing poetry Twenty years ago. Originally educated as an Industrial Chemist, but then in my late twenties I undertook a Plumbing Apprenticeship with my father, who was sick at the time, and thus I helped him run his Plumbing Business. Life was going fine until I was in my early thirties, when my wife contracted severe MS, and my life changed completely. I became a full-time carer, and a part-time plumber.

When I was forty-nine I suffered a semi-severe Stroke, and as well as associated physical difficulties, my reading, writing and speech were affected too. That’s when I took up writing poetry, to assist myself to therapeutically regain my damaged abilities, and as a self-help relief for my ongoing anxieties and depression. Throughout all this, I was still a carer for my wife, and she subsequently became the subject of most of my writings.

I’ve poems published in, “Melpomene”, Geelong Writer’s Annual Anthologies, and many other anthologies. I am represented in online magazines such as “The Drabble”, “Poetry Festival”, “Vita Brevis”, “Slasher Monster Magazine”, and “Free Verse Revolution”. Recently I had a poem published in an interesting Poetry Chapbook, “Sailing In The Wind”, the result of an Ekphrastic Writing Workshop, at Boom Gallery, here in Geelong, and my poem is called “Waiting Time”. I am a active member of Geelong Writers Inc, and in 2019 I was appointed to the online blog/magazine Go Dog Go Cafe (America). Midyear in 2021 I was accepted as a writer/poet with “Coffee House Writers” magazine (America). 

At the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019, I unfortunately had 2 more strokes, however I have been able to recover again, and proudly, during 2020 and early 2021 I wrote a book from my poetry collections. The book “Tullawalla” has now been published and available online at Barnes and Noble Books

Ivor R Steven

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    1. Thank you for following my blog/website, muchly appreciated, I hope you enjoy reading my humble writings, and I’m from Geelong, Australia Cheers. Ivor 🌏


  1. Thank you for writing your poetry and sharing it!
    I love to write poetry (not very good at it though) and I keep trying and learning. I do share some of my poems on my WordPress site. 🙂
    Carolyn 🙂

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      1. Not working, I’m only on my phone, I’ll be on my computer soon, so I’ll try then. I’m snug in bed, it’s 7.15am here and a cold 0’C brrrrrrr

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  2. Hi, I just joined wordpress and happened to stumble upon one of your posts looking for literary blogposts. On a whim, I commented on one of your quote posts and after checking out your personal blog I just wanted to say that your poetry is beautiful and stories within are touching and important. I’m glad you share. All the best,
    x Jessie Lee

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    1. Hi Jessica, I’m from Geelong, Australia, and I hope you enjoy reading my humble writings. As you’re a new blogger, I’ll just give you a tip. Most fellow bloggers like to look at your “about” profile ☺️so I suggest you update your site, but don’t worry we all bumble our way around WP to start with. As you know, it’s a snowball thing, and lots of give in comments, and your comment here, is a good start, 🙄 I’d be happy to help you,, and give you some blog sites to to have a look at 🙄

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  3. Hello Ivor,
    What a wonderful “about” you have in your blog. I am so sorry about your wife, I lost a favorite first cousin to MS and my granddaughter’s father was just diagnosed. Health does not only fall upon the elderly any longer. I had been a closet writer for many years and became semi-serious after my divorce. Tragedy can fertilize that small seed of creativity, and then when I retired in 2004 I put my life into writing. I built my genre around depression, divorcé and the death of a daughter. I wish you well in your writing, don’t stop, I found your writing to be one that can invoke emotion in its reader. E.

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  4. Ivor you have an amazing ‘about’ story, condolences on the passing of your wife. At the age of 28 with two kids, I gave up my job to help my mom take care of my gran who was suffering from Alzheimer’s, it’s was a big job and also difficult seeing a family your member slip away. Bless your heart for being there for your wife! You have found a wonderful outlet through your writings, to heal your mind and soul.

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  5. Hi, Ivor. Because I enjoy your site and respect you as a poet, I would be honored if you could write a Blurb for my upcoming poetry chapbook, Awkward Grace. (No more than 150 words), Let me know if you would like to do it. Thanks, Mark

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      1. Absolutely, Ivor. I love your clear, down to earth writing style. It doesn’t have to be a book review per se. Just give your impressions in your own style, much like you did for my Poem, The Last Sermon. If you’re ok with it I’ll send you a copy of the manuscript. My email is mftulin@gmail.com Thanks, Mark

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      2. I’ll do my best Mark, I’ve copied your email now(you can delete if you like). I’ll send you a note soon, and maybe a new Ivor poem.


  6. Hello there,

    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. Congratulations!! If you like to participate, please follow the link below to find all the information needed.
    If you maintain an award-free blog and I am unintentionally unaware of the fact, please don’t feel that I’ve ignored your wishes or disrespected you. If you don’t want to take part, that’s perfectly fine, of course. In this case, please regard this nomination as a recognition and thank you from me for frequenting my blog, for following me, liking my posts and for sharing your thoughts with me.
    Thank you, for being a part of my blogging journey!
    Be well and happy writing,

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    1. Sorry Annette … I’ve been so busy lately … I’m miles behind in my blogging… Yep, I’ve just finished my manuscript for a new book too!! … I would be happy to have a look at the manuscrit for you … I’ll email now ..


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