My Sunrise

I’ve walked a thousand lonely miles

Looking for her everlasting smile

Gradually scaling Ararat’s steepest cliff

There, sipping from the grail’s cup of youth


I’ve travelled to the edge of time

To find the final word of rhyme

Where my sunrise soared into the sky

To recapture her last goodbye

Then I crawled on my hands

Searching for that broken line in the sand


I’ve dug myself a hole, deep into space

To join her spirit and grace

Releasing my star into the universe

And I awoke, to write more of this verse

Ivor Steven (c) August 2019

Burning The Fears

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Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt: The witch doesn’t burn in this one


Burning The Fears

I’m frightened, and I’m too scared to wait.

And knowingly, I’m arriving late.

The ghouls are spying from the hill.

And lower fools are poisoning her will.

Underneath her, a wicker complete.

Above, she’s suspended from a stake.

The bonfires started, against the rules.

And the crowds rejoicing, as the fire drools.

Waiting agog, for her garments to ignite.

The flames are sparking for her, on this night.

And the mob’s listening for her ungodly screams.

But there’s not a whimper, within she beams.

And secretly, I see her black cats drowning tears,

Are extinguishing all her burning fears.

Featured Image: Artwork, by Kerri Costello, Graphic Design Artist, my amazing niece/second cousin, who lives in Philadelphia, she’s so very talented, and a very special person in my life, thank you Kerri.

Ivor is a part-time plumber, former…

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Dear Friend, I Mean These Words

Hello dear readers, I’ve been browsing through some old poems of mine….. and I came across this poem/letter, that I had written for a very dear friend …. the piece has remained filed away for over seven years….. and for the sake of my angel, I think It’s time that my noble soul shared these words……

Dear Friend, I Mean These Words
From the bottom of my broken heart, I thank you

From the depths of my crying soul, I thank you

Holding her frail hand at night, you were there

Caressing her spirit with your gentle words, you were there

Keeping me company, during her gathering dark, you were there

Hugging me when I cried and cried, you were there

Dear friend, again, and again, I mean these words

Dear friend, over and over, I say these words

From the bottom of my beating heart, I thank you

From depths of my noble soul, I thank you



Ivor Steven (c)  August 2019

Sundown’s Flight

When I’m physically able

And feeling stable

I like to stroll down my dead-end lane

Study the sky’s weather vane

Through the shapes of clouds to come

And by the brightness of the setting sun

Shredding prisms of light, today’s benediction

Bright red or dull grey, tomorrow’s true prediction


Here’s a fading horizon, nature’s ballet

Indicating storms are on the way

My camera captures a jilted twilight

At nightfall I see dusk’s mingling sights

A shadowed treeline, merges into the clouds dark kites

And I stand here witnessing sundown’s flight


Ivor Steven (c)  August 2019

A Wintry Escapee

A winter freeze escaped from jail

The cold blue-stone wind howled

Snapping the edge off brittle souls

Cutting lunar furrows on prisoner’s brows


Sleet and hail swept across the bay

Blowing penguins in from their polar play

Arriving on the ocean’s icy spray

A frozen sea of glacial grey

The gales watery corrugations swirled and waved

And the winter air blasted for days

Ivor Steven (c) August 2019


My night’s sleep was calm and sound

Despite the deafening noise of echos lost a found

I heard the midnight owl singing

Replaying tunes, of last years bells ringing


My blankets had not been disturbed

As if my shadow had slept unperturbed

And my mind had been emptied of yesterday’s wind burns

Then my morning song whispered the words, “sunshine returns”


Ivor Steven (c)  August 2019