Heart Beats Anthology, Live Readings

I have three of my poems in the “Heart Beats” anthology, which was diligently edited by Lisa Tomey and published via her magazine site “Prolific Pulse” … and tomorrow I’ll be reciting my poems, along with the other fabulous authors, on a Live show that you are invite to attend…

All are invited to attend. 

Poetry Reading by Contributors to Heart Beats Anthology of Poetry

Saturday, Apr 10, 2021, 7:00 PM

Online event

8 Poetry Lovers Attending

We want to celebrate the publishing of Heart Beats Anthology of Poetry. Come celebrate with us as the contributors read their beautiful contributions to this anthology. https://www.amazon.com/dp/1736562002

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If you miss the live reading or cannot attend, Lisa will be posting a recording of it to her Prolific Pulse Youtube Channel.

I will be attending the Saturday evening session… 7.00 pm EST… or in Australia on Sunday morning at .. 9.00 pm…

Ivor Steven (c) April 2021

Heart Beats. Anthology of Poetry

Announcing: Heart Beats Anthology of Poetry  Coming Soon


Designed for Poetry and Poets

Prolific Pulse Press LLC is an author-friendly Publisher. We are passionate about helping writers from all walks of life reach their creative dreams and achieve literary success.

Thank you to Lisa Tomey, of ‘Prolific Pulse’ for publishing this wonderful anthology of love and happiness, and I am thrilled to have 3 of my poems included in the “Heart Beats” anthology, … Clear Blue Jar (above photo), Downhill Run, and, A Festival

Heart Beats is an anthology of poetry about the various aspects of what makes us tick or makes a heart-beat. This is about love, life, happiness, anything that makes life more joyful or tolerable.​

Let’s face it. These are tough times and there have been many events in 2020 which have many of us shaking our heads. People who were once friends have gone their separate ways. Some are soul searching, examining life more closely as time has leant more for this.

Heart Beats is about working through and maybe even overcoming these challenges. It is about what brings smiles to our faces or, at least, in our hearts. Heart Beats is about life, ups and down and in-betweens and how different points of view merge into one beautiful collection of poetic works.

​Inviting poets from the world to participate, made this project even more meaningful. We are a world of people and the poetry community has become more culturally diverse. This is largely due to the pandemic as people are interacting virtually more than before.” – Lisa Tomey

Ivor Steven (c) March 2021

Tower to Heaven

Fae Dreams by Fae Corps Publishing, Andrew McDowell, Anthony Webster, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (barnesandnoble.com)

Today I am presenting one of my poems from the “Fae Dreams” Anthology, also published by Fae Corps Publishing, last October. However, ‘Tower to Heaven’ did not make the final cut to my new book “Tullawalla”….

My new book “Tullawalla”, is due to be released on 30th March, and for preorder, here are the links

Barnes and Noble..  Tullawalla by Ivor Steven, Kerri Costello, Hardcover | Barnes & Noble® (barnesandnoble.com) 

Amazon..  Amazon.com: Tullawalla eBook: Steven, Ivor, Costello, Kerri, Harris, patricia: Books 


Tower to Heaven

I remember the day

Like it was yesterday

A cold morning, ten o’clock

I, a shadow in the paddock

Standing beside a giant pylon

I looked up to heaven

Straight up the tower

The tower of power

Crosses of galvanized iron

Shiny under the winter sun

Wind whistling through its huge steel web

Howling like Hades walking dead

And demons screaming in my head

My spirit begun climbing the spire

Clambering higher and higher

Up the pyramid of life’s wires

Desperate, I grasp at my ultimate desire

A visionary mission before I die

To embrace a piece of my angels’ sky

Ivor Steven (c) March 2021

Issue I: available for download

Issue I: hebe (the fountain of youth) is now available for download!

Get your copy of our first issue here.

Our issues are free to download but if you wish to donate in receipt of your copy, you can use the Donate page. Currently, donations are used to pay for the domain and for the editor’s time and work.

I am pleased to share the first issue of Free Verse Revolution: A literary magazine
My poem ‘Lost Within Uluru’s Dreams-time Chasms’ is on page 51, of this fascinating anthology, a collection of intriguing poems that are well worth reading…

Ivor Steven (c) March 2021

Fae Dreams, The Anthology

The new Anthology, Fae Dreams, which contains “6” of my poems, is now available for pre-order, via the attached Amazon links below… >>

Amazon Australia:

Amazon America:


Ivor Steven (c) Nov 2020

Nightmare Whispers

The Anthology series “Nightmare Whispers, Vols, I, II, & III” is out now, and I have 3 poems in “Vol I, The Darkness Within”, and 1 poem in “Vol III, What Remains”.. Here is the Amazon purchase links >>

Ivor Steven (c) Nov 2020..

Nightmare Whispers: Book Launch

One day to go for the official Nightmare Whispers Anotologies Vols I, II, & III launch…

Here’s the link to Vol I https://books2read.com/Nwthedarknesswithin/
Here’s the link to Vol III https://books2read.com/Nwwhatremains/

And come join us at the Party Room….


Ivor Steven (c) October 2020

Nightmare Whispers Vols I, II & III

Here’s the link to Vol I https://books2read.com/Nwthedarknesswithin/
Here’s the link to Vol III https://books2read.com/Nwwhatremains/

link to the collection https://books2read.com/NwTheCollectionbooks2read.combooks2read.com

Available now at your favorite digital store!The Collection by Fae Corps Publishing, Andrew McDowell, Arianna Sebo, Austen Miles, BF Vega, Brittany MacDonald, Charles Kelley, Deedra Nichole, Edward Ahern, Gary Wosk, Ivor Steven, J. Benjamin Sanders Jr, Jenean McBrearty, John Grey, K. T. Seto, Lily M. Snow, Kari Leigh Sanders, Michael Guzman, Robert Beveridge, Paul O’Neill, Raz T. Slasher, Rose J Fairchild, Steven McQuiggan, Serena Mossgraves, Thomas Sturgeon Jr, Tish MacWebber, Valkyrie Howard, Vonnie Winslow Crist, Z.L. A., Lisa Poff (31 kB)

link to the collection https://books2read.com/NwTheCollectionbooks2read.combooks2read.com

Nightmare Whispers, Preorder Now ..

Nightmare Whispers

What is Nightmare Whispers? It is 3 volumes of short horror stories and dark poetry. It is the collected fears and darkness that lingers just out of the light.

Why is there three volumes? Well that’s because we recieved more quality stories than we had room for in a single volume. It was admittedly us deciding that we wanted to share the stories that were too amazing to refuse.

Where can you get your own copy?

#NIghtmareWhispers PRE-ORDERS ARE HERE! Nightmare Whispers Volume 1: The
Darkness Within releases on October 31st 2020, but if you act now you can pre￾order yourself a copy of the books for the discounted price of $5.
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#NIghtmareWhispers PRE-ORDERS ARE HERE! Nightmare Whispers Volume 2:
Madness Echoes releases on October 31st 2020, but if you act now you can pre￾order yourself a copy of the books for the discounted price of $5.
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#NIghtmareWhispers PRE-ORDERS ARE HERE! Nightmare Whispers Volume 3:
What Remains releases on October 31st 2020, but if you act now you can pre￾order yourself a copy of the books for the discounted price of $5.
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- Pre-Order Here: http://www.books2read.com/NWWhatRemains


Ivor Steven. October 2020

Nightmare Whispers, The Darkness Within

In the anthology, “Nightmare Whispers, Vol I, The Darkness Within”, I have 3 of my poems represented: ‘Lost on the River’, ‘Smashed Pumpkin Brains’ & ‘Who’s Rowing My Boat in the Dark’. NIghtmare Whispers PRE-ORDERS ARE HERE! Nightmare Whispers Volume 1: The Darkness Within releases on October 31st 2020, but if you act now you can pre-order yourself a copy of the books for the discounted price of $5.#NWTheDarknessWithin #Anthologies #Horror- Pre-Order Here: https://books2read.com/Nwthedarknesswithin

Cheers & Happy Reading

Ivor Steven