Going For a Stroll

Hello dear readers and followers, “Going For a Stroll” is my second poem up at Coffee House Writers  … please click on the link below and visit my poem at Coffee House Writers … and let me know what you think of my poem, and I would appreciate your support over at my new venture as a writer on CHW… I’ve attached a first stanza teaser below …

Going For A Stroll – Coffee House Writers

Going For a Stroll

When will I be too old?

To be left alone, out in the cold

With my naked words still unsold

Ivor Steven (c) July 2021

Believe It or Not

Hi dear readers and followers. I have been quieter than normal lately, and this is mainly because some of my time has been taken up by my new commitments with “Coffee House Writers” … yes you heard right!!
I applied to join the prestigous Coffee House Writers magazine two months ago, and I am humbled and proud to announce that I have been accepted into the group. I am now an ‘Intern’ contributor at “Coffeee House Writers”.
At the moment I am very much a learner, and I submitted my first article/poem to my mentor/editor this week, which is due for publication next Monday. I am both very excited and very nervous, but no matter what happens, I am going to give this incredible opportunity my best shot .. Now for my profile photo at the magazine, and of some celebratory Music …

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Ivor Steven (c) July 2021