Frankie has been with me for 9 months now, and he’ll be 6 in July and I’ll be 71 in July …


Frankie is my doggie

Supposedly a champagne colour

But more like a dirty off-white

woolly picnic blanket

Friendly by nature

On hind legs he prances

Then promptly hit sits

Holds out his soft curly paw

He has the Cafe waitresses

Melt at his doggie command

Frankie knows how to score

Treats galore come his way

He is a happy winner everyday

Ivor Steven (c) April 2022

Close-up, Frankie Kisses You

The weekend challenge on Weekly Prompts is : Close-up  ; please go over and visit their fabulous site by clicking >> Here . Today I am presenting a ‘Photo Article’, for their prompt.

Close-up, Frankie Kisses You

Frankie greets a horse with a kiss

Frankie meets Harry with a kiss

Frankie greets Monty with a kiss

Frankie tries to kiss a Magpie

Frankie ignores his girlfriend Lily

Ivor Steven (c) February 2022

Before The Bell Rings

Above Images: My doggie Frankie, on his early morning walkie.

Before The Bell Rings

I am changing my daily routine

Now summer is in full swing

Hot like a fiery lantern

Before the breakfast bell rings

I will leave early and go walking

With doggie in tow, happily prancing

We will bathe in golden sunrises

Under the cobalt blue skies

Adorned with white cirrus stripes

Ivor Steven (c) January 2022

Lily and a Lizard of Wizardry & My Girl, Published in “Positive Words” Magazine, October Issue

I am pleased and proud to announce that my two ‘Doggie’ poems Lily and the Lizard of Wizardry & My Girl, were published in the Positive Words Magazine, October Issue. and thank you to the Editor, Sandra, for selecting my poems… For further information about this fabulous Australian magazine, visit their site via this link >
Attached below, I have scanned the poems directly from my copy of the Magazine

Lily and a Lizard of Wizardry

My Girl

Ivor Steven (c) November 2021

His New Sanctuary is Luxury

The Weekend Challenge from Weekly Prompts is: Sanctuary. Please go over and visit their fabulous site by clicking >> Here . and the poem below is my response to their prompt …

His New Sanctuary is Luxury

Sometimes in life

Just when it’s right

There’s that moment

And tonight’s that moment

Sometimes we are lucky

Against all the odds

There’s that fortunate time

I am ecstatic and feeling blessed

Gratefully thankful

I write these words on today’s Newspaper

Reading tomorrow’s weather forecast

Happiness is here

Here right beside me

Under my verandah roof

Comfy and relaxed

Frankie love’s his new sanctuary

Ivor Steven (c) August 2021

Spoil Me, (With Apologies To David Redpath)

Featured Image Above: The Box Office Cafe, kitchen, which is made from an old shipping container.





Spoil Me, (With Apologies To David Redpath)


Sorry David, but here I am again

At West Geelong’s, Box Office Cafe

Spoiling myself, for Saturday lunch

Geelong’s own version, of ‘Go Dog Go Cafe’

Where owners and their furry pals all meet

Chatting and barking, one social togetherness

And yes, I get to give the doggies, pats and hugs

There’s Bronson, the well behaved little Pug

Duke, a very young Dalmatian, he’s going to be a big boy

And another Duke, a striking auburn Labrador


Sorry David, I’m going to describe my feast now

Firstly, a real Aussie cappuccino coffee

Followed by Bao Buns, with slow cooked pork

A sweet and sour glaze, and fresh herbs

With cucumber, pickled carrot, fried shallots

Complimented by a delicate Gochujang mayonnaise

Then of course, I had to have a delicious cake

David, I couldn’t resist, a Berry Velvet teacake

Leaving me no option, but to wash it all down

With one of those politically incorrect, Blackman’s lagers

Cheers everyone, I’ll be on holiday, in Ballarat this week












Ivor Steven (c)  October 2019

Minding Cyndi Again

Here I am again, minding my furry friend Cyndi for the Weekend. It’s so hot outside, I.m afraid we are both confined to indoor activities.

20190301_211225 Cyndi on my bed last night …


Cyndi watching me do my exercises……


Cyndi watching me make breakfast…..

20190302_103038 (2)

Cyndi waiting for a piece of my breakfast….. she’s already been fed  !!


Cyndi on the lounge with me……

20190302_105936 (2)

Cyndi in Lily’s old bed…. She doesn’t quite fit  !!  Watching me in my writers haven…..

As you can see, Cyndi is very busy and flat out keeping an eye on me !!


Ivor And Cyndi , Woof woof….

There’s A Dog In My Bed

Laying beside me, she quietly snores

Upon my pillow, her out-stretched fluffy paws

Slowly she awakes, breakfast is due

Nuzzling my face, come-on you !

Looking straight at me, friendly brown eyes

Wagging her tail, she’s forever loving and shy

Long golden ears, flip and flop

Smooches and cuddles, she never stops


Ivor Steven (c)  2018