Moon Shadows And Celestial Lights (Revised)

I am ‘Moon-struck’ this week, and here is another “Moon” poem, which I originally wrote in May 2018, and today I am posting a new version that I revised this morning ..

Moon Shadows And Celestial Lights

I stood alone

in my second-hand clothes

holding her worn out soul


I placed her ashes

in a brick wall

years of heartache

hidden in a chasm of pain

moments in time

now resting in peace

How does tomorrow become another day?

how does the past live with today?

Her moon shadows shyly tiptoe through my nights

as my hazy dreams glow under her celestial lights

Ivor Steven (c)  Revised, October 2021

Purple Vessels

Today while I was writing this poem a wondrously magical coincidence happened to to me via my Instagram Site… I received an article from a Geelong singer/songwriter, Arjuna, the her new song was up on YouTube, and the title of her brand new single is “Vessel” … and of course I have attach her music/video as my feature song below .. .. and congratulations to “SheIsAjuna” on her fabulous song.

Purple Vessels

Purple is the colour of my dreams

Flowers are the vessels of true love

The fragrant rosemary bush from Tullawalla

Represents the essence of my father’s life

And I visualize my mother’s angels

Floating above the basket of fairy lavenders

My Fragile cyclamen plant

A loving gift from Carole’s favourite carer

The delicate and everlasting drooping violet

Began growing forty-five years ago

Planted by Dad to celebrate our marriage

Annually producing our beautiful wedding flower

A purple shaped vessel of eternal love

Ivor Steven (c) October 2021

Dreams Unseen

Dreams Unseen

I cannot run no more

And I cannot swim the sea

But I can fly

In my sky of dreams

I have stopped climbing trees

And I cannot move mountains

But the highest peaks

Are not in my dreams

I have not embraced the mystery

Of my universe

Nor found my shining star

But I am here today

Floating on my ocean of dreams

Ivor Steven (c) October 2021