How To Eat An Easter Egg

Here is another ‘Easter Poem’ from my archives. This one is from Easter last year (2021)

How To Eat An Easter Egg

[i] Carefully chose your Bunny’s and Egg’s

But the “Violet Crumble” box is a MUST

Deliciously smooth and tasty

[ii] Wisely place your purchase in the fridge

Australia always has a hot Easter weekend

And judiciously push the Easter delights towards the back

[iii] Patiently wait until Sunday morning

Stoically obey those traditional procedures

Mine were eaten by Saturday evening. How did you go?

[iv] Delicately unwrap the colourful foil covering

I have diligently preserved the shiny shells since my first egg-hunt

Then gently nibble open the pointy end of the exposed Egg

[v] Fiendishly devour the irresistible chocolate

Until you are more than fully satiated

Then voraciously attack the bunny and bite off his ears

WHOOPS !! surprise, surprise … that rascally easter bunny has
left me some “Eggs” to find on Sunday…
WARNING: This article is posted for Austraian audiences, however
‘International’ followers may read the below instructions at their
own RISK !!

Ivor Steven (c) April 2021

Jingle Jangle for My Easter Bonnet

Another Easter poem from 2 years ago, that I also posted on Throwback Friday, over at Go Dog Go Cafe >>

Jingle Jangle for My Easter Bonnet

My notebook’s running on empty

There’s pages of invisible words

And blue lines are leaping forward

Leaving my empty threads behind

I have empty socks

Lining my holey pockets

And my mouldy purse

Is loosely tied to my Easter bonnet

How am I going to fly?

Without costly wings

I’ve not even a jingle jangle

Of silver change

And my dream’s destination

Now seems out of range

But I don’t need to travel too far

To reach my Easter avatar

Ivor Steven (c) Easter 2020