Throwback Friday, Moon Blossom(Revised), by Ivor Steven

My “Throwback Friday” article over at ‘Go Dog Go Cafe’ … and another poem about the “Moon”

Go Dog Go Café

There was a full moon last, so I thought my poem from June 2019 was an appropriate piece for this weeks ‘Throwback Friday’

Moon Blossom

The old moon knows

After a bitterly cold winter

There’s never a false spring

And Eve’s apple tree always blossoms

Then the full moon shyly shines

Casting moon-shadows upon sacred ground

And asks about the planet’s fading designs

“Where have all the ancient spirits gone”

However, the new moon remains alluring

And his moonbeams spoon our imagination

Yellow ripples shimmering across blue lagoons

Casting moon-shadows over lovers bedrooms

And love eventually conquers us all

When moon blossom ringlets gently fall

Ivor Steven (c) October 2021

G’day, and welcome to my blog site. My name is Ivor Steven, I live in Geelong, Australia. I’m an ex-industrial chemist, and a retired plumber, and a former Carer of my wife(Carole), for 30 years, who suffered from severe MS…

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Throwback Friday, River Of Destiny (Revised), by Ivor Steven

Yet again the “reblog button” did not work for me today, so I have copied and pasted my article here from my “Go Dog Go Cafe” post, and you may visit there by clicking on this link >>”
I wrote the original version of this poem back in December 2017, and here I am presenting a revised edition that I wrote today

River Of Destiny (Revised)

I am going to see a lady of Wizardry

In the grey house of mystery

Over the bridge, strong and earthy

To find my path to bravery

Not to be judged lightly

But to be cured internally

I do bow to a Queen, so ghostly

In the castle of stone, so empty

On the edge of the Red Sea

To find my way eventually

Not to be forlorn and angry

But to face friends and foe calmly

Searching for life’s secret duty

In the distant Abbey, so eerie

Beyond the boundaries, down along the valley

To find my river of destiny

Not to be trialed for my insanity

But to be unveiled for my humanity

Ivor Steven (c) October 2021

The Reincarnation of a Pumpkin

Here is a poem I wrote last year, and today I am posting the piece as my response to “Go Dog Go Cafe’s” Halloween-themed Prompt Challenge (Guest Submissions), and you are welcome to participate via this link … >

The Reincarnation of a Pumpkin

My locked bubble is about to go boom

A year I’ve been a stranger in my own tomb

Under a pumpkin lid, hiding my gloom

Where my world was a rotting cave of doom

Now these orange walls are my life-giving womb

Being reborn like a smiling old groom

I’m breaking away from the master’s dead blooms

Escaping on the green witch’s magical broom

Flying over the full moon of autumn

Where I’ll be able to wear my mask and costume

Hidden under my orange Kaftan from Khartoum

And I’ll invade the newsrooms, and all the children’s bedrooms

Ivor Steven (c) October 2020

Throwback Friday, Tea Leaf’s, by Ivor Steven

Whoops… Again the reblog button at “Go Dog Go Cafe” didn’t work, so this is a ‘copy & paste’ post today … You may visit my article at GDGC by clicking on the link >>

Today’s poem is one that I have revised a couple of times, and this edition is from November 2019

Tea Leaf’s (Revised)

It’s early morn, time to break away

From last night’s, dream-time soiree

But first, I must make my bed

“Yes, just like Mum said”

Oh, I gratefully do remember

As I straighten the quilt cover

And I like to fluff-up my pillows

Ready for an evening’s bout with stupid cupid’s arrows

I’ve a long storage bedhead shelf

However I’m smiling, satisfied within myself

It’s always untidy and in disarray

And last nights scribbles are all on display

I gather up this multitude of loose words

The mess of my midnight songbirds

Snippets of my subconscious memories

Pieces of forgotten wistful dreams

And I begin to decode my jumbled site

Then emotionally, I start to rewrite

About the tea-leaf’s, floating on a calm sea

Forming love letters, from her to me

Ivor Steven (c)  Nov 2019

Throwback Friday, Looking At the Mirror, by Ivor Steven

Today’s poem is a self portrait piece I wrote in September 2018, which I posted earlier today on Go Dog Go Cafe >>

Looking At the Mirror

I see an oldish bloke, who likes to write poetry

Personal topics and our world’s society

Why don’t I try to write a bigger story?

Flash fiction, and there’s enough for a book

Am I too afraid to really look?

All my poems are quite shortish

Like last year’s birthday cake wish

Maybe I’ll say, “I’m far too lazy”

I can’t tell them, I’m a bit crazy!!

Nor that I’m a mad Lord of Wizardry

Best I turn the mirror, for another view

They want to know about me and you

I see a bald man, just like my dad

And that’s not at all bad

I always said, if I grew up

To be half as good as my dad

I’d be very happy and proud

And well ahead of the crowd

He was a kind and thoughtful man

I suppose I’m honest and lend a hand

I see, I’m showing my age

My journey has torn many a page

And it’s not that I’m overly sad

My veneer shows everyone I’m glad

I’ve lived my promise, for better and for worse

And I loved my job, a carer during her curse

Ivor Steven (c) September 2018