Winter Snails (a Haiku)

Photos: Please note, that all the “Snail” images here on this post, were taken by Derrick Knight, who at my request, kindly delved through his many years of Archives, especially for this article and I am sincerely grateful for his generosity and diligence.

Winter Snails (a Haiku)

Autumn leaves did fall

A winter sun warms our souls

Snails renew their trail

Ivor Steven (c) January 2022

Inside (aHaiku)

A big thank you to Colleen (The Chatter Blog) for her thought evoking post yesterday, which inspired me to write this Haiku for her … you may visit her post by clicking on this link >>

Inside (a Haiku)

Within nothingness

Asleep in a ghostly nest

There lurks loneliness

Ivor Steven (c) November 2021

Dwindling (a Haiku)

Featured Image Above: was the inspiration behind my Haiku, thanks to another wonderful photo taken by Derrick Knight, and you can visit his fabulous site by clicking on this link >>

Dwindling (a Haiku)

The sunset subsides

Behind dark clouds there’s a glow

Where light turns to night

Ivor Steven (c) November 2021

Is It True? “That Rainbows Dance At Sunset”

Featured Image Above: A big thank you to Derrick Knight for allowing me to use his magnificent ‘Sunset’ photo … see his link attached below …

Today’s poem is a combination of three, haiku/ukiah/haiku, that I made on, Colleen, Kate, and Derrick’s articles yesterday and today.

“Truth” (a Haiku for Colleen)
“A Rainbow Dance” (a Ukiah for Kate)
“Sunset” (a Haiku for Derrick)

Is It True? “That Rainbows Dance At Sunset”

Your soul knows the truth 

Within, feel the power grow 

Live, breath, touch the flow

At the end of the rainbow 

We shall dance and glow 

On nature’s golden plateau 

Blazing, the sky sinks 

Sunset kisses everything 

Fall’s finale crown

Ivor Steven (c) October 2021