Evaluating Her Moon

This week’s Word Prompt is: EVALUATE. Please click >>HERE, to visit the Weekly Prompt’s fabulous site…

Evaluating Her Moon

I’m evaluating her moon, that flooded my heart, when I tried to find her heaven

Calmly relaxing here now, below a morning moon, in my verandah writing haven

Finally feeling warm and comfortable, and spring is in the air

My outdoor speakers are resonating my musical flair

Listening to Norwegian singer, Sivert Hoyem

His voice, delivers a deep melodic rhythm

The former lead man of Madrugada

And I’m writing a Haiku, to ease my hysteria

Spring In Australia

Chilly morning moon

Wakening to clear blue sky

A warm day beckons

My Word Vault

I was at my local library yesterday, and it occurred to me, that I’ve been visiting the same quaint little library for over fifty five years…. !! And from those thoughts and many memories, I wrote this Haiku.

Haiku:  My Word Vault 


All my soulful words

Lay within your open vaults

Where my dreams began


Above Photos: My little Geelong West Library          The spectacular Geelong City Library


Ivor Steven (c)  September 2019


This weekend on photo challenge the Weekly Prompts is. Size Matters.

Hello my dear readers, sorry  that I’m a bit silent this weekend, and maybe for the next few days as well, I’m not feeling the best, hopefully I’ll be back to my happy self soon… xx

Haiku:  Timeless

The size of our soul
Inside the beat of our heart
That is what matters


Ivor Steven (c)  August 2019