Icy, (a Haiku)

The Featured Image above, contains my words and some thoughts about the art of how I write poetry. A big thank you to “Coffee House Writers” for posting the article on their Instagram, and Facebook, sites … https://www.instagram.com/coffeehousewriters3/

Icy. (a Haiku)

A decade has gone
Since that icy day in May
Loneliness is cold 

Ivor Steven (c) April 2022

Tomorrow’s Shadows, (a Haiku)

A big thank you to David Repath and Timothy Price for jointly inspiring to write this Haiku, https://offcenternoteven.com/2022/03/05/ukrainian-daze/ and for Timothy’s stunning music/video

Tomorrow’s Shadows

Shadows of today

Precede tomorrow’s darkest clouds

Silhouettes of doom

Ivor Steven (c) March 2022