The Edge

Today I’ve written a quote, and then at the same time, I’ve converted the quote, into a Haiku. I’ll give you the quote first, then the Haiku

Quote: The Edge


“Life, is living on the edge

There’s no bottom nor top

Moving sideways is enough”   – Ivor Steven


Haiku: The Edge


Living on the edge

Moving sideways is enough

No bottom nor top



Ivor Steven (c)  2018




Haiku. A Flower Gone

This haiku was a very sad piece for me to write. Personally, the words are an ode/tribute to our grandniece, Georgia, who was only 20…… Please, I’m ok, I’m wishing my words are appropriately good enough for the poor child lost….

A Flower Gone

In a sea of lights

She, an unpicked bloom, wilted

Young and fresh, now gone

Ivor Steven (c) 2018


Good morning dear readers, I’m not very well, a chest cough and cold, but I’ve time to recover before I fly to China on Wednesday, and today I’ve written another two Haiku for you. I’ll be fine, Cyndi’s looking after me, as soon as she finishes licking out my cereal bowl …..  I’ll rest up, listening to my music, and I sincerely recommend, you have a look at the Leonard Cohen Tribute concert, In Montreal 2017, on YouTube,



Today’s deep sky blue
Warming my chest and soul too
Curing cough and flu


True, it’s a dog’s life
Who would kill a lonely cat
Peace to you and you



Ivor Steven (c)  2018