Eleven Shades of Ocean Sunrises

My Pacific cruise was coming to an end in April 2018 and this was the last poem that I wrote during my cruise, as I recalled photographing the “Eleven Sunrises” of the cruise.

Eleven Shades of Ocean Sunrises

the ocean’s sunrise

my daily prize

evoked my gaze

like a glitzy floor-dance

Mother natures

star performer

her razzle and dazzle

upon morning sea drizzle

reflections of colour

her horizon of vigour

purity defined

a royal skyline

endless over time

eleven days she was mine

Originally posted by Ivor Steven (c) April 2018


Hello readers, and yes I am still reminiscing about my Pacific Ocean cruise, here is another poem from April 2018 …


as far as the eye can see

an endless horizon surrounds me

encircling the dark blue ocean

waving to a pastel aqua sky

I turn to port-side

my tangent shadow follows

I walk to forward

my world is full of rippling white caps

I stand on aft

my view is an edge-less rim

a vast rolling sea

as far as the eye can see

above is our universal dome

lingering clouds of chrome

casually floating by

sunshine appears to fly

changing the Pacific’s hue

cobalt to royal blue

Ivor Steven (c) April 2018

Reading On Deck And Ashore

Another poem from my Pacific Ocean cruise in April 2018. Actually this piece is not on my web/blog site, so I am thrilled to be posting this old poem here today

Reading On Deck And Ashore

I am in a poolside recliner

reading Brendan Ryan’s book

observing fellow passengers

strolling the pool deck

some bustle along

others meander by

gazing around and carefree

they all smile and say Hi

Penelope and her mother Dianne

stop for a chat

we agree, a nice place to sit

meet friends and relax

we are in port at Lifou Island

tenders take us ashore

I have Robert Okaji’s book in hand

to read while laying on pure white sand

the air is warm and humid

a pleasant sea-breeze

caresses my brow

another sunny day on the beach

Ivor Steven (c) April 2022