A Green Two Days

Hello dear readers, a happy St Patrick’s to you all. Last night I was fortunate enough to be able to go the Geelong Irish Society’s, St Patrick’s Day Cocktail Party. The evening was a glorious celebration, with lots of scrumptious food, stirring Irish music from the band, “Old Melbourne Rd”, and plenty of Irish fluids to encourage the participants to have a happy time. I’ve attached some photos and a videos from last night, and a photo from today’s St Patrick’s fundraising Fete at our local St Patrick’s school.

Below.: The band playing their start song



Below: Yes !! I’m on the dance……. instead of the hospital bed…….



Below: The real Irish Dancing Girls…….


Below: The dance crowd                Below: The St Patrick’s Day, School Fete, Ivor on the left



Below: The bands finale song…. they’ve been enjoying a good time too !!



Cheers My Friends

Ivor Steven (c) 2019

A Pleasant Sunday

Featured Image:  Above: Martin, father of Finn, Niamh and Tia.

Yesterday !! was a PJ’s day, today was another day. Sunday has been an Aussie barbecue, get together day, that I happily, was fortunate to be a part of. Please enjoy the photos, and soak up some of the afternoon’s atmosphere in the video links, oh gee, I hope they work. My friend Terry on the guitar, and Tom on the fiddle(the father of the gorgeous 6 month old baby girl, Eva, who is being fed during the video) and we are celebrating the occasion of Martin’s daughter, Tia, visiting from England, with her son Charlie and partner Jamie. A wonderful gathering of family and friends. I’m so hoping the videos work. ……….. Please let me know, they’re just videos off my phone that I transferred here via Google media, and I had no idea how to transpose them here………

Above & Below: Terry and Tom player a couple of traditional Irish songs.

Below: Terry singing a great Redgum classic song, Diamantina Drover

Photos Below:  Top Left, Tom and his daughter Eva, Top Right, Terry and Martin’s daughter Niamh , Bottom, Martin, baby Eva, and that dog Monty licking Ava’s fingers


Ivor Steven (c)  2018