Survive Again

Another poem from those “Covid/Lockdown” times, March 2020 …
My Doctor has me on an anti-viral/covid medication to stop my situation from worsening, and hopefully, I’ll be improving soon …

Survive Again – (March 2020)

I’m here, in my writers room

Secure in this single cocoon

But my active mind’s wondering

And dreams, of freely wandering

Be patient I am told

Remember those bad days of old

When your body turned cold

Dead from a unworldly mould

You’re to be a good patient again

Remember those months of pain

When clots and spots invaded your brain

And how you survived, to see your spirit reign

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Ivor Steven (c) May 2023

The Sun Arose Again

Hi dear readers, I’m home with the ‘Covid’ virus, so I have been searching my files for some appropriate poems, and found this post from June 2020

“A wonderful surprise for me this morning and a lovely pick-me-up, to find that my poem “The Sun Arose Again”, had been published at ‘Red Wolf Journal’, and thank you to the editor, Irene, for her kind consideration of my submission…”

Red Wolf Journal

The Sun Arose Again
by Ivor Steven

There must be a number of silent masks around
Yesterday an old mask flew away at the speed of sound
From behind, the real pieces of what we perceive
Are leftover bones, bleached by sky and sea
Where the worn pebbles lingering in the hand
Fall gently upon lines drawn in the sand
And these new beginnings could be a heavenly gift
As white doves soar above the mourning cliffs

Perhaps the next awakening will be a peaceful one
Full of friendly compassion and wisdom
I’m lucky today, the sun arose again
To light up the hallway, despite the rain
I’ll be the first one to walk out the door
And the only one left here, to see her valour

Ivor Steven (c) May 2023

Hearing Is Out of Sight, is up at Coffee House Writers Magazine.

Hello dear readers and followers, I now write for “Coffee House Writers” magazine on a fortnightly basis, and my poem “Hearing Is Out of Sight”, is in this week’s edition of Coffee House Writers Magazine. … please click on the link below and visit my poem, at Coffee House Writers.

Hearing Is Out of Sight

Do you peer through the blinds? 

Did you peek and wonder? 

About the empty street outside 

Why is every morning like Sunday? 

A solemn quietness amplified

Do you listen to the bells chime? 

Did you hear your silent number? 

Ring from the phone-box outside 

Is the world in a slumber? 

Waiting, forlornly mystified

Ivor Steven (c) September 2022

A Sudden Change of Plans

Ironically or coincidently, after re-posting several poems from my hospitalisation time three years ago … I suddenly found out that I am to be back in hospital for a short stay during the week … but I am only going up to level four, not that far from the ground floor, and within a short walk to the front door …

A Sudden Change of Plans

Early on Friday

I received a phone call

From the Geelong hospital

Informing me that my elective surgery

Was unexpectedly moved to be on next week

Then suddenly

Early this morning

Under the precautionary health guidelines

I was sent to be tested for the ‘Covid’ virus

And now I am in home isolation

For the next three days

Prior to my left elbow surgery

Early Wednesday morning

If everything goes according to plan

And all being well

I should be home

Early Wednesday evening

Ivor Steven (c) November 2021

Right or Wrong

My poem today is actually made up of 3 different Haiku, however, as what often happens with my jumbled words and thoughts, the 3 stanzas seemed to fit together to form “one” poem …

Right or Wrong

As we scrape along 

In life, we are often wrong 

Before our swan song 

Are we wrong or right? 

Why do we let the moonlight 

Disappear from sight? 

Gloom enfolds the view 

Gey clouds cover rainbow hues 

Darkness stalks us too 

Ivor Steven (c) Sept 2021

Shangri La

On “Weekly Prompts” the word: Desolate, is the weekend challenge. Please go over and visit their fabulous site by clicking >> HERE… Below is my response to the their prompt.


Shangri La


I’m not on a desolate island

My head is not buried in the sand

And I am not going crazy

You might be crazier than me

Because I saw you reading about

How to fly overseas


I used to be the sanest

Old man in town

You could always find me

On top of Mount Everest


Now I’m locked away

In between my two ears

Playing one handed ping pong

In between crowd-less cheers

Listening to musical ding dong

In between my poetry and beers



Ivor Steven (c)  April 2020