Salvation Sunday (a Birthday poem for Kylie)

My Faerie writing book and the words I was penciling today

Salvation Sunday (a Birthday poem for Kylie)

A lazy Sunday afternoon

We are both resting

Frankie is napping/snoring

As usual he lets me share the bed

I am penciling these words

Into my Faerie writing book

A well used birthday gift

From my adorable niece Kerri

She lives in Philadelphia

Here I am in Geelong

We are worlds apart

But joined at the heart

We were chatting earlier

The time difference still confuses me

Yesterday was her niece’s birthday

Kylie is now fourteen

Wow, time flies, she was only ten

When I last saw her

Happy birthday dear Kylie

I miss your gorgeous smile

Hey! I miss all you guys

Cheers from uncle Ivor

Hugs and kisses to everyone

Over there in Philadelphia

Ivor Steven (c) September 2022

Frankie’s Spring Haircut

I think it was before Easter the last time I had Frankie groomed, and today he was definitely overdue for a haircut. He was well behaved and a thorough gentleman throughout …

Frankies Spring Haircut

At first he wasn’t sure, but he was soon back to majestic self

Frankie sitting in the park and roaming in the park

Frankie waiting at the front door and Frankie goes to bed

Yes Frankie It’s a tough life being a Doggie!!

Ivor Steven (c) September 2022

Tullawalla #29, Today, Beside the Sea

Hello dear readers and followers, I am pleased to announce that I have managed to produce my “Twenty Nineth Tullawalla” Booklet … For new readers that don’t know about these booklets, they are basically the reason why I write poetry. I produce these ‘home-printed’ booklets for the sole purpose of raising funds for my favourite charity organisation, the MS Society, in Australia via the MS Charity Shop here in Geelong. And actually all money’s I receive for any of my poetry .via, submissions, I donate to the MS Society…. I’m proud to announce, that the sale of my “Tullawalla Booklets”, have now gone pass $1500.00, … to all the lovely readers, who have donated, to help achieve such a wonderful amount, a big heartfelt thank you, from “us” and the MS Society … …..Incredibly, there is now a total of “1255 poems”, Yep, well over “A Thousand Poems” in my collection/series of “29” Tullawalla Booklets. After 3 months, this booklet is finally completed, and ready for sale now !! As always, they are available for purchase, either as a hard copy ‘Booklet’, or a PDF format….. All proceeds go to the MS Charity Shop, here in Geelong West….. Please contact me here through my website page and I can chat to you about arrangements from there…. Oh, the booklet is called “Tullawalla, Today, Beside the Sea”… And here is the link to my website >>

Today, Beside the Sea

After I left the fish tank

I lived on a nearby riverbank

Close to the connected sea

I would look beyond the ocean

Out to the dark blue horizon

As far as the eye could see

That was the ocean

That was our river

And now her river has been set free

An ebb tide that flows through me

Today beside the sea

I wait here

For tomorrow’s horizon

To set me free

Ivor Steven (c) July 2022

Her Everlasting Smile (a Villanelle)

Next Sunday at my monthly “Poetry Dome” meeting we are required to write a ‘Villanelle’ , and below is my attempt at the ‘Format’ … which I have adapted from an old favourite poem of mine, “Everlasting Smile”, you’ll find my original poem attached below the Villanelle …

Her Everlasting Smile (a Villanelle)

I wonder, was it all worthwhile

My chest, heavy as never before

Remembering, her everlasting smile

I look back, on her unfortunate life-style

Being unable to walk and talk anymore

I wonder, was it all worthwhile

I relive, her personal exile

My throat, swollen and sore

Remembering, her everlasting smile

I hesitate, retracing every mile

My tears, splash on the floor

I wonder, was it all worthwhile

I cringe, behind my happy profile

My heart, has forgotten how to roar

Remembering, her everlasting smile

I sleep alone, awaiting the next trial

My tongue, tired, needs to say more

I wonder, was it all worthwhile

Remembering, her everlasting smile


Everlasting Smile

My eyes, narrowly cracked.

My cheeks, slightly etched.
I rest here, retracing every mile.
Remembering, your everlasting smile.

My lips, already dry.
My tongue, trying to say goodbye
I wonder, was it all worthwhile.
Remembering, your loneliest smile.

My throat, lumpy and sore.
My chest, heavy as never before.

I look back, recalling your life-style.
Remembering, your younger smile.

My lungs, empty and tight.
My legs, weak and light.
I relive, your personal exile.
Remembering, your generous smile.

My head, spinning from fright.
My heart, deep and out of sight.
I sleep alone, crying like a child.
Remembering, your everlasting smile.

Ivor Steven (c) July 2022

Throwback Friday, A Voice in the Mist, by Ivor Steven

I found this old poem in a dusty foolscap folder under a pile of “stuff” I was tidying up … maybe from 15 years …

Go Dog Go Café

Today’s poem is one that I have not published on my web/blog site, and I am not sure when I first wrote the original words. Up until now, this a piece that has been filed away in a foolscap folder.

A Voice in the Mist

The moon’s my patriarch

My dream, glowing in the dark

She’s a vision, no feel, no mound

Only a voice, without sound

A distant shining, so forlorn

My heartache until dawn

She’s a pillow, no caress, no kiss

Only a voice, from beyond the mist

Ivor Steven (c) July 2022

G’day, and welcome to my blog site. My name is Ivor Steven, I live in Geelong, Australia. I’m an ex-industrial chemist, and a retired plumber, and a former Carer of my wife(Carole), for 30 years, who suffered from severe MS. I Write poetry about those personal thoughts, throughout and beyond my life as a Carer…

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My Guiding Light


My Guiding Light

Seven years have gone bye

But who counts stars in the sky

Or the passing blue moons

Waving shadows upon blue lagoons

A waterfall’s pool of liquid joy

Shimmering memories, of when I was a boy

I shiver from yesteryear’s leftover rains

And there will always be a deep river in my veins

Dad, you were a brother and best mate too

And your ever-loving spirit guides me through

Ivor Steven (c) July 3rd 2022

Today’s Fragments

Below; I have formed one poem out of four Haiku that I wrote this morning, and I have many fractured thoughts within my soul today, a decade after Carole’s passing on May 3rd 2012 at 1.15pm …

Today’s Fragments
(A four Haiku poem)

I am who I am
I can’t use another tram 
She’s my hologram

I sit beside her 
Next to yesterday’s campfire 
Candles in the wind 

A red flame flickers 
Under her celestial star 
My eternal light  

On my island home 
Winds blow from across the sea 
Completion awaits 

Ivor Steven (c) May 3rd 2022