My Guiding Light

My Guiding Light

Six years have gone bye

But who counts stars in the sky

Or the passing blue moons

Waving shadows upon blue lagoons

A waterfall’s pool of liquid joy

Shimmering memories, of when I was a boy

I shiver from yesteryear’s leftover rains

And there’ll always be a deep river in my veins

Dad, you were a brother and best mate too

And your ever-loving spirit guides me through

Ivor Steven (c) July 3rd 2021.

Ivor and Kerri

Feature Picture Above: The beginning of “Tullawalla”, me and Kerri having a coffee at the Barnes & Noble bookstore in Bensalem, near Philadelphia, May 2019
“Tullawalla”, is now available online at Barnes & Noble .. via this link .. Tullawalla by Ivor Steven, Kerri Costello, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (

G’day, I’m Ivor, formerly an Industrial Chemist, then a plumber, and now I write poetry. I’ve had many poems published, and recently I had my book “Tullawalla” published. I started writing about 20 years ago. Then, most of my works were kept private in my desk draws. My wife suffered from severe MS and I was her primary carer. Basically my writings were about her, and our trials and tribulations over the 30 years of her illness. Sadly Carole passed 9 years ago and I’ve gradually become more public with my poems and in June 2017 I decided to start a blog site, and I think 🤔 I’m finally getting the hang of it. I hope you enjoy my humble writings, and I live in Geelong, Australia.

Author’s Statement And Bio

During my younger years I was not a literary person, and I only started writing poetry Twenty years ago. I was originally educated as an Industrial Chemist, but then in my late twenties I undertook a Plumbing Apprenticeship with my father, who was sick at the time, and thus I helped him run his Plumbing Business. Life was going fine until I was in my early thirties, when my wife contracted severe MS, and then my life changed completely. I became a full-time carer, and a part-time plumber.

When I was forty-nine I suffered a semi-severe Stroke, and as well as associated physical difficulties, my reading, writing and speech were affected too. That’s when I took up writing poetry, to assist myself to therapeutically regain my damaged abilities, and as a self-help relief for my ongoing anxieties and depression. Throughout all this, I was still a carer for my wife, and she subsequently became the subject of most of my writings.

I’ve poems published in many anthologies, “Melpomene” (a literary anthology), Geelong Writer’s Annual Anthologies, and a range of other anthologies. I am represented in online magazines such as “The Drabble”, “Poetry Festival”, “Vita Brevis”, “Slasher Monster Magazine”, “Spillwords”, and “Free Verse Revolution”. Recently I had a poem published in an interesting Poetry Chapbook, “Sailing In The Wind”, the result of an Ekphrastic Writing Workshop, at Boom Gallery, here in Geelong, and my poem is called “Waiting Time”. I am a active member of Geelong Writers Inc, and in 2019 I was appointed to the online blog/magazine Go Dog Go Cafe (America).

At the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019, I unfortunately had 2 more strokes, however I have been able to recover again, and proudly during 2020 and early 2021 I wrote a book from my poetry collection. The book “Tullawalla” has now been published and available online at Barnes and Noble Books

About Kerri: the Illustrator

Kerri Costello was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. She was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 2 around the age of 2, but never let that slow her down or stop her from pursuing her dreams. At a young age, she discovered her love for the arts. In 2009, she graduated from Hussian School of Art where she majored in Graphic Design, but also studied Illustration.

Since then, she’s used her skills working independently for several different companies, including Forward View Consulting and Rosenau Beck Inc. Family is everything to her, which is why creating the illustrations in “Tullawalla” for her “Aussie Uncle Ivor’s” book, means the world. You can find more from Kerri on her Blog at

Ivor Steven (c) June 2021

Rivers Flow By

I find the tears never stop, they just have longer dry spells between the showers……..
“How many rivers of tears must we cry
Before all our deepest wells run dry” … Ivor, May 2012

Rivers Flow By

I sit and watch the rivers flow by

I gaze up and see the clouds roll away

I feel the sun’s warmth is within me to stay

I know my heartbeat is hers every day

I sit and watch the rivers flow by

I look above and see today’s clear blue sky

Ivor Steven (c) May 2021

These Days

Here comes one of those days

When my soul feels the light of hope within me

How could I ever forget those days

*Those endless days, those sacred days you gave me*


Now I bless the light

The spirit of those days within me

Forever your star of hope, glows so bright

Always there, shining down on me


Now I thank you for these days

The dance of glory you gave me

Remembering our world’s warm nights and joyful days

How could I forget, that blade of grass you gave me

That everlasting gift, walks with me every day

You’re in my heart every single day, believe me


*Those endless days, those sacred days you gave me* This line, is a line I’ve taken from the Ray Davies song “Days”, they are truly glorious words, and I could not write a better line to suit my poem, than this brilliant piece by Ray Davies….. so now sit back and enjoy his magnificent song…. “Days”

Ivor Steven (c) May 2020

There is Joy Beyond Happiness

The hardcover copy of my book “Tullawalla” is now available at Barnes & Noble via clicking on this link >> Tullawalla by Ivor Steven, Kerri Costello, Hardcover | Barnes & Noble® (
Hopefully the paperback copies will be out soon ..

“There is Joy Beyond Happiness”

To see my favourite girl smile

To know and feel her happiness

To understand the family’s joy

To bring pleasure to my world

Enough to make an old man cry

My tears of “Liquid Joy” are cascading

My cup runneth over

Cheers and a loving toast all

Ivor Steven (c) May 2021

Flowers For the Poet

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Flowers for the Poet

On the wings of a dove

Hope glides in with love

As pure as a floating lotus

There rests flowers for the poet

This is who I am

This is what I do

I hear white ocean sounds

I see bright blue skies

And I smell the red roses

I watch the busy bees

And I climb our life-giving trees

Where the universe sings to me from above

There is nothing standing in the way

To stop the softening flow of love

Ivor Steven (c) Feb 2021

Above The Surface

Inside my creative head

Blooms my minds flowerbed

Nurturing stories not to be misread

I see a pot of sapphire dust and water

The old wizard’s wondrous recipe

And drop by drop the magic potion

Rises beyond a soothing lotion

Above the cloudy clouds cotton wool

My empty sails are only half full

And my mystical galleon ship is drifting

Upon a pool of uncharted writings

Becalmed, I’m listening to a romantic viola

And waiting for a guiding tow from her golden gondola

Ivor Steven (c) Sept 2020.

A Welcoming Smile

My featured image above is my response to “The Colouring With B Challenge”           ( ), which is all about embracing creativity and allowing the imagination to go wild. And on a wet and cold Sunday afternoon here in Geelong, this 69 year-old guy was happily doing the “Colouring-in Challenge”, and with my music playing in the background, my mind quickly began drifting into pleasant thoughts…. and I was soon prompted into creating a poem. And with a special thank you to Brandi, here’s my poem


A Welcoming Smile


I fondly recall our blind date

That night I met you

When I gingerly knocked on your door

But I didn’t have to wait long

And there you were smiling at me

A welcoming smile, I shall never forget

Then shyly I introduce myself

And after a second bashful glance

I noticed your beautiful red hair

I offered my arm for a handshake

However you gracefully stepped forward

Graciously sliding your arm neatly under mine

And I saw your eyes sparkling with charm

I finally relaxed and smiled approvingly

Then you happily said, “Lets go and have good time”

A fairy tale beginning to our lifetime of love



Ivor Steven (c)  August 2020

Lost In Space

Above, my bedroom space this morning….I’m also linking this poem to “Fae Corps Inc” for their ‘Indie Wednesday’ article, and you may visit their creative site by clicking >Here


Lost In Space


I’m leaving this land of lost grace

And flying off into space

It’s time to run-away

My airship left yesterday


Love is a stowaway in the heart

And love needs a head start

Somewhere in this universe

There’s love in the shepherd’s purse



Ivor Steven (c)  June 2020






I remember

Bringing you two into my house

And quietly I sat with you

Upon my courtyard bench

You were both

Dry and lifeless


I diligently prepared your beds

And gently tucked you two in

Wishing you a bright and prosperous future

With care and love

Under my watchful eye

Together you flourished and adorned my home

And together your arms reached out

Embracing each other

Now here together

We live together as one



Ivor Steven (c)  May 2020