A Red Bouquet


A Red Bouquet


The dawn sky’s a misty red

Mirroring my eyes, etched edges of red

T’was my dad’s anniversary yesterday

And I didn’t go to visit her, during the day

She adored dad, my darling redhead

So best I vacate this lonely bed

And select her some blooms from my flowerbed


My courtyard’s a sea of dazzling reds

A vivacious Begonia, called a Dragon Wing Red

Our gifted Geranium, glows a deep ruby red

And dad’s Day Lily, is a glossy red

I’ll create a bright red bouquet from the three

And place the flowers in our vase under her tree



Ivor Steven (c) Feb 2020

Hello Mate

Happy birthday mate

No, I’m not late

I would have got that stare otherwise

No, never a cross word from your eyes

Everyday, the gentle guy

Yes dad, you were our sunrise

Kindness, compassion, a heart oversized

Yes dad, always by our sides

Everyday, you earned a Nobel prize

Yes dad, always loves in your eyes



Ivor Steven (c)  Feb 2020

Smoke, And Happy Tears Today

Below, as per usual with my posts, I have an attached video/music for your enjoyment, however today this video is very special , and I would sincerely like to thank, Stephanie Stickel, for allowing me use this wonderful video, of her drawing, with the music of  Thomas Peter-Horas(Sarah), and played by Chen on piano .

Feature Image above: The photo I received today; my niece Kerri, and my grand-niece Kylie(My Philadelphia faeries), there smiles make me smile xx

Below Images: The smokey haze outside my front door today, 500 yards away at the end of my lane.

Smoke, And Happy Tears Today


Again, I’ve smokey tears in my eyes

But today they’re not, from those terrible fires

I’ve just received a photo, via magical digital wires

From the girl of my promised forever bond

And who lives on my soul’s golden pond

She’s knowingly smiling, at my heart’s open streams

Graciously enjoying all of life’s hard regimes

And handling her body’s constant extremes

Never does she falter, from her declared theme

“Don’t Let the World Bring You Down”

She’ll always be my jewel of renown

A ray of inspiring hope, in that distant sky

My dearest really real faery, flying so high



Ivor Steven (c)  Jan 2020

A Poet’s Postcard

A Poet’s Postcard


Dragonfly wings are open wide

Guarding greenery under her sky

Shading this wilderness courtyard

The old poet’s postcard

Full of eternal daydreams

Nurtured upon a flowerbed’s requiem

Now an empty ballroom’s finale dance

Melpomene’s* everlasting romance


*Melpomene, is the daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne, initially the Muse of Chorus, she then became the Muse of Tragedy, for which she is best known now.



Ivor Steven (c)  Dec 2019